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Marvel Is Bringing A Runaways TV Series To Hulu

They’re already making big waves in streaming shows thanks to Daredevil and friends on Netflix, but Marvel is bringing a new show to another service: Fan favourite teenage superteam the Runaways are getting their own TV show on Hulu.

Hulu Is Killing Off Its Free TV Service, But Yahoo Will Lap Up The Crumbs

Image: Getty Hulu will soon kill its free, ad-supported TV service, focusing its efforts on its paid subscriptions. But you’ll still be able to watch free TV online.

Cult Classic The Warriors Gets TV Remake From Captain America: Civil War Directors

The Russo Brothers are coming out to play, and we can dig it. After directing this winter’s Captain America: Civil War, the brothers will produce an adaptation of Walter Hill’s 1979 cult classic The Warriors into an hour-long drama for Hulu.

Deals: Getflix Gives You Access To HBO Go, Hulu & More - Over 90% Off

Like the safety that a VPN provides, but find the connection speeds slower than you’d prefer? Now you can have the best of both worlds with a lifetime subscription to Getflix. Gizmodo Australia readers can, for a limited time, take advantage of this service for just $55 AUD [$39 USD] and save more than 90% off RRP.

Hulu's New Scifi Series Sounds Like An Internet-Themed Twilight Zone Homage

Hulu’s new six-part science-fiction anthology series will be titled Dimension 404 after the “404 Not Found” error code, familiar to anyone who has ever plunged down an internet rabbit hole. And the show, which just made some major casting announcements, sounds like it will be diving down some rabbit holes of its own.

Use OttoPlay To Watch Netflix Like It's Old-School Cable

Are you a fervent acolyte of the on-demand video streaming revolution and yet still yearn for some of the old-school television charm? OttoPlay is an add-on for Netflix (and YouTube and Hulu) that brings back the old channel surfing feel, letting you skip across “channels.” It may be more rewarding than normal recommendations, at least.

Americans Are Too Busy Watching Netflix To Pirate Content

Streaming video services now comprise 70 per cent of Americans’ Internet use at night — which means that hardly anyone is using BitTorrent anymore. RIP, piracy. Arise, Sir Netflix.

Netflix Is Losing Big Movies Next Month, And Hulu Picked Them Right Up

Over the weekend, Netflix announced the service would be losing lots of big ticket blockbusters next month. Within hours, Hulu announced it would be scooping up those very movies. The streaming wars continue.

Hulu Doesn't Want To Feed Binge-Watching Habits

Hulu sees the crumbs on your rumpled t-shirt, your bloodshot eyes, and your diminishing will to live — and it does not approve. Unlike Netflix, which drops whole seasons of new original shows at once, Hulu won’t be letting you binge watch its new original programming.

Hulu's Former CEO Launches Subscription-Based YouTube Rival

YouTube pretty much won the video war years ago, but there are still plenty of people vying for some of the action. Remember Viddy? Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar thinks that his new startup video site, Vessel, offers a unique subscription-based model ($US3/month) that can pull YouTube stars over to a new platform. Long story short: Vessel will pay them more.

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