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George R.R. Martin Has 'Thousands Of Pages' Worth Of Game Of Thrones Lore Sitting Around

Honestly? Screw waiting for The Winds of Winter. I want to read all these pages of Westeros’ backstory he has sitting around.

New Westworld Behind The Scenes Video Shows Heavy Duality Theme

A new behind-the-scenes featurette gives us a glimpse at Westworld‘s strongest theme, and it’s as two-faced as the flip of a coin.

One Of Game Of Thrones' Biggest Death Scenes Was Originally Going To Be Way More Brutal

Game of Thrones loves itself a good, gory death scene. Aside from “tits and dragons,” as Ian McShane once put it, they’re practically GoT‘s raison d’etre. But sometimes even the team behind the show thinks they might be going a little too far, and pull back — and if they hadn’t, one of season six’s major deaths could’ve been way more disgusting.

This New Westworld Trailer Is Crazy, Violent And Scary As Hell

Video: The previous trailers for HBO’s Westworld have been more eerie than actually scary, but not this one. It’s terrifying. (Also, it’s probably NSFW.)

Game Of Thrones Becomes The Most-Awarded Drama In Emmy History

Game of Thrones has now won more Emmy awards than any other drama in television history, and it’s poised to break another Emmy record before the year is out.

The Creators Of Westworld Already Know How The Series Will End

It’s been a long time coming, but audiences are finally a few weeks out from seeing the pilot of HBO’s Westworld. Now actor James Marsden said part of the reason we all had to wait so long for Westworld was because the writers wanted to make sure before they moved forward, they had the story completely figured out — even through seasons five or more.

What Dark, Terrible Things Will Game Of Thrones Do To Jim Broadbent?

British acting icon Jim Broadbent is joining the cast of Game of Thrones in season seven. Which means, inevitably, that Game of Thrones probably has plans to do something grim and gruesome to poor Jim Broadbent, because that’s what it does best.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Again, In Game Of Thrones Fan Video

Everybody wants to use Lorde’s cover of Tears for Fears to showcase the race for the Iron Throne, but it doesn’t matter because the song keeps working.

No, Game Of Thrones' Sexual Violence Isn't 'Nonsense'

An executive from the UK distributor of Game of Thrones came out this week and said concerns about sexual violence against women on the show are “nonsense.” Excuse me while I roll my eyes to Moon Bay.

Get Our Best Look Yet At Westworld With A Ton Of New Stills

It’s still hard to imagine that Westworld is so close, especially given both the rumours of its delay and the tumultuous production. But now it’s just months away, we can start getting a much better picture of just what the series will look like.

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