This Cosy Log Cabin In The Swiss Alps Is Entirely Made Out Of Concrete

If you didn’t know know better, you’d think the Refugi Liepthaus in the Alps was just another quaint log cabin from afar. But if you get close, you’ll realise that those ridges on the walls are not logs but a beautiful brutalist exterior. It’s awesome.

The Faded Glory Of Dilapidated Modernist Homes

Modern architecture is usually grandly depicted in pristine photographs against seductive backdrops. But buildings, like all things, are subject to the decay of time.

One Man's Crazy Quest To Build A Tiny House On The Moon

There’s no end to fantasies about living on the moon. Actually possible moon bases, fictional Nazi moon bases, insane Newt Gingrich moon bases. Swedish artist Mikael Genberg has a more modest goal: one, tiny, uninhabited lunar house by 2015.

Desert House Looks Like Mars Outpost Outside And Game Of Thrones Inside

The Desert House — designed by Ken Kellogg and located in the Joshua Tree National Park — looks like a retro futuristic science fiction set outside. Inside it is the kind of place I imagine as Khaleesi’s holiday home, where she goes to chill out with her dragons. I want to call this style space age medieval futurism.

Sliding Roof Makes Living In A Glass House Just Perfect

Living in a glass house is cool, but it has its own inconveniences. That’s why this sliding roof is such a good idea. It gives you privacy, protects you from the heat in summer and the cold in winter. So when the weather is perfect and no one is looking you know what to do.

The Tiniest Buildings Of The Year

The rest of the world may think of the US as a nation full of oversized people living in oversized houses, but the AIA Chicago wants to change the perception that American architecture is always too big. Its Small Projects Award (tagline: Not Everyone Needs a Skyscraper) focuses on something most other award programs neglect: tiny buildings.

This Japanese House Is Entirely Clad In Aluminium

Talk about tin foil hats: this house is for the truly paranoid. Sitting in a small provincial town near Tokyo, this house is clad entirely in a soft metallic coat of aluminium.

This Tiny House Can Fit In A Parking Space And Only Costs $40,000

The world is running out of space. Truth be told, the world is running out of a lot of things, but some very simple tweaks to our lifestyle could make the space issue less of an problem. That’s why students at the Savannah College of Art and Design built the SCADpad. It’s tiny. It’s cheap. And it’s actually kind of cool-looking.

This House Hasn't Been Redecorated Since The '60s, And It's For Sale

A 96-year-old Toronto woman is finally moving out of her quaint little house. The story isn’t anything out of the ordinary — until you realise that she’s lived there for 72 years and apparently hasn’t redecorated once. Oh, and she has amazing taste.

Someone Just Bought A House For $102 Million... In Cash

When Los Angeles’s most expensive house went up for sale at $US125 million, no one expected it to go for that price in a million years. Well, someone, identified only as a “French billionaire”, has bought said house for only slightly less that that figure: $US102 million. And just to rub it in, the dude paid cash.