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Can A Man On A Moped Sell WinMo 6.5?

As spotted on George Street in Sydney this morning, the last gasp attempt to clear out Windows Mobile 6.5 stock has hit the streets with men on mopeds wearing helmets with… well, I guess they kinda look like antennae…

Drowning WinMo 6.5 Releases Last Gasp HTC HD Mini In Australia

If you held a wake for WinMo 6.5 after Microsoft announced the (rather exciting) Windows Phone 7 series back in February, you probably celebrated the OS’s demise a little prematurely. HTC has decided to give the platform one last gasp at life in the form of the HD Mini, launching today through Harvey Norman stores.

HTC HD Mini Review: A Really Lousy iPhone Nano

The HTC HD Mini is to the HD2 what the iPhone Nano would be to the original iPhone. It’s well-built and charmingly small, but its OS is too dated to ever enjoy very much.

HTC Legend, Desire And HD Mini UK Pricing And Availability

HTC swept the show with the sexy Legend, well-specced Desire and rugged WinMo HD Mini, and while US/Oz availability hasn’t been confirmed yet we can let our UK readers in on the good news. All phones will hit eXpansys on the 12th of April, with the HD Mini at £349.99, the Legend at £399.99 and Desire at £449.99.

HTC HD Mini Runs Windows Mobile 6.5.3, Has Secret Yellow Back

One phone that didn’t get leaked to death before the announcement was HTC’s HD Mini. After yesterday’s WinPho7 launch, Windows Mobile 6.5.3 may seem tired, but the hardware on this industrial wonder is anything but.

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