Roll A Powerful Media HTPC For Less Than $US500

The web is rich with streaming video, and there’s no reason you should limit yourself to enjoying it all on smaller screens. Here’s how to roll your own home theatre PC and consolidate your media centre components to one small, sleek box.

Meet Your Boxee Box

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We’ve seen teasing photos of the Boxee Box and we touched it at CES 2010, but now there’s a video of the final product as it will ship in November. And it’s gorgeous.

Lenovo's Multimedia Remote With Keyboard

This Lenovo palm sized keyboard/trackpad (with the charming model name of 57Y6336) is a gem of a home theatre PC controller. $US60. [Lenovo via Engadget]

Playon!HD Mini Takes On The Best HD Media Players

It’s a bit pricier than our favourite media player, the O!Play at $US144, but the miniaturised Playon!HD from A.C. Ryan does include support for internet streaming services, NAS and USB attached storage, along with 1080p.

The Ripple Look Is The PC Fanboy's Ultra-Tiny Home Theatre PC

For us PC fanboys and gals who secretly drool over the Mac Mini’s oh-so-tiny appearance, there’s the Ripple Look. It’s a great-looking home theatre PC with an Intel dual-core processor, 160GB of space, HD support and one weird commercial.

Svelte Piixl EdgeCenter 3770 Media Centre Hides Behind Your HDTV

Like Kate Moss, this crazy thin EdgeCenter media server from Piixl (who?) is nearly invisible when viewed from the side. And that’s precisely the point, as the pricey unit is meant to be hidden behind your HDTV.

Why It's Finally Time To Get A Home Theater PC

I hear a lot about those damned netbooks as hot buys this season, but Prof. Dealzmodo suggests getting something that’s actually, you know…useful. HTPCs baby. There has never been a better time:

Sezmi Takes Big Step Towards Delivering All-In-One TV Solution

It’s been over a year since we last heard from Sezmi — the company that promises to deliver Americans a complete internet and broadcast entertainment solution through one set-top box — but new developments indicate that this project is alive, well and on the way.

GlideTV Navigator: A Trackpad For Your Hand

The GlideTV Navigator—a trackpad remote for an HTPC, AppleTV, WMC, Boxee, PS3 or Mac—is shaped so strangely that you figure the ergonomics must be amazing.

Normal People Can Now Install CableCARD Tuners On Windows 7 PCs

FINALLY. Microsoft and CableLabs are finally opened the door to have regular people add in CableCARD tuners by themselves, after they’ve purchased the PC and set it up. This is good news.

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