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Lunch Time Deals: $200 Off A HTC One M9

When you’re buying your lunch today, you might want to take a moment and spend a little more. Gizmodo’s Lunch Time Deals posts point out any particularly good bargains for Aussie bargain hunters around the ‘net. Today, a late deal in our lunchbox inbox shows $200 off a 32GB HTC One M9 at JB Hi-Fi.

Let's Hope Valve's Vive VR Is As Great As Its Setup Instructions

Unlike most of my colleagues, I haven’t had the chance to try HTC and Valve’s Vive Pre virtual reality headset. I hear it’s good, but it could be another overhyped disappointment like The Phantom Menace.

Motion Capture Is Getting More Realistic Thanks To The HTC Vive

Video: Is this the beginning of method acting in video games? Cloudhead Games have pioneered a combination of VR and motion capture to virtually situate their actors in the scenes, so they can more organically record both movement and dialogue. Their game “The Gallery: Call of the Starseed” is set as a launch title for the HTC Vive, and it seems fitting that they’re also using this technology to create it.

I Tried HTC's Newest Vive VR Headset, Here's What It Looks Like

The HTC Vive is in turnaround. After disappointing some people last year by putting the launch date well into 2016, the company’s back with a second generation developer model so good, it will win back our brains.

HTC And Under Armour's New Wearable Manages To Be Boring And Great At The Same Time

When HTC announced the Grip last year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we were pretty underwhelmed by the Taiwanese company’s first fitness foray. In fact, we didn’t even know who the damn thing was for. HTC pumped the brakes on the Grip’s released and teamed up with Under Armour — a wise decision.

HTC Wants To Send Its Vive VR Headset To 100,000 Chinese Internet Cafes

To make virtual reality truly popular, you have to make cheap and accessible. And HTC is zeroing in on a huge market: Chinese internet cafes. It’s the latest example of tech companies worldwide trying to get VR in the hands of massive groups of users, quickly and cheaply.

HTC Vive Release Pushed Back Into April

While we thought the HTC Vive was coming Q1 2016, it looks like that has been slightly pushed back to April of the same year. It might only be one month difference, but as a news sweetener, HTC is making a whole bunch of developer kits available to sweeten the news.

HTC One A9 Review: An iPhone Only In Looks

Let me be blunt. If I lost my iPhone a week ago and needed a new one, I would buy the HTC One A9. It looks great, and upon first glance, works pretty great, too. But I didn’t lose my iPhone, and the A9 is now more expensive than I thought it was.

HTC One A9 Is Like An Android-Powered iPhone, At Almost Half The Price

You’ve already heard the jokes about HTC shamelessly ripping off Apple with the design of its newest phone. The truth is, it’s even funnier to hold the new HTC One A9 in one hand and an iPhone 6 in the other. They’re hilariously similar — and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Don't Drop Your HTC Phone In Australia

It’s an Australia tax of the worst kind — drop your HTC in the US? Have a replacement. Accidentally break it in Australia? Tough luck.

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