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Here's My Perfect Home Theatre, No Expense Spared

Someone asked me recently what home theatre setup I’d build myself if money was no issue. I’m not talking about an actual theatre — I’d rather just go to the movies for that — but here’s what I’d buy myself. If you have an appropriately fat bank account, enough space at home and an afternoon to buy everything, here’s what you should get.

Ask Gizmodo: How Do I Make My Home Theatre Smarter?

Dear Gizmodo, I have a Denon amp/receiver which has just blown up and needs replacing (15 years old). It was connected to my TV, DVD player and Foxtel box with a 5.1 channel speaker system — I want to be able to maintain all of this, and reuse the existing speakers. In addition, I want to be able to bring the unit into the 21st century with wireless and music streaming. I would like to be able to add wireless speakers around the house and be able to control them via iPhone. Any advice would be welcome! Cheers, Glenn.

Soundbars And Home Theatre Speakers: What You Need To Know

Buying a new TV is a great feeling. Your new TV looks great whether it’s mounted on a wall or sitting on a home entertainment unit, and whether it’s switched on and displaying beautiful video or switched off and looking all fashionable. But does it sound good? Perhaps. But it can sound a lot better if you hook it up to a sound system — whether it’s a compact soundbar or a larger surround sound home theatre setup.

Vibrating Home Theatre Seats Are Another Reason To Skip The Cinema

To combat piracy, giant screen TVs, surround sound setups and a wealth of streaming movies available at home, movie theatres have been pulling out all the stops to entice people back to the cinema. 3D failed miserably, but vibrating seats have gained some traction. Unfortunately for theatres, Tremor FX has now created a home version of their force feedback seats, giving people yet another reason to skip going out.

Philips Fidelio Soundbar Australian Review: Snap-On Sound

Don’t feel like dropping thousands of dollars on potentially unnecessary sound gear but still want a decent surround sound experience? The Philips Fidelio HTL9100 soundbar is for you.

Wireless Pillow Speakers Put A Personal Home Theatre In Your Bed

You may have spent a small fortune on the impressive home theatre setup in your living room, but when you’re watching TV in bed, are you really going to settle for the crappy sound coming from its tiny speakers? Of course not. But skip the redundant bedroom surround sound setup and go with these SoftSound pillows which feature a wireless set of stereo speakers built right in.

Samsung Australia 2013 Home Audio: Wireless Sound Bar, 7.1 Surround And Powerful Portable Speakers

It’s a strange feeling to spend the night in a hotel when you’re looking out over your own city. But there I was listening to the new digital audio line-up that Samsung first previewed at CES in January. The HT-F9750W 7.1 channel home theatre system; the HW-F751 vacuum tube Sound Bar; and the $299 DA-F61 portable Bluetooth speaker. Updated industrial design, warm sound and a distinct lack of wires are this year’s audio hooks. Here’s why that’s fine by me…

Rotel 12 Series Internet Radio, Amp & CD Player Components Deliver Affordable Audiophile Connectivity

As a 50 year old high-end Japanese brand synonymous with high-end AV gear, it’s great to see Rotel take its highly regarded components to new heights — and commit to pricing and connectivity perfect for audio buffs on a budget. Real home sound goes beyond the dock and speaker. It begins with the right components. Here’s what you need to know.

Oh Man, A Custom 4K IMAX Home Theatre Would Change Everything

If you’re sane, you’re going to go see this year’s blockbusters in an IMAX theatre. It’s the big screen, only bigger and more awesome. Now, you can take the IMAGE MAXIMUM experience home with you — provided you’ve got the guap to buy one of IMAX’s new pricey custom installs.

Samsung 2013 Smart TVs: Everything Australians Need To Know

Samsung brought some of the CES-magic to Sydney last night for the launch of its 2013 TV lineup. Here’s what you can expect from the gadget giant this year, and how much you’ll be paying.

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