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Vodafone HTC Magic Owners, Download Froyo Now

A nice little Christmas treat for Vodafone owners of HTC’s rather aged Magic Android smartphone – you can now download an update to Froyo, giving you an almost new phone again.

HTC Offers Sense Firmware Update To Magic Users

I’m pretty sure there have been workarounds to get the HTC Sense UI onto the Magic Android handset, but HTC has just released an official version for Australian Magic owners.

Build Your Own Life HUD With A Smartphone And Cardboard

A cardboard box, sliced to pieces, taped together, fastened to a pair of work goggles and capped off with an HTC Magic: this is what DIY augmented reality looks like, right now.

Android Hacking For The Masses

Reasons to hack, or “root,” your Android handset: Custom OS upgrades, PC tethering, full-phone SD backups. Reason not to: It’s really scary. At least it was, until now.

HTC Hero "Sense" UI Officially Coming To The Magic

The HTC Magic is getting an official update to the Hero’s wonderful “Sense” UI, but there’s a catch: the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, which is basically the same freakin’ phone, probably won’t get the update, for lame licensing reasons.

How To Run The HTC Hero's UI On Your HTC Magic In 8 Easy Steps

Aussie tech journo, smartphone nut and one-time Giz AU guest editor Jenneth Orantia has written a superb guide to flashing the HTC Magic with the HTC Hero’s ROM, so you can enjoy the the benefits of the new user interface without having to buy a whole new phone.

Vodafone Announces HTC Magic Pricing, Beats 3

Gus over at Lifehacker‘s got the goss on the pricing for Vodafone’s version of the HTC Magic, and it looks like they’ve trumped their new bedfellows 3 with a better valued deal.

T-Mobile G2 (HTC Magic) Review: Most Improved Award

Not only does the T-Mobile G2/HTC Magic/Google Ion phone improve on original T-Mobile G1 in just about every way, it manages to do it while cutting down significantly on the size. The only thing it doesn’t have going for it is a hardware keyboard.

AU: Worth noting that this is a US review (obviously). I had a Vodafone HTC Magic delivered yesterday afternoon, and will look to see whether anything changes locally over the next week or so.

Android Might Be the First Robot Japan Doesn't Love

This got to be a pretty familiar trope with the iPhone in Japan: It’s just not advanced enough, since it’s missing things like bill payments, RFID, mobile TV and other crazy stuff. Analysts are saying the same dim fate awaits Android when it floats in on the HTC Magic.

3's HTC Magic Pricing Announced

After this morning’s HTC Magic event, Vodafone announced the phone was launching on June 15 (without pricing), and now Three has said they’ll be releasing their version of the handset in mid June for free on a $99 cap plan.

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