Where On Earth Is This Freaky Lava Pool?

Where on Earth is this freaky lava pool? Why do people hate love locks? Is it true that fire ants love the suburbs? And what do the soon-to-be-lost sounds of the industrial age sound like? All your answers are here, in this week’s landscape reads!

Beautiful Drone Footage Of Surfing In Hawaii

Check out this slick aerial drone footage of surfers hitting Pipeline in Oahu’s North Shore…

The Happiest And Saddest Places In The US As Told By Tweets

According to a team at the very not-real-sounding Vermont Complex Systems centre and based on what is surely a totally objective and not-at-all arbitrary analysis of tweets, the US-state of Louisiana is understandably (Katrina and blacking out the Super Bowl for two examples) the saddest state, while the holiday island Hawaii (sunshine, pineapple, knowing they bestowed Manti Te’o unto the world) is the happiest.

Monster Machines: DSVs Reveal The Flora And Fauna Of Hawaii's Seas

The world’s oceans cover two-thirds of our planet but we’ve only explored about 10 per cent of its depths. Alvin can only do so much, so the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has relied on a twin pair of Deep Sea Vehicles (DSV) to explore the waters around Hawaii for over a decade and what they’ve found has already changed history.

Larry Ellison Bought An Island

Oracle co-founder and company CEO Larry Ellison is the closest thing to Tony Stark we have. He’s so close, in fact that he even made a cameo in the Iron Man sequel. In true Stark form, Ellison has just made his latest acquisition: it’s the Hawaiian island of Lana’i.

Hawaii Wants To Invade Your Privacy

Hawaii! You’re supposed to be the state that the rest of America dreams of moving to so we can escape the noise and interwaves of computers and internet. You’re not supposed to be the state that pushes a ridiculous invasion of privacy bill that requires every internet provider to keep track of every single website every person ever visits. What happened to paradise?

Miniature Evolta Robots Take On The Full-Sized Ironman Triathlon

Nothing can stop these little guys. Panasonic’s Evolta battery-powered robots were already pretty impressive, but now they’re going for a hat trick of endurance-testing awesomeness by taking on Hawaii’s Ironman Triathlon later this Fall.

The Most Impressive Home Theatre In The Entire Star System

Tucked away in a palatial Hawaiian home and packed with high-tech accouterments, I can’t imagine a better place to watch a film than this incredible Star Wars-inspired home theatre. Unless you were trying to watch a western or something.

Skiing On A Giant Wave Looks Like A Lot Of Mad Fun

Who wants to ski over snow when you can ski down a gigantic sea wave? That’s what fearless pro freeskier Chuck Patterson asked himself before heading to Jaws, the terrifying wave reef on Maui Island, Hawaii.

Skurfing looks like a lot of fun indeed. [YouTube via Kottke]

Terraforming Maui: The Hawaiian Sugar Industry's Technological Revolution

Claus Spreckels, successful sugar refiner and capitalist, had already revolutionised the process of cubing sugar when he set about reorganising Maui’s dry plains into lush tracts of cane. This is how he modernised Hawaiian sugar production and monopolised its distribution.