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Epic Gumtree Car Ad Promises To Make A Man (Or Woman) Out Of You

If you’re in the market for a used car, look no further. This is “the sword of knights, the chariot of kings” — the Silver Bullet is the only car you’ll ever need in your life.

Deadly Airbag Recall Reaches Australia, Almost 500,000 Cars Affected So Far

One of the world’s largest car safety recalls is on, after a Japanese manufacturer found that some of its airbags have a tendency to spray metal shrapnel when deployed. The recall has now hit Australia, with almost 500,000 cars from various manufacturers already affected.

Honda Just Patented Its New Adventure Bike

Are you as excited for the 2016 Honda Africa Twin as we are? Real dirt performance in a light, affordable, reliable package. Now, we can see nearly the entire thing in this new patent filing.

Mirrors Are Going Extinct

I’m willing to bet that in the near future, we will live in a world without mirrors. Yes, it sounds absurd. But hear me out.

All The High-Tech Cars, Concepts And In-Car Gadgets From CES 2015 And The Detroit Motor Show

CES 2015 is over, the 2015 Detroit Motor Show is done and dusted, and we now know what the next year has in store for us in the world of motoring. There are some really cool things going on, and we’ve rounded them all up into one place. Here’s your scoop on 2015’s high-tech cars.

Honda's Holiday Toy Ads Continue To Make Us Nostalgic For The '80s

Honda had us all weepy-eyed with nostalgia during its first run of holiday ads this year that used our favourite ’80s toys to lure us into buying a car. The strategy probably didn’t convince every child of the ’80s to run out and buy a new ride, but that’s ok because it means Honda just keeps churning out more of these wonderful commercials.

Honda's Using Your Favourite '80s Toys To Sell You A New Car

Now that the children of the ’80s are all grown up and have lots of expendable income, companies have realised that nostalgia can be a great marketing tool. That’s why so many toys are being resurrected and re-issued, and why Honda is now selling cars using the likes of Skeletor, Jem, and even Stretch Armstrong as its celebrity endorsers.

Cool Interactive Ad Lets You Choose Between A Plain And A Badass Story

Video: This interactive ad is actually two commercials in one. If you let the video roll, you’ll end up with your average car commercial. But if you press R in your keyboard while watching it, you’ll see a badass action film. Of course, the combination of the two makes it even cooler. Watch the full ad here.

Honda's Asimo Robot Gets A Little Bit Better, A Whole Lot Creepier

It’s been almost 15 years since Honda first introduced Asimo, the company’s attempt to create a humanoid robot that can walk and perform other human-like tasks. But Asimo’s most recent upgrade introduces something unsettling: a pair of dead black eyes and a permanent smirk that leaves the bot looking more like an unsettling china doll with a secret urge to overthrow its creators.

Honda's First Personal Jet Is A Tiny Flying Wonder

Screw flying cars — I just want the flying. The first production unit of Honda’s first ever aeroplane has taken to the skies for the first time in Greensboro, North Carolina. This flight is a major milestone towards its certification — and a great excuse to post a gallery of HondaJet F3 porn. The cockpit is great.

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