This Tiny House Can Fit In A Parking Space And Only Costs $40,000

The world is running out of space. Truth be told, the world is running out of a lot of things, but some very simple tweaks to our lifestyle could make the space issue less of an problem. That’s why students at the Savannah College of Art and Design built the SCADpad. It’s tiny. It’s cheap. And it’s actually kind of cool-looking.

This House Hasn't Been Redecorated Since The '60s, And It's For Sale

A 96-year-old Toronto woman is finally moving out of her quaint little house. The story isn’t anything out of the ordinary — until you realise that she’s lived there for 72 years and apparently hasn’t redecorated once. Oh, and she has amazing taste.

Someone Just Bought A House For $102 Million... In Cash

When Los Angeles’s most expensive house went up for sale at $US125 million, no one expected it to go for that price in a million years. Well, someone, identified only as a “French billionaire”, has bought said house for only slightly less that that figure: $US102 million. And just to rub it in, the dude paid cash.

This Super Energy-Efficient House Is Made Of Plastic

Tearing down old things to make room for new things is a great tradition. It makes sense in some ways. After all, better building materials mean better buildings, right? Not if you like beautiful old buildings. There is, however, a compromise.

I Didn't Know Garage Doors Could Be This Cool

San Francisco, as everyone who lives there knows, is a city desperate for more space. But making due with a small lot can sometimes lead to amazing things — like this 1,900-square-foot home designed by Craig Steely.

8 Buildings Designed To Incorporate The Trees Around Them

Architecture has a rich history of unapologetically demanding massive amounts of land to create man’s vision over nature’s. However, a more conscientious and natural approach to architecture has emerged to quell our territorial imperialism over mother nature. It’s about time.

Inside The Homes That 11 Great Architects Designed For Themselves

Building a home for yourself could either be a nightmare or a dream: You have free reign, but you also must live with your mistakes or second-guesses forever. That hasn’t stopped many architects from overseeing the designs of their own spaces — and lucky for us, sometimes they let photographers inside.

This Tree-Friendly House Sits On Stilts

The award-winning and very affordable Moose Road residence by Mork-Ulnes Architects is designed to avoid interfering with the nearby trees. It’s even built on stilts so as not to disrupt the roots.

This Cheap, Recyclable Passive House Assembles Like Lego

The Passive House movement is a wonderful thing. What could be wrong with a voluntary standard that encourages people to make their houses as energy efficient as possible? Well, it’s complicated.

You Can Now 3D-Print A Model Of Your New House

For most people, staring at blueprints is a real chore. Nobody really knows what all those little lines mean, and, wow, they’re just so blue. Most importantly, however, blueprints make it hard for a layperson to comprehend what a space will actually be like in real life, which is a problem when you’re building a house — or anything, for that matter.