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A New Material Uses The Cold Darkness Of Outer Space To Cool Your House

In today’s awesomely brutal-sounding material science news, Stanford engineers have created a building material that exploits that “cold darkness of the universe” to cool itself — even when the sun is shining. Stanford calls it a “cosmic fridge”, and it could replace air conditioning.

This Heater Knows Where You Are And Only Warms The Space You're Using

A heater that follows you around might sound like something out of The Jetsons, but it’s very much a reality for an MIT research group that wants to revolutionise the way we heat our buildings. They have invented a system called Local Warming, which tracks your location using Wi-Fi and only heats your immediate vicinity.

Pull This Cute Portable Heater Around The Room Like A Warm-Bodied Pet

OK, so it’s not quite the right season, but I’ve fallen in love with this adorable Kangeri “nomadic radiator”. Guide the little guy around the room and let him gently warm up your personal space, kind of like the puppy you can’t have because your apartment building won’t allow pets.

London Underground's Excess Heat Will Warm The City's Homes

If you’ve ever braved London Underground’s Northern Line tube service during rush hour, you’ll have have experienced the 10th circle of hell that Dante somehow managed to forget.

This Thermal Wristband Tricks You Into Never Being Too Warm Or Cold

We all know someone who can never seem to get comfy, no matter the temperature. They’re always pulling off sweaters because they’re too hot, or cranking up the heat because they’re too cold. But soon, salvation for these folks could come in the form of a special wristband that uses a copper heatsink to fool your body into thinking it’s just been warmed or cooled — when in reality the ambient temperature hasn’t changed.

Seattle Wants To Heat Itself Using Waste Heat From Data Centres

The US city of Seattle is considering the idea of using waste heat from data centres to heat itself, funnelling energy from gigantic server rooms into a new district heating system to keep people warm.

14 Ways You’re Wasting Money On Winter Heating And Lighting

Winter has just ticked over to spring, but that doesn’t mean it’s suddenly warm outside: the heater, electric blanket or fire might still be on. Even if you’re not trying to stay warm, you can still waste energy: you don’t have to be a glutton to waste energy — many homeowners with good intentions still end up blowing money this time of year. Here’s a look at a 16 common mistakes folks make — and some quick fixes and long-term solutions to keeping a home’s systems running as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

The Five Biggest Myths About Saving Energy In The Summer

This summer is a hot one. With money tight and temperatures high, there’s a temptation to test out unconventional ways to beat the the heat. But these odd home remedies can end up wasting energy and costing more money. Here’s how to know what really works when you want to keep cool for cheap.

All-Season Jacket Turns Inside-Out To Keep You Warm Or Cool

An Austrian company has developed a new kind of triple-layer fabric that allows this jacket to keep the wearer either warm or cool depending on how they wear it — making it the perfect accessory for globe-hopping adventurers who prefer to travel light.

Wall-Mounted Wood Stove: Cool Enough To Make Them Viable Again

Who cares that wood stoves are environmentally unfriendly and are heavily regulated in some areas? This one hangs on the wall, people!

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