Monster Machines: Airbus' X3 Prototype Uses Three Rotors To Break Airspeed Records

In the chimeric world of vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) aircraft, the most common hybrid one finds are tiltrotor planes with helicopter-like abilities. But the X3 prototype from Airbus took the opposite approach. It transformed a traditional helicopter into a high-speed turboprop.

This Lovely Living Room Could End Up Inside A Helicopter

It goes without saying that the most wealthy, famous and powerful people in the world travel in style. But expensive cars and private planes decked out with luxurious leather interiors surprisingly can’t hold a candle to this gorgeous interior designed by Giopato & Coombes which you’ll find in a — cottage? Nope. Try a private helicopter.

Australian Scientists Test Explosives To Put Out Bushfires

Picture this: a drought-fuelled wildfire is heading for a Victorian township, and fast. Millions of lives are at stake, and water can’t stop it. When suddenly, a helicopter — armed with what can only be described as a giant cannon — flies straight for flames and BOOM. There’s an explosion, and the fire’s gone. That’s what Australian scientists are working on right now: fighting fires with explosives.

Watch A Helicopter Do The Impossible And Fly Upside Down

World class pilot Chuck Aaron makes helicopters fly upside down. That sounds crazy, because it is. And watching this new video of Aaron doing barrel rolls and defying physics in midair will make your stomach turn.

Monster Machines: Every US Military Helicopter Could Soon Be A Drone

The MQ-8 Fire Scout might be the US military’s marquee pilotless helicopter, but it’s not the only one. A pair of R/C Kaman K-Max K-1200 choppers have proven their value resupplying forward operating bases in Afghanistan and, now, the DoD is developing a system to turn any helicopter into a remotely operated whirly bird.

Jackass Who Lasered Children's Hospital Chopper Gets 14-Year Sentence

Astounding moron Sergio Rodriguez got slapped with a 14-year prison sentence earlier this month, convicted of aiming a laser pointer at an emergency medical helicopter taking a young patient to Children’s Hospital of Central California. Remember folks, trying to blind pilots midair is a very, very bad idea.

An Australian Rescue Helicopter Almost Had A Mid-Air Collision With A Drone

A Westpac Rescue helicopter narrowly avoided a collision with a drone while it was flying back to its Newcastle base in New South Wales over the weekend.

Holy Crap, This Woman Is Flying Hanging From Two Toy Helicopters!

You’ve probably dreamt about flying. Who hasn’t? It seems awesome! But getting lifted into the air by two separate RC helicopters also seems more than a little bit scary.

This Is A Picture Of The Sound A Helicopter Makes

This might look like the cut-stick project of a small child, but in fact this image visualises the noise that a helicopter makes as it tears through the air. Really.

Helicopter Incredibly Rescues A Man Trapped On A Crane After Explosion

Here’s where you don’t want to find yourself in the freezing cold after a building explosion: stranded on top of a freaking crane with no way to go down because of said explosion. Luckily, you can go up. What? Yes, up. Like a scene from some impossible 80′s action movie, a guy trapped on top of a crane was rescued by helicopter after a fiery explosion on the ground. Amazing.