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Our Last Line Of Defence Against Gonorrhoea Is Failing

Health officials in the US have identified a cluster of gonorrhoea infections that exhibited unusual resistance against the last two main antibiotics known to work against the dreaded sexually transmitted disease.

This $1,000 Yoga Mat Made From Genuine NFL Football Leather Probably Smells Amazing

The United States NFL doesn’t use those pebbled leather footballs just because it’s tradition. They’re also a lot easier to grip, helping both quarterbacks and receivers make spectacular plays. You probably won’t end up in any slo-mo highlight reels using this Baller Yoga leather mat, but you also won’t find yourself slipping all over the place when you get sweaty.

Apple Hires YouTube Doctor Who Prescribes Apps

Have you heard of Dr Michael Evans? Probably not. He’s a YouTuber and former staff physician with 70k subscribers, doing the sort of whiteboard-style animation that RSA and others helped to popularise half a decade ago. So why were Apple so desperate to hire him into their fold?

Indonesia's Awful Fire Season Killed Up To 100,000 People

This time last year, tens of thousands of fires were raging across Indonesia’s peat forests, spewing carbon like coal plants and sending smoke halfway around the planet. But those fires weren’t just bad for our atmosphere: They were awful for the people who breathe it.

Sinus Congestion Can't Be Worse Than This Sinus Decongestor

If even just the thought of getting a little water up your nose makes you uncomfortable, then this suction-powered sinus decongestor will probably look more like torture to you. If you’re congested, surely this can’t be the best solution.

World's First 'Nanofish' Coming To Swim Drugs Up Your Bloodstream

If the idea of a robot fish swimming through your veins elicits a Cronenberg-ian chill up your spine, you might want to brace yourself. Researchers at U.C. San Diego have created the first nanofish, the New Scientist reports — a magnet-powered bot that they hope to use for targeted delivery of medication, non-invasive surgery and single-cell manipulation.

10 Lies You Shouldn't Tell Your Doctor

Doctors have this nasty habit of asking a lot of questions, many of which make us uncomfortable or self-conscious. So we bluff. A lot. Here are 10 typical lies we tell our doctors, and why these seemingly innocuous fibs are hazardous to our health.

Run, Stay Sober, Or Die

Drinking an average of 2.4 standard drinks per day for men and 1.6 drinks per day for women has been associated with a 36 per cent greater risk of death from cancer, as well as a 13 per cent greater risk of death from any cause.

But a international research collaboration led by University of Sydney has found that exercising at even basic recommended weekly physical activity levels (at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity) may offset some of the harmful effects of drinking alcohol.

Toxic Magnetic Waste From Air Pollution Found In Human Brains

Add this to the growing list of reasons to never go outside again: The human brain is apparently a sponge for toxic magnetic waste found in smog.

These Australian Robots Are Working 24/7 To Cure Kids' Cancer

At the Australian Cancer Research Foundation Child Cancer Personalised Medicine Centre, specialised robots are working 24/7, rapidly testing hundreds of treatments for kids with high-risk cancers.

Originally designed to develop new drugs, the facility is being put to a new use in the quest to match the safest, most effective drugs to individual cancer patients’ treatment needs. By testing the efficacy of already-approved drugs and their combinations against each child’s unique cancer cells, the robots will help identify those most likely to kill their specific cancer.

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