HTC Desire 816: Australian Review

Can a mid-range phone really be better than its big brother? At this price, it’s certainly possible. Meet the HTC Desire 816: your new phone at half the price of a flagship.

Nokia Lumia 930: Australian Review

It’s been slow-going for Microsoft’s adopted little brother, Nokia, but after a hard slog, the phone maker is finally starting to gain ground. The Lumia 930 is the next great hope for Nokia. Does it have what it takes to play with the big boys from Samsung, HTC and Apple?

Inside The New HTC One Duo Camera: A Whole New Way To Shoot

There’s been loads of speculation about the HTC One M8′s strange new camera. With one large lens on the back and a slightly smaller one just above it, no one quite knew what to think. Is it just a 3D camera? Is one telephoto and one wide? Is it a light field camera like the Lytro? None of the above.

This Might Be Volantis, HTC's 9-Inch Nexus Tablet

Briefly: Android Police just published renders and specs on a rumoured nine-inch HTC Nexus tablet. With an 8.9-inch, 2048 x 1440 display, Tegra K1 processor and zero-gap aluminium body, Android Police’s intel says the device, named Volantis, will launch later this year at $US400 for 16GB. Though it might not look exactly like the render above.

HTC Desire 816 Coming To Optus

Mid-range handsets are as rare as hen’s teeth these days. You can either buy a superphone or a cheap, knockabout pre-paid model. There’s very little in-between the two. HTC has decided to give the space a shot anyway, releasing the Desire 816 to Aussies on the Optus network.

The HTC One (E8): A Plastic Alternative To HTC's Flagship Phone

HTC has announced a budget version of the One (M8), called the One (E8). It drops the premium metal build of the M8 in favour of a range of brightly coloured plastic casings — but otherwise its specs are surprisingly strong.

A Cheaper, Plastic HTC One M8 Appears In China

The HTC One M8 is a great smartphone, but it’s expensive: you’ll pay almost $900 for the outright handset, or be locked into 24 months of mandatory minimum repayments as part of a contract with your telco. Buying the surely-soon-to-be-confirmed One M8 Ace should be a fair bit cheaper — the phone’s plastic body looks to shave off about a third of the price, at least in China.

HTC One Mini 2 Review: Premium Looks For Smaller Pockets

As soon as the flagship HTC One M8 was revealed back in March it seemed inevitable that HTC would follow it up with a smaller, more affordable miniature version. With the HTC One Mini 2 now revealed, that’s turned out to be only half true — it may look like the M8 but, as its name suggests, this handset has just as much in common with last year’s initial HTC One Mini.

Get Ready For A New Wave Of Superphones

Were you disappointed by the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8? Plenty of people weren’t exactly thrilled — while the phones are undoubtedly the best on the market at the moment, they aren’t a huge step forward in speed or features over last year’s S4 or old One. Don’t despair, though; there’s another bunch of smartphones about to be announced.

HTC One Mini 2: Like A Small M8, But Not A Small M8

As if you were ever in any doubt of its existence, HTC’s officially lifted the covers off the HTC One Mini 2, its leading pint-sized phone for 2014. But, as its name suggests, it’s not quite as feature-rich as this year’s One M8 flagship, with the company instead presenting it as a direct successor to last year’s One Mini.