You Can Spend The Night In This Television Antenna Above Prague

In the 1980s, a Communist-era television tower was erected in Prague, ruining its picturesque skyline. Now you can stay at a hotel with a view that’s guaranteed not to include the tower, because it’s located inside the tower itself, perched 70m over the city.

20 Awesome Stickers From When Your Suitcase Told Stories

There was a time when well-travelled luggage looked like the suitcase above: covered with travel stickers, trophies of every adventurous explorer. My father, who spent his youth travelling across Europe in the ’60s and ’70s kept his weary suitcase for a long time; as a child, I admired all those well-aged little pictures of remote hotels and places I’d never been to.

Watch America's Tallest Hotel Get Built In Less Than 60 Seconds

The only thing cooler than gawking at record-breaking architecture is watching record-breaking architecture get built. The tallest hotel in North America, a Marriott Residence Inn on top of a Marriott Courtyard, just opened in Times Square. This is what it took to build the tower.

Inside The Highest Hotel Rooms On Earth

Hey there, thrillseeker. Do you like altitude? Do you like views? Well, why not book a night in one of the tallest hotels on Earth? The tallest hotel in the US opened up in Times Square this week, spurring us to take a peek at the tallest rentable rooms in the world.

Authorities Made The Swedish Ice Hotel Install Fire Alarms

You’ve probably wondered what it’d be like to stay in Sweden’s Icehotel, or similarly frigid accommodations. But you may have neglected to consider the danger posed by fire in these facilities. How shortsighted of you.

The Trick That Lets You Set Your Hotel Thermostat To Any Temp You Want

Just like “close door” elevator buttons and press-to-walk street signs, hotel thermostats are a notorious public placebo. You see the rig on the wall and get to feel like you have some modicum of control, but in reality, that thermostat will only let you go to 22C, maybe 21C if you’re lucky. But after that it’s useless — unless you know just the right buttons to push.

The Social Media Hotels Keep On Coming

People have instagrammed and live tweeted from pretty much everywhere. The peak of a mountain, the birth of a baby, the toilet. Users don’t seem to crave permission. But somehow the idea for a social media-themed hotel keeps coming up, and The New York Times notes that another one started in Majorca this summer.

People With 10,000 Instagram Followers Stay Free In This Australian Hotel

A picture is worth a thousand words and having 10,000 Instagram followers is apparently worth more than $150. At the recently opened 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia guests can stay one night for free if they contact the media department to show their social media mettle and follow the hotel on Instagram, of course.

Can This Off-Kilter Hotel Reframe The Peruvian Coastline?

Just as world’s most famous off-centre landmark has ever-so-slowly started to straighten up, a new structure on the Peruvian coast just might nab the sought-after title of Best Spot To Be Photographed Looking Like You’re Holding Up An Entire Building.

The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World's Most Expensive Cities

In July, Mercer published its current list of the most expensive cities in the world. Curious about the cost of living for expats, we created a collection of the priciest apartments and rentals in these cities. But what about hotels? How much will one night in the world’s most expensive towns set you back?