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Pied Piper's Compression Code From HBO's Silicon Valley, Compiled

The third season of HBO’s Silicon Valley is now under way and if you caught the first episode, you would have noticed a snippet of Pied Piper’s valuable compression code towards the end of the show. Turns out this code actually compiles, though the output isn’t what you might expect.

Australians Should Be Allowed To Circumvent Geoblocking: Productivity Commission

Australian consumers should be allowed to use technologies like VPNs and proxies to defeat the efforts of companies like Netflix and HBO that stop them from accessing digital content libraries from other countries. That’s the thrust of a Productivity Commission draft report into overhauling Australia’s existing copyright laws that has just been released.

Peabody Awards Recognise Jessica Jones, Mr Robot And The Leftovers As Damn Good Shows

We’re living in a golden age of television, both at large and within the scope of genre TV. And apparently the Peabody Awards agree. This year the prestigious committee has given three of its Entertainment awards to three of our favourite shows of the last year: Mr Robot, The Leftovers and Jessica Jones.

Sansa And Theon Brave Harsh Conditions In New Game Of Thrones Clip

Video: If you want to get away from Winterfell and Ramsay Bolton’s nightmarish way of hunting you down, you’re going to have to get a little wet and a lot cold.

Game Of Thrones Could Be Coming To An End A Lot Sooner Than You Think

Game of Thrones season six starts soon, and it’s becoming obvious that we’re heading towards the show’s endgame. But even then, it’s a bit surprising to hear just how close the end could be — and how it might come about. It turns out, there’s less Game of Thrones left than anyone realised.

Of Course President Obama Is Going To Get To See Game Of Thrones Early

Hey, remember how HBO freaked out about episodes of Game of Thrones leaking and put everything on lock down? Well, that prohibition doesn’t apply to the POTUS.

Three New Game Of Thrones Clips Reveal How Things Can Get Even Worse

So, as as we’ve already established, “Oh god everything is woefully depressing” is the equivalent of a normal Wednesday on Game of Thrones. But man, these three new clips from season six are united in giving us an update on just how bleak events are for Daenerys, Cersei and Sansa.

The 13 Most Intriguing Moments In Game Of Thrones' Latest Trailer

Huzzah, we have a fresh look at Game of Thrones sixth season — and as ever, it both paints a miserable picture for our favourite characters, while also offering a ton of intriguing new teases. Here are the thirteen moments that stand out the most to us, and what they reveal about the new season.

Everything Looks Miserable For The Starks In The New Game Of Thrones Trailer

Video: I mean, everything looks miserable for everyone — this is, after all, Game of Thrones. But the Stark kids get the misery focus in this awesome new teaser for Game of Thrones‘ sixth season.

Oh, So That's What Davos Was Up To In The Game Of Thrones Trailer

The first big trailer for Game of Thrones‘ sixth season ended with an awesome stinger of Davos Seaworth drawing Jon Snow’s sword from its sheath, ready to hack someone to pieces. But a new clip from the show’s premiere gives us some context for the badarse moment, and there’s a lot more going on than we thought.

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