Cool Photo Of US Navy Helicopter Reveals The Guts Of A Transformer

Here’s a pretty neat photo of US Navy sailors working on a MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter that gives you an inside look at what’s “under the hood”. For some reason, all those wires and boxes and more wires and more boxes makes me think we’re getting a peak at the inner workings of a Transformer.

This Cartoon Perfectly Sums Up The Optimism Of 1950s Futurism

The December 28, 1959 issue of Life magazine featured this illustration of life in 1975. It’s over the top and cartoonish, of course, but it perfectly sums up all of the techno-optimism that was so prevalent in the late 1950s — the Golden Age of Futurism.

Repairing High Voltage Lines Is One Of Most Scary Jobs I've Ever Seen

This excerpt from Straight Up: Helicopters in Action — a documentary released on IMAX theatres a few years ago — shows the dangerous daily routine of the guys in charge of fixing the high voltage lines. One of the workers say that even if you’re afraid of heights or electricity you can still do this job — I seriously doubt it.

Monster Machines: Wildfires Are No Match For A Vacuum-Powered Tanker Chopper 

The faster you can pour water on a forest fire, the faster you can put it out. And this prototype aerial water-bucket system from Spanish designers Inventec sucks up water three times faster than existing systems.

Monster Machines: The US Spent $7 Billion Developing This Helicopter It Never Built

The Kiowa Warrior is slated to retire in 2025, the Chinook in 2035, and both the Apache and Black Hawk will be gone by 2040. We thought we had a suitable replacement for all of these platforms in the Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche. But then, this next-gen stealth chopper vanished in a puff of bureaucratic smoke.

Monster Machines: This US Chopper Is Heading Home After A Decade Of War

“We fly like nobody else in the Army,” Col. Michael Musiol, commander of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, recently told Stars and Stripes. He’s right. The OH-58 Kiowa family of helicopters has been serving on the front lines — both as an advanced scout and emergency evacuator — for nearly 50 years. But as its tenure in Afghanistan comes to a close, will the Kiowa Warrior finally retire?

Quadcopter And Unmanned Helicopter Combo Is Great At Fighting Fire

Forest fires are a persistent problem for the US, and our best line of defence is still all too often just men on the ground with backhoes. But combining a remotely piloted quadcopter with Kaman’s unmanned K-Max helicopter could make for a fearsome alternative to smokejumpers.

Behold The Newest, Fastest, Most Badass Attack Helicopter In The World

The S-97 Raider — Sikorsky new attack helicopter — is out and it is not only gorgeous. It’s absolutely badass. It is based in the same technology as its X2 technology demonstrator, which broke the world helicopter speed record in 2010: 260 knots — that’s 481.5km/h vs the 277km/h of conventional helicopters.

Monster Machines: The Stealthy Chopper That Sneaks Special Forces Behind Enemy Lines

Blackhawks and Apaches may be the poster-choppers of America’s Special Forces but much of the heavy lifting that makes those missions possible is handled by the venerable CH-47G Chinook. And with the most recent round of modernizations, this Vietnam-era workhorse is ready for the 21st century.

You Might Accidentally Swallow The World's Smallest RC Helicopter

At what point does a flying remote control toy become too small? Bandai’s new Pico-Falcon is just 4.5cm in length and looks like it can be flown and manoeuvred inside a cupboard with enough skill. But it also looks like the slightest breeze could send it careening out of control — “Nobody cough or sneeze, I’m trying to land this thing.”