Why Does Your Voice Sound Different When It's Recorded?

If you’ve ever listened to a recording of yourself and thought you sound completely different, you’re not alone. But more than that you were also correct. Here’s why it sounds different.

How The Internet Helps Deaf Science Students Create New Signs

How do you learn a concept if there is no word for it? That’s a question people who are deaf and pursuing science often struggle with. The answer is not exactly easy and involves a group effort across the non-hearing community.

Being Deaf: How Different The World Is Without Hearing

Technology makes life so easy, and it advances at such a breakneck clip that sometimes we forget that all the tech in the world still can’t change the way some people experience the world. David Peter explains how the world works for the deaf.

How We Identify Single Voices In A Crowd

There are plenty of human abilities that we take for granted, which are actually insanely complex. Like picking out a single voice buried amongst the noise of a crowded environment, a problem which has troubled scientists for decades. But now they’ve worked out how we do it — and it could revolutionise speech recognition technology.

Eavesdropping By Reading Brainwaves Is Feasible

Scientists don’t get their due. After all, they can do almost anything. Except, you know, eavesdrop on our conversations by reading our brainwaves. Oh… wait. Apparently, now, they can.

Is The iPod Generation Ruining Its Hearing?

Pardon? What you say? Apparently the earbud touting masses are ruining their hearing, one Justin Bieber song at a time. Because one in five Americans over the age of 12 have hearing loss in at least one ear.

Sony's Subtitle Glasses Mean The Deaf Can Watch Movies Too

If someone with a hearing disability wants to watch a film that isn’t already subtitled, they have very few options. But now, Sony UK is developing a pair of glasses that display subtitles in time with a given film.

This Man Who Sees With His Ears

Daniel Kish lost his eyesight when he was 13 months old. For most of his youth, he functioned fine without a walking stick. He mountain bikes. He camps alone. He moves through cities handily. All thanks to advanced echolocation abilities.

Australia's Top 10 Inventions: The Cochlear Implant

To celebrate Australia Day this week, we’re looking at some of the best inventions to ever come out of our sunburnt country. Today, we pay homage to Graeme Clark, who has dedicated half his life to giving deaf people the gift of hearing through his cochlear implant invention.

The Hearing Aid Gets Hip

Forgive my ignorance, but the Siemens miniTek hearing aid “audio system” is the first I’ve seen that combines Bluetooth, mp3 and other wireless controls with the traditional sound-boost typically associated with these devices. Did the hearing aid just get cool?