HP Omni 10 Tablet: Australian Review

Windows on a tablet. Does it work? After years of the iPad and of some excellent Androids, it’s difficult to accept that Windows — software made for proper laptops and desktops — actually works (mostly) on a small, light, portable handheld touchscreen. It’s not perfect, but there’s not too much to complain about with HP’s new Omni 10 tablet.

So Who Won The 2x HP Pavilion x360 Convertibles?

The HP Pavilion x360 has hit Australia, complete with 360 degree hinge to easily rotate from productivity laptop to entertainment tablet. Clever young Aussies are already using it to do incredible things, including Simon Griffiths, founder of Shebeen, a Melbourne non-profit café bar. Gizmodo had two to give away… here’s who our team chose as winners…

HP Invented A New Computer That Could Make Data Centres Obsolete

Hewlett-Packard is developing an entirely new kind of computer. But this isn’t some cheap laptop, quirky mobile device, or whatever else you assume HP makes these days; this is a snarling industrial-strength beast that could replace an entire data center with a single unit the size of a refrigerator.

You Can Finally Get A Standalone Leap Motion-Powered Keyboard

The Leap Motion Controller is cool — and it’s about to get cooler — but the neat little dongle is a toy, not a must-have. Now, HP is going to start selling keyboards with Leap built right in, and it’s probably the best way to get in on the fun.

HP's ChromeBook, Slatebook, ChromeBox Coming To Australia

The new Slatebook Android laptop, a revamped Chromebook and a ChromeOS desktop computer are HP’s new secret weapons in the PC wars. They’re all coming to Australia, too, and thankfully they’re just as cheap as we’d hoped.

HP's SlateBook PC Is A Laptop Running Android

A sleek and colourful design, Beats Audio speakers, a 14-inch touchscreen, plenty of input and output ports — all nice specs to see in a laptop. This particular PC, though, distinguishes itself by running Android rather than Windows; HP’s new SlateBook PC is banking on Google’s operating system to drive down prices.

HP Envy 17 Leap Motion SE Notebook: Australian Review

What happens when you take a desktop replacement laptop and add in Leap Motion’s fingertip-tracking, movement-control system? You get the special edition HP Envy 17. You can control this laptop without even touching it. But is an otherwise pretty basic consumer notebook worth $2499?

HP Chromebook 14 Australian Review: Breaking The Bank

We love Chromebooks, but the formula for a cheap computer for the masses needs to be just right before it can be classified as great. Unfortunately, the HP Chromebook 14 seems to miss that mark.

HP Chromebook 11 Review: Cheap And Cheerful

Google’s Chromebook line is often maligned as inexpensive but underpowered or, in the case of the Pixel, a really nice screen in front of limited functionality and an exorbitant price tag. But by pairing a solid build with a $399 price tag, HP seems to have finally found the right balance of affordability and performance in the new Chromebook 11.

HP Chromebook 11 Lands In Australia

After fixing the overheating issues, the HP Chromebook 11 is back on sale around the world, and now the way is clear for it to land on Australian shelves, too. Specifically, those of JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.