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Remember All Those Days Everyone Said It Was The Day From Back To The Future... That Day Was Yesterday!

When Marty McFly finally arrived yesterday in modern-day Hill Valley, California, I admit I was a little sad. Because his arrival signifies the end of one of the best internet memes of all time.

This Teenager Was Arrested For Making A Clock His Teachers Thought Was A Bomb

When 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrived at school on Monday morning with a digital clock he’d built from scratch, he was keen to show his teachers the fruit of his labors. Instead, he was pulled out of class and arrested for attempting to build a bomb.

The Dumbest Pro-Russia Hoax On The Internet

David L. Stern is a freelance writer based in Kiev, Ukraine. He’s also, if you believe several Russian media outlets, a covert CIA agent who helped orchestrate a conspiracy to shoot down an aeroplane and blame Russia. What a busy fellow!

No, A CIA Agent Didn't Just Admit To Murdering Marilyn Monroe

Did a retired CIA officer recently admit on his deathbed that he murdered Marilyn Monroe? Nope. It’s all part of a stupid hoax from fake news site World News Daily Report.

10 More Viral Photos That Are Actually Fake

Believe it or not, there are a lot of fake photos on the internet. And the explosion in the number of spammy Twitter accounts like OldPicsArchive and HistoryInPics help them spread like wildfire. Today we’re taking a look at 10 more fake-ish photos you may have seen in your social media streams recently. They’re all lying to you.

Behind The Scenes Of 'Behind The Scenes At National Geographic'

Have you seen that “behind the scenes at National Geographic” photo where those guys are running from a bear? It’s pretty amusing. But it’s a fake. Super duper, 100 per cent fake. So where did it come from?

Why The Anonymous 'Threat' To Campbell Newman Isn't Really A Threat At All

It’s being reported today that Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has been personally threatened by the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous. Don’t believe the hype.

2Day FM Targeted By Anonymous After Royal Hoax Prank

Sydney radio station 2DayFM and its parent company Southern Cross Austereo are in damage control this morning after a prank phone call to a London hospital went wrong over the weekend. The company and its advertisers are now being targeted by hacktivist collective Anonymous, who have accused the station of murder.

No, Woolworths And Coles Aren't Offering Free Gift Cards On Facebook

We all know that I hate Facebook. It’s annoying, in your face and now it’s falling victim to the same types of bullshit phishing scams that MySpace was plagued with towards the end. It’s time to straighten this one out once and for all: no matter what you share, say or post: Coles is not giving out free gift cards on Facebook.

Relax, Your Private Facebook Messages Have Not Been Made Public

You might have read somewhere today that Facebook made your pre-2009 private messages public on your own Timeline today. And on your friends’ Timelines! This would be a huge scandal, except it’s not true at all.

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