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The Hero+ Is GoPro's New Entry-Level Camera, Now With Wi-Fi

GoPro’s got itself quite a stable of little cameras these days. We already had (from high end to low end) the Hero4 Black, Hero4 Silver, Hero4 Session, Hero+LCD, and the straight up Hero. Now, squeezing in between those bottom two, comes the Hero+. It’s a $299.95 version of the Hero, but it has Wi-Fi and has significantly upgraded shooting modes.

I Helped Catch Detroit's Tiger With A Weed Whacker And A Tarp

So you’ve got a tiger loose in your local abandoned auto plant. Who you gonna call? Detroit area bus driver Andy Didorosi, obviously. He’s my buddy, I just called and had him walk me through what happened.

The Best Action Camera For Every Need

If I’m going to be doing stupid things that risk the health of my various important body parts — and I do, often — I want to make sure I capture those moments so I can relive them later. That’s how I elbowed my way into the action camera beat more than three years ago, and I haven’t looked back.

GoPro Hero4 Hands-On: The Best Action Cam Goes 4K, For A Price

After several gazillion leaks over the last few days, they’re finally here: GoPro’s 2014 line of action cameras. As rumoured, there are in fact three models. There’s the Hero, GoPro’s new entry-level camera that comes in super cheap; the Hero4 Silver, which is basically last year’s best action camera plus an LCD touchscreen; and last but certainly not least,there’s the Hero4 Black, which seems to demolish every other action camera out there.

Alleged Video Of New GoPro HERO Shows Image Quality And Sub-$US200 Price

Russian leakers Rozetked just supplied us with an alleged video of the recently-leaked GoPro budget-priced HERO camera in action. There’s no way of knowing if it’s legit, but the video seems to confirm everything we’ve heard so far today about this rumoured camera.

Leaked: GoPro's New, Budget-Friendly HERO Action Camera

The GoPro leak machine just keeps on leaking: PetaPixel just revealed that GoPro may add a low-spec, budget model to the bottom of its action cam line. Meet the HERO.

93-Year-Old Vet Recreates His D-Day Parachute Jump Over Normandy

This is just awesome. Jim ‘Pee Wee’ Martin, a 93-year-old WWII veteran paratrooper, just did the same jump out of a plane into Normandy that he did for D-Day 70 years ago when he was 23 years old. But he says this jump was much easier because “there wasn’t anybody shooting at me today”.

Listen To This Great Story On How This Guy Discovered He Was A Coward

In 2008, someone broke into Rob Norman’s house. He had speculated about this situation since he was a kid and thought of different heroic ways of repealing an attack. When it actually happened, he realised that he wasn’t Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

Awesome Dad Turns Son Into Superhero Using Amazing Special Effects

This is what happens when your dad works for Dreamworks. The Creators Project recently featured Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto, who turned his son James into an epic superhero, just using Adobe AfterEffects.

GoPro's Official HD Hero 3+ Video Is The Craziest Video You'll See All Day

GoPro’s slogan is “be a hero”, and to unveil the latest HD Hero 3+ camera, it put together a little video shot completely on the new camera showing everything you can do with it. This is pretty goddamn impressive.

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