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Ayn Rand Wrote A Guide For Hollywood On How To Make Pro-Capitalist Movies

Today, Ayn Rand is perhaps best known as your virgin cousin’s favourite author to fawn over during Christmas dinner. But back in the 1940s, Rand was better known for helping root out Communists in Hollywood. She testified to US Congress and even wrote an entire pamphlet about how to make their movies as pro-America as possible that was sent to movie producers. Or at least, Rand’s version of “America”.

Neuropsychologist Has A Secret Life As A Bullwhip-Cracking Stuntwoman 

Indiana Jones proved just how useful a good bullwhip can be, both as a tool and as a weapon, but people are still surprised when neuropsychologist Jessica Cail tells them that one of her favourite hobbies is practising whip-cracking. She talks about this peculiar sideline in the latest instalment of the NOVA video series, Secret Life of Scientists.

Here Are 2,000 Hollywood Screenplays, Analysed By Gender And Age

The folks over at Polygraph have decided there’s “all rhetoric and no data” surrounding the debate around diversity in Hollywood, so they’ve taken 2,000 screenplays and put them through the magic data machine to lots of graphs with big blue bars and smaller red bars. Have a guess which is which.

'Harmless Librarian Who Goes Over To The Dark Side, Topless' And Other Real Casting Calls For Women

Between pay inequality, ageism, limited opportunities, and a laundry list of other problems, being a woman in Hollywood sucks. Thanks to Casting Call The Project, now we know the never ending shit-storm of abuse starts before these actors even set foot on set.

Morgan Freeman, Who Is God, Hates Selfie Sticks

Video: On the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Morgan Freeman was asked to narrate live footage of tourists on Hollywood Boulevard. As one might assume, some of them are holding selfie sticks.

Sundance's VR Films Are A Frickin' Emotional Roller Coaster

If this year’s Sundance Film Festival is any indication, virtual reality is about to hit the mainstream. Under a program called “New Frontier”, the festival is promoting eleven independently produced VR films. The finalists have been chosen from hundreds of entries and among them are some short documentaries, horrifying acid trips and even a Reggie Watt music video.

Kodak Reveals A Digital Super 8 Camera That Records On Film… Wait What?!

Screw 360-degree film cameras on drones or Vines on 16-megapixel smartphones. Kodak’s going old school with these little beauties. The design is inspired by the Super 8 fad from half a century ago, and these new cameras that shoot film on, well, actual film.

Why Hollywood Protects Its Sign So Fiercely

Video: Trademark law can be a tricky thing, but people normally have a good idea when they’re illegally using a likeness. Wait, you do know that filming the Hollywood sign without permission can get you sued, right?

This Is How Science Helped Hollywood Make More Realistic Explosions

Everybody knows that embarrassing “nope” moment in the movie theatre when CGI explosions just don’t look real at all. Fortunately, science has helped Hollywood improve things in recent years — and this video shows how.

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