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At This Incredible Hotel In Antarctica, You Can Freeze Your Arse Off In Style

If, unlike me, you look ineffably cool wearing a giant parka, slogging around in the snow and freezing your butt off, you might consider a jaunt to the White Desert camp in Antarctica. Also, you’ll need $US72,000 ($94,070) for an 11-night stay.

Hyatt Admits To Finding Malware On Its Payment Systems

If you’ve stayed at a Hyatt recently, you may want to check your bank statements. The chain has admitted that it’s identified malware on the computers that are used to operate payment processing for its hotels.

FCC Fines Hilton And MC Dean $US750,000 Over Blocking Guests' Wi-Fi

The FCC has been taking a much-needed stand against companies that block personal Wi-Fi hotspots in an effort to get people to buy overpriced access to (normally crap) Wi-Fi networks. The latest pair of cartoon corporate villains: Hilton Hotels, and M.C. Dean, provider to Wi-Fi to the Baltimore Convention Center.

Hilton Investigating Claims Of Hotel Sale Register Hacks

If you’ve stayed at a Hilton hotel this year, you may want to check your bank records. The hotel chain admitted on Saturday that it was investigating claims that hackers have compromised sales registers in Hilton Hotels and a number of its franchises.

Watch This Guy Open A Hotel Room Safe With A Pocketknife And Paperclip

Did you pay extra for a deluxe hotel room that came with a safe? It doesn’t matter how complex you think you four-digit code is, it turns out the safe’s keypad can probably be over-ridden using a secret keyhole that’s surprisingly easy to hack.

Behold, A Real Hotel Staffed By Talking Androids And Robotic Dinosaurs

There is now a hotel in the world with a dinosaur concierge. He’s also a robot. He also speaks English. He wears a cute li’l bowtie. And his coworkers are a bunch of other robots. Welcome to Henn na Hotel, aka, “Weird Hotel”.

The High Tech Hotel Of 1921 Had An Alarm Clock In Every Room

Today, hotels offer high-tech amenities that just a generation ago would be astounding — RFID key cards, customisable ambiance at the push of a button, and coming soon, humanoid robot concierges. So what started the high-tech hotel craze? It can all be traced back to the 1920s, when Americans started to demand a decidedly techno-centric flair in their hotels.

FCC Finally Lays Down The Law: Hotels Can't Block Wi-Fi 

The FCC released a blunt warning to hotels today: Stop blocking guests’ personal Wi-Fi connections.

The Eerie Ruins Of 11 Abandoned Hotels

Tourism is a funny thing. Sometimes hot spots are hot, prompting opportunistic developers to build. And sometimes they’re not. (The outbreak of a civil war is a great way to shut down a tourist destination.) Photographer Dietmar Eckell has spent the past several years visiting the hotels and resorts that got left behind.

Williamsburg Brooklyn Is Getting A Luxury Microtel Because Hipsters

Williamsburg is filled with hip restaurants, hip boutiques, hip bars, and hipsters. But if you don’t live there, there aren’t really any hotel options in the increasingly popular and overpriced Brooklyn neighbourhood. Tourists don’t want stay in Manhattan and cross the East River for their artisanal cheese needs. Williamsburg has a hotel problem, and YOTEL wants to solve it.

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