Colour-Changing Hard Hats Highlight Brittle Sun Damage

Over-exposure to the sun is of course bad for your skin, but that’s not the only thing adversely affected by its rays. Man-made materials like plastic will slowly degrade when left out in the sun, so 3M has developed a new line of hard hats featuring a colour-changing UV sensor that tells the wearer their head protection might not actually be so safe.

A Speaker Helmet That Maybe Takes First-Person Shooters Too Seriously

You’ve already got the hyper-realistic machine gun controller, but you’ve probably noticed that playing a war-themed first-person shooter on your basement couch just doesn’t feel like you’re actually at war. There’s definitely something missing — and that something surely has to be Hyperkin’s new ComRad that packs speakers and a boom mic into a realistic looking helmet.

This Brilliant Bike Accessory Keeps Your Helmet Safe And Your Butt Dry

I’m biased, but believe that — if you can swing it — biking is absolutely the best way to navigate the streets. That being said, conscientious riders are pretty much always going to be stuck toting two things around at their destination: lights and a helmet. The former will likely get swiped if accidentally left on; the latter is just plain clumsy, and not ideal to leave outdoors when the weather’s nasty.

Monster Machines: This Helmet Gives Eurofighters X-Ray Vision

In conventional combat aircraft, the target generally needs to be in both the pilot’s field of vision and within the sights of the plane itself. That is, the plane needed to be pointed in the general direction of whatever you’re shooting at. But in the case of the new Eurofighter Typhoon, pilots can squeeze off a few Sidewinders at bogies incoming from any direction thanks to a super helmet that links their eyes to the plane’s electronic brain.

Can A Helmet Made From Recycled Newspapers Really Protect Your Noggin?

As bike rental programs get more and more popular in big, tourist-friendly cities around the world, wouldn’t it be great if occasional cyclists could get a temporary helmet on the cheap? That’s the goal of the designers behind the Paper Pulp Project, who have designed a bike helmet made from recycled newspaper that costs less than $1.50 to produce but is claimed to protect as well as a more expensive option.

Hacking Bicycle Helmets To Hunt Down Bike Stations

Now that New York has finally joined the rest of the world with a city-wide bike rental program, users are finding great ways to further improve the service. Including Adafruit’s Becky Stern, who retrofitted a run-of-the-mill bike helmet with a wicked LED light show and a handy indicator that lets riders find the nearest Citi Bike station — ensuring they always get their ride back on time.

LiveMap: F-35 Fighter Pilot Helmet For Motorcyclists

Move over, Glass, there’s another AR solution for motorcyclists. A startup out of Russia has ideated a helmet with a HUD that claims to solve all your navigation needs.

This Is How Football Helmets Are Concussion Safety-Tested

In a new study published today in the Journal of Neurosurgery, a group of scientists proved, seemingly, that modern football helmets are better than old leather ones. Thanks, guys. What is more notable, however, is that this batshit crazy device is how the data was gathered.

This Predator Helmet Can Make Even The Tiniest Vespa Badass

Motorcycle riders don’t get a lot of respect from other drivers on the road, but who’s going to dare cut you off when you’re cruising around looking like an intergalactic game hunter in this awesome Predator helmet. It’s built on an actual motorcycle helmet, so it’s properly safety rated with an enhanced, sculpted outer shell, a dreadlocks mullet, and even a tri-laser scope.

Newton's Cradle Is So Much Better With Motorcycle Helmets

You’ve seen Newton’s balls before. You might even have one on your desk. You know, the thing that demonstrates energy transference. But I can guarantee you’ve never seen it in action like this before (truth be told, it was faked).

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