Tripping Senior Citizens -- For Science

In a study that even Sum 41 could get behind, scientists at the University of Illinois in Chicago are tripping senior citizens over, and over, and over again — all to save lives.

Doctors Implanted A 3D-Printed Vertebra For The First Time

Doctors in Beijing successfully replaced a 12-year-old boy’s damaged second vertebra with a 3D-printed custom implant made from titanium powder. The boy, who had bone cancer, is now in recovery.

How An App Helped Me (And 20,000 Other Women) Get Pregnant

Last year, I sat in the bathroom of an Irish pub, trying desperately to solve a maths equation. I had abandoned my friends at the bar, where I’d been pretending to drink an IPA, to tend to this pressing arithmetic in private. If I solved correctly for ‘x’, the answer would provide me with some crucial information — whether or not my pregnancy was going well.

The World Health Organization Wants To Ban E-Cigarettes Indoors

The World Health Organisation has published a report today which argues for stiff regulation of electronic cigarettes — and calls for a ban on their use indoors. The report also demands that restrictions be placed on advertising and the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, as well as highlighting the need for regulations on their contents.

Terrifying Video Shows The Lung Capacity Of Smokers Vs Nonsmokers

Video: I’ve seen many photos and videos of smokers’ lungs — all of them disgusting — but I’ve never seen a better case against cigarettes than this Vine showing the differences in lung capacity between a smoker and a nonsmoker.

Scientists Grow A Whole Organ Inside An Animal For The First Time

We’ve been able to grow organs in labs for some time now. But what if you could grow them directly inside a living body just by injecting a few cells? It looks like now we can, at least in a limited way.

Giz Explains: How Antiperspirant Works (And Who It Might Hurt)

You only need to walk down your supermarket’s personal care aisle to understand how big of a business the selling of deodorant and antiperspirant has become. But do you know what’s actually in the stuff you roll on (hopefully) every morning?

Alzheimer's Patients Will Be Injected With The Blood Of Young People

It’s not often that science confirms ideas straight out of vampire lore, but here you have one: a spate of studies in mice have found that infusions of young bloodseem to reverse ageing. So now we’re moving to the next logical step: giving the blood of young humans to Alzheimer’s patients.

DIY Diagnosis: How One Woman Uncovered Her Own Genetic Flaw

When Kim Goodsell discovered that she had two extremely rare genetic diseases, she taught herself genetics to help find out why.

How To Donate Your Body To Science

What are you going to do when you die, just rot in the ground like a selfish jerk? If instead you’d rather set those organs you aren’t using anymore to better use saving lives and training surgeons, here’s what you need to know about making something of your afterlife.

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