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The New Click & Grow Herb Garden Does Everything But Harvest Itself

Click and Grow’s second generation home hydroponic system launches today that, like its predecessor, provides urban gardeners an organic, pesticide-free, and nearly autonomous herb garden. Except the new Smart Herb Garden doesn’t need a bright window spot — it includes its own miniature sun.

Magic Floor Sinks Into The Ground To Transform Into An Outdoor Pool

Everyone wants a pool in their backyard until they realise they never actually swim in it. Those neglected pools become nothing more than holes in the ground filled with cloudy water that act as mosquito magnets. Not this pool though. This outdoor pool is magic. The floors sinks into the ground and it fills itself up with water.

How To Conserve Water During A Drought

Droughts are something that we are all too familiar with in Australia. Here are four easy ways to minimise your water usage during extended periods of no rainfall.

7 Plants To Scare Off Burglars, Nosy Neighbours And Everyone Else

Do you want to avoid burglars and nosy neighbours? And pets and small children? And possibly all other human beings? But do you also have a refined aesthetic sense — none of that ugly concrete, please – and a green thumb? No worries! These anti-personnel plants are as effective as any moat.

Everything You Need To Grill Everything But Steak

Your grill may be an altar for red meat but why partake only in steak when there are so many other delicious animals and vegetables to try? Here’s what you’ll need to roast birds and bivalves alongside your bevy of beef.

Gift Guide: Alcoholic Gifts For The Proud Boozer

It’s your Festivus party; you should be out there schmoozing with guests, not stuck in the kitchen pouring drinks. With these mechanical mixologists at your side, you’ll be able to pour a professional cocktail and still have time to be the life of the party.

Ball FreshTech Auto Canner Review: Pack A Peck Of Perfect Pickles

For as deliciously rewarding as canning your own fruits and vegetables can be, the actual canning process isn’t all candied rainbows and Martha Stewart smiles; it involves a fair amount of hard work. But why should you do the heavy lifting when this new automated canning system from Ball can do it for you?

Kwikset Kevo Smart Deadbolt Review: Convenience Doesn't Come Cheap

You’re getting too old to still be losing your keys like this. Seriously, they were right there, in your hand, like a second ago. Time to jimmy the kitchen window again, right? Wrong. The Kwikset Kevo gives you not one but three means of entry, so you’ll never get locked out again.

7 Home Improvement Apps To Help Your Inner Handyman

Whether you’re remodelling your kitchen or just fixing a leaky tap, keeping up with your house’s basic maintenance is an essential part of home ownership. And with these helpful mobile apps in your tool-belt, you’ll be able to tackle virtually any project without having to get your contractor’s licence.

Five Pumpkin-Carving Tools Everybody Should Own

You want a jack-o-lantern that looks like it was carved by a six-year-old, by all means stick with the spoon and kitchen knife combo that you’ve been using since you were a kid. But if you want a jack-o-lantern that will terrify the neighbours until mid-November, you’re going to need a better tool set.