This Light-Up Hoodie Gives You Unfathomable Imaginary Magic Powers

It started life as another one of ThinkGeek’s impressive April Fool’s Day prank products, but like the Tauntaun sleeping bag before it, there was enough demand from the site’s fans to make the Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie a reality. If you’re a cosplayer who’s ever dreamed of magical powers, you better go get your credit card.

This Starscream Hoodie Will Transform What Your Co-Workers Think Of You

After delighting kids and toy collectors in the 1980s, it’s nice to see the Transformers still enjoying some modicum of popularity. And while the Hollywood blockbusters have been forgettable, this wonderful Starscream hoodie — complete with presumably non-working wings — is not.

An Amazing Voltron Hoodie, No Assembly Required

Completing the triad of ’80s cartoon and toy perfection, Voltron proudly stood alongside G.I. Joe and the Transformers as the best ways for a kid to relax on a Saturday morning after a long week of school. And since the holidays are just around the corner, if you know someone still holding a candle for a childhood accompanied by five transforming robot lions, this detailed Voltron hoodie is pretty much the best thing you could put under the tree.

Drinkmaster Hoodie Keeps You Warm And Drunk On A Night Out

They say it’s a poor carpenter who blames his tools, but sometimes the right gear can make all the difference. So if you find yourself completely sober at noon on a weekend, maybe you need to seriously think about upgrading your wardrobe with a Drinkmaster Hoodie designed specifically for maximising your libation enjoyment.

Medieval Hoodie Makes You A Knight In Shining Cotton

One hit from a sword and you’ll be dead faster than your social standing once you wear this out in public, but you won’t find a more comfortable suit of armour than this plated hoodie created by Etsy seller Chadwick Dillon.

Mark Zuckerberg Should Have Worn This Executive Pinstripe Suit Hoodie To His Wedding

Almost as brilliant as their dress pant sweatpants, the guys at Betabrand have created a worthy follow up: the executive pinstripe hoodie that looks like a suit jacket. This is what Zuckerberg should’ve worn to his wedding.

Would You Wear This Hideous Android Hoodie?

I guess I’ve given my opinion on it away in the headline, haven’t I? Gizmodo’s night editor Elly — sorry, that should be Gizmodo’s award-winning night editor Elly — spotted this for sale at a Canadian fan convention. I’m all for creative cosplay, but this thing? No.

Hoodie With Earbuds Instead Of Strings Is Greatest iPod Accessory Of All

Hoodies have strings around the neck, right? Have you EVER used those strings? Why you’d want to tighten a noose around your neck, I’ll never know. The HoodieBuddie cleverly replaces the strings with earbuds; the pocket contains a 3.5mm jack.

Krang Sweater Proves Male Brains Are Below The Midsection

Not only will this snazzy Krang sweater match the Shredder hoodie rather well, but it also proves that male brains tend to live a bit further south. Almost worth $US50. [80's Tees via Geekologie]

Tron's Sark Hoodie Is Red And Evil And Should Be Mine

If you lusted for the good guy version of the Tron hoodie, you are going to terminate all your conscious processes over the Sark version. The photo above is how it really looks, taken by our very own Mark Wilson.