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90 Per Cent Of Game Of Thrones' Terrible First Pilot Was Scrapped

The creative team behind HBO’s wildly successful Game of Thrones can seemingly do no wrong. Sure, it’s going to be touch-and-go with the next season as the story — for the most part — has outpaced the books, but no one feels the show is not in the right hands. Unless you saw the original pilot of course, which apparently was a disaster.

HBO Is Screening A 7.5-Hour Cut Of The Godfather

First aired in 1977, The Godfather Epic is a TV special with both The Godfather and The Godfather Part II cut into chronological order, but the epic also includes extra footage cut from the originals. Because you didn’t want to get anything done today anyway, right?

HBO's Sesame Street Sounds Like A Hipster Hell

Last year, a deal was announced that brought the free-to-air legend Sesame Street to the premium cable network HBO in the US. And now, thanks to The New York Times, we know a bunch of details about the revamped show. How you feel is going to depend a lot on how you feel about change. And yuppies.

HBO To Resurrect Deadwood As Movie One-Off

It’s been nine years since the final episode of Deadwood aired on HBO and it left so much unfinished. I never really took talk of a fourth season seriously — it’s simply been too long — however, the US cable network recently confirmed that a movie is definitely on the cards to, hopefully, tie up loose ends.

Will HBO's Game Of Thrones Spoil The Next Book? 'Yes And No', Says Author

While HBO’s production of Game of Thrones continues at an unrelenting pace, the same cannot be said for the printed version. The Winds of Winter, George RR Martin’s follow-up to A Dance with Dragons, is still “not finished”, according to the man himself and won’t be for “months”… assuming no hiccups get in the way.

Firefox's Creator Just Published A Script For His Own Silicon Valley Episode

Writing scripts for a popular TV show sounds like a dream job for any budding Hollywood hopeful. The hard part is getting someone to read what you put to paper. Of course, if you happen to be Blake Ross, co-founder of a little browser called Firefox, it gets a whole lot easier, particularly if that script happens to be for HBO’s Silicon Valley. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Qantas Is Putting HBO Shows Onto Its Flights Thanks To Foxtel

Stop pirating entire seasons of Game Of Thrones and True Detective to watch on your next Qantas flight right now: the Aussie airline has just cut a deal with Foxtel to get HBO’s best programs on the air, in the air.

Game of Thrones: Here's How They Did That Scene From 'Hardhome'

“Hardhome”, the latest instalment of Game of Thrones, was rather intense (spoiler warning), especially considering the slower pace of the episodes that came before it. What will stick with most is Hardhome’s final sequence, which understandably had a lot of work put into it by the writer, director and particularly the set builders. Spoilers for the TV show from this point onwards!

That Major Game Of Thrones Leak Led To A New World Piracy Record

2.2 million illegal downloads in 12 hours: That’s the piracy world record the latest Game of Thrones episode set last week.

John Oliver Is Coming To Australia For A Stand-Up Comedy Tour

Now that John Oliver’s show, Last Week Tonight, is harder to see than ever in Australia thanks to a HBO geoblock, it’s the perfect time for the comedian to jet into Australia for a few stand-up comedy shows. Here’s how you can get tickets.

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