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HP's New Laptops And Desktops: Made For Students, Gamers, Everyone

HP has some new PCs for you to ogle, including a reinvented Pavilion X2 tablet-laptop hybrid, a new Envy laptop, and the Envy Phoenix gaming desktop. It’s a big makeover for the company’s line-up, laptops especially, and if you’re looking for a new machine to take to school or uni then your interest should be piqued.

HP Fixed Everything Wrong With Its Budget-Friendly Detachable Notebook

It’s hard to build a cheap two-in-one PC that doesn’t have something fundamentally wrong with it. Believe us, we’ve looked — lower end convertibles usually have bad screens, flimsy hinges or sell essential accessories separately. Then something like the new 10-inch HP Pavilion x2 comes along. It’s small, costs only $US300 and, at first blush, seems to do almost everything right.

HP Envy 17 Leap Motion SE Notebook: Australian Review

What happens when you take a desktop replacement laptop and add in Leap Motion’s fingertip-tracking, movement-control system? You get the special edition HP Envy 17. You can control this laptop without even touching it. But is an otherwise pretty basic consumer notebook worth $2499?

HP's Envy Notebooks Look Great

HP’s Envy line of serious fun notebooks (as opposed to serious business, bleh!) have always been a bit on the tacky side. I hate to say it, but they looked like expensive toys. Now they’re grown up, in and out. (Updated with Australian pricing).

RIP: HP Retires The Envy 13

Joining the Dell Adamo in the annals of lightweight laptop history—and unsuccessful MacBook Air competitors—is the HP Envy 13, whose smooth lines and all-metal, svelte shape weren’t enough to keep HP from canning it for good this week.

HP Pavilion Dm1: A Netbook You Can Actually Use

By jumping ship to AMD Fusion guts for their Pavilion dm1 laptop, HP is in the vanguard of manufacturers turning out netbook-sized PCs with full notebook performance. That means 1080p video and DirectX 11 graphics on an 11.6-inch machine.

HP Updates Its ENVY 17 For Current 3D Micro-Trend

HP’s upgraded its ENVY range of laptops with the ENVY 17 3D. It doesn’t take a genius to interpret the meaning of this model number—17″ screen, with full 3D capabilities.

New Intel Core i7 Quad Mobile, i5 Mobile Processors Spied In Service Manual

Some leaks happen in secret, on the phone or behind closed doors. Others, like this little HP one today, happen in service manuals. What we know: As the headline implies new Core i5 and Core i7 mobile processors are coming.

HP Envy Grows Into 17-Inch Model

Turns out the rumours about a 14-inch and 17-inch HP Envy have held up: today HP’s expanded their higher-end consumer notebook line to include the Envy 14 and the Envy 17. And the big boy’s got some juice.

The Best Alternatives To Every Apple Product

Apple makes some of the most specialised mainstream devices around, but the gear is never very cheap and, let’s face it, it stinks for any one company to own your wallet. So here are the best alternatives for each iProduct:

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