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A Gigantic Upgraded Lite-Brite With Colour-Changing Dials Instead Of Pegs

Hasbro’s Lite-Brite is one of those brilliantly simple toys that has stood the test of time. It doesn’t need an upgrade — at least that’s what we thought until we saw this giant Everbright board that replaces those coloured plastic pegs with dials that can reproduce any colour you can imagine.

This Is How Fast You Can Reload Nerf's New 110kph Rival Blasters

When foam balls are whizzing past your head at 110 kilometres per hour, the last thing you want is to run out of ammo. So for its new Rival line, not only did Nerf redesign its foam ammunition, it also redesigned how you reload the magazines so it’s now much, much faster.

And So Begins The Slow And Steady Leak Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toys

The internet was barely trickling into most homes when Star Wars: The Phantom Menace arrived in theatres, so it was easy to keep all of the accompanying toys and collectibles under wraps. But as is apparent from these The Force Awakens figures popping up on eBay, it won’t be so easy for Disney and Lucasfilm to keep secrets this time around.

Our First Look At Nerf's New 112 KPH Blasters In Action

First revealed before Toy Fair 2015 earlier this year, we’re finally starting to get glimpses of Nerf’s new Rival line in action. Designed to keep older kids interested in the toys, the new blasters fire small foam balls at your opponents at speeds of up to 70 MPH, but without the pain and bruises that are common with paint ball.

Freddy Krueger And Jason Voorhees Aren't So Terrifying As Potato Heads

Mr Potato Head has had more alternate identities than even Barbie at this point, but his latest disguises have taken a turn towards the macabre. Although, these Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees Potato Heads do make Fry-day the 13th feel a little less spooky.

The Colossal New Transformers Devastator Is Better Than The Original

Remakes are supposed to be worse than the originals, right? Isn’t that the general rule of thumb that Hollywood has taught us? So how on earth did Hasbro’s new Combiner Wars Titan Class Devastator set actually turn out to be better than the original version many of us lusted over as kids?

Dinosaurs Chomping On Play-Doh People Sounds Like A Really Great Game

In Jurassic Park, its sequels and Jurassic World, there are plenty of people being eaten by dinosaurs. But the toys released alongside those Jurassic movies usually tip-toe around that ugly reality. Except for Play-Doh, who wholeheartedly encourages kids to make tiny plasticine people destined to be dino dinner. Awesome.

Hasbro's Bringing Back Skylynx As A Transformers Combiner

Originally released way back in 1986, Skylynx was one of the grander Transformers toys of its time, combining a walking, rolling mechanised lion with a bird that turned into a space shuttle. In retrospect, a robot griffin didn’t make a lot of sense, but that didn’t stop it from being awesome. And that’s obviously why Hasbro has chosen to revive Skylynx as part of its incredibly popular Combiners series.

Would You Pay $10 For An Ant-Man Figure Smaller Than A Penny?

San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, which means endless announcements for exclusives and collectibles you can only get at the show. But rare or not, would you be willing to spend $US10 on a 0.75-inch tall Ant-Man figure with zero points of articulation?

Spinning Magnetic Cores Make These Brawlasaurs Dinos Battle It Out

Dinosaurs aren’t supposed to be cuddly. The Greek origins of their name actually means ‘terrible lizard’, so kudos to Hasbro for making its new Jurassic World Brawlasaurs toys live up to that legacy. Thanks to a wind-up magnetic core, when two of them meet face-to-face they don’t talk out their differences, they just battle.

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