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I Can't Wait To Tap My Fingers On The HTC G2's Chiclet Keypad

Splayed in a vice with only a ruler for comfort, HTC’s upcoming Vision/Vanguard/G2 has received its 15 minutes of FCC fame in unusually high-res photo quality.

September 29 Pencilled In For HTC Vision/Vanguard Release Date?

With any luck T-Mobile customers still clutching an antiquated G1 won’t have to wait too long between the announcement and release of the HTC Vision/Vanguard/G2, with leaked T-Mobile documents showing a September 29 release date.

New HTC Phone (HTC Vision?) To Be Unveiled Sept 15?

This mysterious invitation just popped up in our inbox, asking us to “come see what HTC has dreamt up 15 September”. Could this be the fabled Vision or Desire HD?

Rumour: T-Mobile's HSPA+ Phones (HTC Vision, Desire HD) Will Appear Next Month

So many different names are being bandied about for T-Mobile’s “Project Emerald”, that it makes sense they’re readying two models. After all, we’ve heard about the HTC Desire HD and Vision, as well as the Glacier, Vanguard and G1 Blaze.

Leaked HTC Glacier Could Be T-Mobile's Ultra-Fast Project Emerald Android Phone

Either HTC has signed up with T-Mobile for a couple of new handsets, or that Project Emerald HTC Vision/Vanguard/G1 Blaze has another new name: HTC Glacier. It’s appeared in GLBenchmark’s database, with results that are off the scale.

Is This HTC's Android-Sliding Vision Phone?

A prototype of what’s been dubbed the HTC Vision has turned up in Croatia, with a 3.7-inch touchscreen, 1GHz processor and Android 2.1. Well, it wouldn’t be running Gingerbread yet, would it?

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