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FBI: Don't Accidentally Buy Artifacts Stolen By ISIS

The FBI has a warning for all you antique dealers and museum curators out there: If you’re trading in Syrian or Iraqi pieces right now, you could be funding ISIS.

'Sexting' Is Just A New Name For A Very Old Activity (NSFW)

In 2011, a remarkable and distinctly erotic 17th century portrait of Nell Gwyn was put up for sale by her descendants. It shows Gwyn, an actress who was one of Charles II’s mistresses for more than a decade, washing a string of sausages with her breasts exposed.

Amazing Video Tour Of A 1985 Home Automation System

YouTuber Avboden has a home automation system from 1985, and he recently created this video to show people how it worked. It actually has a pretty great UI, with touchscreen — and it even allows you to give commands from your 1980s ultra-modern, push-button phone.

12 Fantastic Sci-Fi Vehicles From A Century Ago

Electric airships, submarines, and other futuristic vessels were the main attractions on the covers of a pulp novel series called Frank Reade Weekly Magazine: Containing Stories of Adventures on Land, Sea & in the Air.

We're Only Beginning To Understand Why Humans Have A Skewed Sex Ratio

The ratio of newborn boys to girls slightly and consistently leans toward males: around 106 boys are born for every 100 girls. If that seems odd to you, it should: the way sperm form suggests that the ratio of X-sperm to Y-sperm should be exactly 50:50 — and scientists are only now beginning to understand why the skew occurs.

Old-School Computer Graphics And Games Were The Product Of Coding Magic

These days, we’re blessed with incredibly powerful graphics cards, with oodles of fast temporary RAM to store massively detailed textures and colour information. But it wasn’t always so easy. Ever wondered how old computers, with basically zero onboard memory, actually created genuinely complex and colourful on-screen graphics?

How Did The Bicycle Evolve?

The quest for a human powered, stable, fast and energy efficient vehicle has taken us a long way. Let’s see how it all started.

Chastity Belts Were Definitely Not A Medieval Thing

It’s the stuff of legends: the knight riding to the Crusades with the key to his lady’s chastity belt tucked under his armour. But it’s about as real as stories of Prester John or the Holy Grail.

The World's Best Swiss Army Knife Is Also The Most Ridiculous

The disarmingly-titled “Multiblade Folding Knife” has to be seen to be believed. You might be proud of your adorable Victorinox, but it has nothing on this monstrosity, manufactured in Germany, sometime around 1880.

Can You Help Decode The Unknown Language On This 750-Year-Old Sword?

In 1825, a three-foot-long sword was uncovered from a river on the eastern cost of England. “If struck with sufficient force, it could easily have sliced a man’s head in two,” writes the British Library’s Julian Harrison. Though its potential uses might be obvious, the gold inscription on its face is not.

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