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A Clue Remake Is Coming From Fox Because It's 2016 And Everything Is A Remake

Clue, the shining example that all board game movies (if they have to exist at all) should strive to emulate, is getting a remake.

Which Doctor Strange Toy Has The Weirdest Hairdo?

With Doctor Strange on the rapidly approaching horizon, San Diego Comic-Con is naturally the place to start seeing merchandise crop up for the first time. But there’s something… well, strange about some of the toys on the show floor today. The plastic versions of the Sorcerer Supreme are all a bit off in the hair department.

A Closer Look At Jyn Erso, Rogue One's First Action Figure

A new Star Wars movie is hugely important. New merchandise for it, just so — which is why one of the biggest reveals of the Rogue One panel at Celebration Europe included Felicity Jones getting her very own Jyn Erso action figure. Now we can have a closer look.

Hasbro Is Making Monopoly: The Musical, And God Help Us All

You know, we only have the success of The LEGO Movie to blame for this. Now brands the world over are trying to shoehorn themselves into entertainment ventures in a desperate bid to be the next LEGO Movie success tale, and we have come to this: A Broadway musical about Monopoly.

Hasbro's Cinematic Universe Has One Hell Of A Writer's Room

Remember those crazy plans to bring a bunch of Hasbro toy properties like G.I. Joe, Micronauts, and Rom into one hot, trendy cinematic universe? Well, those plans just took a huge step forward with the creation of a writers room that is filled with an absurd amount of talent for a movie franchise based around a bunch of ’80s action figure.

This Transformer Xiaomi Tablet Is More Than Meets The Eye

Every tablet maker is always looking to out do the competition. Usually that means progressively thinner and more powerful hardware, but Xiaomi decided to flip the script and turn one of its tablets, the Mi Pad 2, into a full-on Transformer.

A Masterful Paint Job Makes This Millennium Falcon Toy Look Like A Star Wars Movie Prop

It’s no secret that professional model makers often use the same plastic model kits you can buy at a hobby shop, they’re just highly skilled at painting them to look incredibly realistic. Tristan Elliott instead started with Hasbro’s Battle Action Millennium Falcon toy, and with a little extra paint, turned it into a near-flawless film prop.

You Probably Shouldn't Weaponize A Nerf Blaster With Scalpel Blades Like This Guy Did

As much as we’d love for slingshot-designer Joerg Sprave to visit Australia on a publicity tour, it’s creations like this — a Nerf blaster made lethal using razor-sharp scalpel blades — that will probably result in him being barred entry to the country.

Hide This Ultra-Thin Nerf Blaster In The Same Pocket As Your Smartphone

Sometimes stealth is a better approach than brute force and raw firepower, so the tiniest addition to Nerf’s 2016 lineup, the new N-Strike Elite Pocketstrike blaster, can be easily hidden away until you’ve managed to sneak up on an unsuspecting target.

Nerf's Newest Rival Blaster Fires Two 113km/h Rounds With Every Pump

Originally unveiled at last year’s Toy Fair, Nerf is expanding its Rival line this year first with the fully-automatic KHAOS MXVI-4000 we brought you back in January, and now the pump action ATLAS XVI-1200 that fires two rounds at your target with every squeeze of the trigger.

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