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I Listened To Sennheiser's Absurd $55,000 Orpheus Headphones

I’m one of the first people in the world to listen to Sennheiser’s new $55,000 Orpheus headphone system. The new hardware’s 20 years in the making. Real, real serious shit. I’m trying hard to concentrate on the music — trying to give this crazy thing the severe attention I think it deserves. But I keep laughing my arse off.

These Bluetooth Headphones Custom-Fit To Your Ears In Under A Minute

Custom-fit headphones are the kind of thing that sound like a ridiculous extravagance, right up until the moment when you get your first pair. Unfortunately, that moment normally involves hundreds of dollars and a lot of inconvenience. Well, it used to.

Sennheiser's Built Probably The World's Best Headphones -- But They Cost $US55,000

In the ’90s, Sennheiser asked it engineers to make the best headphones ever and the result was 300 sets of the legendary Orpheus, each pair of which sold for $US16,000. Now, Sennheiser has created an ever better-sounding successor to those luxurious cans — but they will set you back $US55,000.

Everything Sounds Bigger On The Inside With These Doctor Who Headphones

In April, Massive Audio released a range of TARDIS and Dalek Bluetooth speakers that have been a huge hit with fans of the one and only time-travelling Doctor. Today they’ll follow up this success with the release a sleek new set of Doctor Who themed headphones.

Onkyo's New Wireless Earbuds Look Hilariously Huge

Onkyo is best known for its strong tradition of audiophile-grade home theatre gear. But the legendary Japanese hi-fi company is branching out, and just unveiled a massive-looking set of completely wireless earbuds at IFA in Berlin. They probably sound great, but like home theatre components, you probably couldn’t go jogging with them.

Plantronics BackBeat Sense Bluetooth Headphones: Australian Review

I’ve struggled to find a pair of good commuting headphones for a while now. Most are too large and bulky, some Bluetooth models require expensive consumable non-rechargeable batteries, and a lot just don’t sound very nice to listen to for extended sessions. But I’ve found my perfect match — Plantronics’ new BackBeat Sense headphones are small, light, compact, portable, and pack in surprisingly good sound for their size along with excellent and headache-free Bluetooth.

Logitech's New Gaming Headphones Might Actually Sound Good

Most gaming headphones I’ve ever used have sacrificed actual sound quality for aggressive styling that lets everyone else know you call your computer desk a battlestation. Logitech’s latest headphones for gamers aren’t exactly discrete, but the company is promising sound quality that lives up to the visual hype.

Stylish Headphones: Noise Cancelling And Other Specs That Matter

Gizmodo Video Guide:A good pair of ear-buds or over-ear headphones can get pricey real quickly, so only pay for the features you’ll need. Here’s what you should consider.

Beats Solo Wireless Headphones: Australian Review

Beats are still the butt of every joke in the headphone world, but I don’t know how long that’s going to last when products as good as the Solo Wireless keep coming out. These headphones are fantastic.

Are Beats Headphones Really Designed To Trick You?

Last month, Beats by Dre headphones went in for a thorough slagging across the internet, and on this here blog, on the basis of a teardown of the flashy cans. The exercise, conducted by a venture capital outfit called Bolt that focuses on hardware startups, seemed to prove that the headphones were a sham. It turns out that the teardown itself was based on a sham: The headphones were counterfeit. But as revealed by our own teardown of what we’re pretty sure is a legit pair of Beats, Bolt wasn’t wrong about the quality of these devices.

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