A Brief Visual History Of Adidas On Its 65th Birthday

65 years ago today, a young man in Germany registered his shoe company after a fight with his brother. His name was Adi Dassler, and his company is Adidas. Over half a century later, Adidas is worth $US6.8 billion. Come with us and take a visual walk through the company’s earliest designs.

These GIFs From The Smithsonian Archives Make History Come To Life

The charm of a perfect looping image cannot be denied. Old timey illustrations are delightful nostalgia inducers. Pair ‘em together and hot damn: That is a recipe for sure-fire internet love. Drawing from seemingly endless stores of digitised archives, the Smithsonian Libraries have been posting original gifs on their Tumblr, and — spoiler alert — they’re wonderful.

A Forgotten Einstein Model Of The Universe Describes The Big Crunch

Way back in 1931, Albert Einstein visited the US for three months. Inspired by meetings with Edwin Hubble, he began thinking about the universe differently, writing a paper in four days to get down his thoughts — and now, those first scribblings have been translated into English for the first time.

X-Ray Reveals Real Human Teeth In 300-Year-Old Jesus Statue

During an otherwise routine restoration, researchers at Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (NIAH) made an unprecedented discovery. As it turns out, the 18th century statue of Christ they’d been X-raying was fitted with actual, 100 per cent human pearly whites — totally intact all the way to the roots.

The Palestine Conflict History Explained In One Absurd Animation

This animated short by Nina Paley — in the tradition of the best Monty Python music skits — might not be an orthodox history lesson, but it’s an accurate depiction of the horrible 6000-year bloodshed in the region of Palestine, with dozens of tribes and nations fighting each other to claim ownership of that land.

These 5000 Melting Figures Commemorate World War I's Fallen

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Britain’s entry into World War 1, and commemorative events are taking place across the country. None are more beautiful than Nele Azevedo’s “Minimum Monument”, however.

Scientists Reveal The Secrets Of Mysterious Ship Found Under Twin Towers

Scientists have found the secrets of the old ship unearthed in 2010 under the ruins of the Twin Towers. First, the large vessel — buried under 6.7m of soil and wreckage — was built around the same time the Declaration of Independence was signed. There’s more — but there’s also one big mystery left unsolved.

There's An Actual Piece Of The Wright Flyer Inside Bremont's New Watch

Starting in 2010, Bremont has been paying homage to significant moments in the history of technology with a unique line of watches that includes the Codebreaker which celebrated the work of the WWII Enigma machine crackers. Now the watchmaker is honouring the Wright Brothers’ achievements with a new timepiece that includes an actual piece of the original Wright Flyer.

A Brief History Of Pi

That the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is constant has been known to humanity since ancient times; yet, even today, despite 2000 years of thought, theories, calculations and proofs, π’s precise value remains elusive.

Why Neil Armstrong Got To Take The First Step On The Moon

On July 20, 1969, with “one small step”, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon. But why did he get to go first?