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Report: Hollywood Totally Lied About Its Big Victory Over The Pirates

Back in 2013, the Motion Picture Association of America filed one of its biggest victories: a $US80 million settlement against Hotfile, a file-sharing website that got on the wrong side of Hollywood. Only, Hotfile never paid anything close to that amount, and the MPAA has been telling a (court-approved) fib about the whole thing.

Google Calls Shenanigans On MPAA's DMCA Interpretation

The Motion Picture Association of America has a well-earned reputation for, shall we say, “moulding” its facts. But with its latest lawsuit against Hotfile, the group has apparently gone too far for Google’s tastes. The search giant has just filed an Amicus brief objecting to the MPAA’s “distortion” of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

MPAA Goes For Hotfile's Jugular With Summary Judgement Request

With MegaUpload out of the picture and numerous other file-sharing sites running scared, the MPAA has another major content hub in its sights. And from the looks of court documents unsealed this week, Hotfile may want to start considering an exit strategy.

Warner Bros Copyright Clowns Take Their Own Medicine

According to Hotfile, a guy by the name of Michael Bentkover and his cronies are copyright crooks and liars. Not with those words, but that’s the executive summary of their copyright fraud lawsuit against Warner Bros.

Uh Oh: Movie Studios Are Now Suing Private File-Sharing Services

Disney, Fox, Universal, Columbia and Warner Bros have locked on to their next target in the battle against movie piracy – web-based digital locker site Hotfile. Claiming the site encourages and even rewards users for sharing copyrighted material, the court papers were filed in Miami yesterday.

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