Dubs Earplugs Don't Look Terrible So You Might Actually Wear Them

Dubs’ “Acoustic Filters” are snazzy new earplugs that hope to conquer one of the biggest obstacles between you and wearing crucial gear to protect your hearing. Though they’re not the first earplugs in the world, they’re some of the first that don’t look terrible. Can Dubs trick you into better hearing with design?

My Cyborg Ear: How A Surgeon And Titanium Cured My Lifelong Deafness

I’ve never been able to hear well. As a child, I was in and out of the hospital as doctors struggled to treat chronic ear infections that left me in throbbing pain and, eventually, relative silence. By the time I went to college, I had only one half-functioning ear drum and no hope of regaining the hearing I’d lost after years of damage. Surgery was too risky, the doctors said. This year, I decided to take the risk, and the results were extraordinary.

What Makes Your Ears Ring?

Have you been listening to SOMETHING LOUD? If so, you might have a ringing in your ears — but what exactly causes it?

After This Audio Illusion, You'll Never Trust Your Ears Again

It might be a little too early in the morning to have your mind blown, but this audio illusion is worth your time, because it demonstrates your brain’s uncanny ability to use new information to help process something that is otherwise incomprehensible.

This Is What Life Sounds Like Through A Cochlear Implant

There are technological solutions that now allow the deaf to regain at least some of their hearing. And now you can listen to what it’s like to hear through a cochlear implant.

Why Does Your Voice Sound Different When It's Recorded?

If you’ve ever listened to a recording of yourself and thought you sound completely different, you’re not alone. But more than that you were also correct. Here’s why it sounds different.

How The Internet Helps Deaf Science Students Create New Signs

How do you learn a concept if there is no word for it? That’s a question people who are deaf and pursuing science often struggle with. The answer is not exactly easy and involves a group effort across the non-hearing community.

Being Deaf: How Different The World Is Without Hearing

Technology makes life so easy, and it advances at such a breakneck clip that sometimes we forget that all the tech in the world still can’t change the way some people experience the world. David Peter explains how the world works for the deaf.

How We Identify Single Voices In A Crowd

There are plenty of human abilities that we take for granted, which are actually insanely complex. Like picking out a single voice buried amongst the noise of a crowded environment, a problem which has troubled scientists for decades. But now they’ve worked out how we do it — and it could revolutionise speech recognition technology.

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