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UK Scientists Think Vaping Has 'Huge Potential'

A new UK report concludes that e-cigarettes are a blessing rather than a curse, arguing that the potential health benefits greatly outweigh the risks. After taking a look at the growing body of scientific evidence, researchers at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) have concluded that e-cigarettes aren’t quite the devil’s tool that many are making it out to be.

How The Most Common Cause Of Food Poisoning Became The Most Ignored

E. coli, salmonella and staph are the names we fear when it comes to nasty food-borne illnesses. Yet it’s norovirus that is, far and away, the most common cause of food poisoning. So why aren’t we more afraid of it?

Bacteria Evade White Blood Cells Like Antelope Evade Hungry Tigers

Mathematically speaking, the way a tiger charges a herd of antelope resembles a white blood cell attacking a colony of bacteria. That’s the conclusion of a new paper by an international team of physicists, just published in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical.

From Today, iOS Health Apps Get Way Better

Last month Apple announced its new CareKit platform to help developers build more useful health apps. Now it’s finally launched the software for developers to use — along with rolling out the first apps to make use of it.

It's About Time Someone Redesigned Crutches To Be Comfortable

Using a set of crutches while recovering from an injury is a minor inconvenience. But for anyone with physical challenges that require longterm crutch use, the devices can be a major barrier. This well-done redesign finally makes crutches more comfortable to use, and gives the user more freedom of movement.

Canadian Minister Of Health Blames 'Social Media' For Gonorrhea Epidemic

If these numbers are to be believed, the residents of Alberta are swimming in sexually transmitted diseases. Last year, the Canadian province saw an 80 per cent increase in cases of gonorrhea. What to blame? According to the government, “social media”.

Nokia Is About To Go Wild With Digital Health Hardware

Brace yourself for a slew of Finnish health hardware: Nokia has just announced that it plans to buy the digital wellbeing and wearables company Withings for $US190 million.

Tim Peake Beat The Record For Running A Marathon In Space

The London Marathon was held on April 24, and among its runners? Astronaut Tim Peake, orbiting above the Earth on the International Space Station, and he set the world(?) record for running a marathon in space.

Astronaut Tim Peake Ran The London Marathon Onboard The ISS

Here’s a way to keep in shape while in space: run a marathon. That’s what UK Astronaut Tim Peake did as he orbits above the Earth on the International Space Station.

Here's How To Wash Your Hands The Right Way

Video: Apparently, there are two schools of thought when it comes to washing your hands. There’s the US CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) approved way, which we all do already. Which is wrong. And there’s the WHO (World Health Organisation) method, which is better and cleaner and “microbiologically more effective”. Which is right. The CDC way? Just rubbing your hands together. The WHO way? Well, it’s something else.

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