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This Funky Looking EarGo Hearing Aid Is The Future

I have hearing problems. It’s been a fact of life for as long as I can remember. A couple years ago, a surgeon and a tiny piece of titanium corrected the worst of those problems, but I’m due for another procedure. So when I heard about EarGo, a futuristic new type of hearing aid, I had to wonder how they’d work for me.

Soundhawk's Smart Listening System Aims To Make Hearing Aids Cool

Here’s how hearing aids work today: Oh you can’t hear well? Stick this ugly thing inside your earhole. But in the view of a new company called Soundhawk, that’s all wrong. Better hearing can be cool.

This Hearing Aid Connects To An iPhone And Adapts To Your Surroundings

For centuries, humans have been using technology to make up for their shortcomings. People missing limbs got prosthetics. People with weak hearts got pacemakers. But, at a certain point, becoming a cyborg is less like fixing something broken than it is like gaining new powers.

AP Deletes Fidel Castro Images Photoshopped To Remove Hearing Aid

At 87, Fidel Castro is not as young as he used to be, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that he wears a hearing aid — but that didn’t stop AP contributors photoshopping the device out of images of the ex-Cuban President.

Buy These Headphones, Help A Deaf Person Hear

It’s not often that you can indulge yourself with a shiny new toy and help someone in need at the same time. But with LSTN, an up-and-coming company that specialises in making headphones out of reclaimed wood, that’s the whole point.

Melbourne Researchers Create New Hearing Aid 'For The iTunes Generation'

Australia has a long history with the humble hearing aid, which makes it no surprise to discover that Melbourne based researchers have completely revolutionised the humble hearing aid with a new device that costs less than half the price of a traditional device and can be customised over the internet and fit by the end user.

Tooth-Hearing Aids Get Approval For Use In Europe

Sonitus Medical’s SoundBite hearing aid has been approved for use in Europe, but the Royal National Institute for Deaf People claim not everyone will be able to use it. The hearing aid is attached to the molar and transmits sound through the jawbone. [BBC]

Charlie Chaplin Movie's Mobile Phone-Using Time Traveller Debunked?

Last week, the internet was captivated by a Charlie Chaplin movie out-take which appeared to show an extra chatting on a mobile phone as she walked through the shot. Turns out it was probably just an old-school hearing aid.

The Hearing Aid Gets Hip

Forgive my ignorance, but the Siemens miniTek hearing aid “audio system” is the first I’ve seen that combines Bluetooth, mp3 and other wireless controls with the traditional sound-boost typically associated with these devices. Did the hearing aid just get cool?

Siemens MiniTek Beams Music To Hearing Aids Over Bluetooth

If you’re hearing-impaired and you’ve already got a wireless hearing aid from Siemens, the company’s new matchbook-sized miniTek box will wirelessly beam audio from any Bluetooth device straight to your ear.

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