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Hasbro And Marvel Are Now Making Beautifully Detailed But Affordable Role Play Accessories

If you’re a stickler for details and accuracy, don’t assume that making your own cosplay props and costumes is cheaper than buying a replica. Often it can cost thousands of dollars to get it right, so Hasbro and Marvel are teaming up on a line of detailed role play accessories that will make accurate cosplay slightly more affordable.

Nerf's Finally Made A Blaster With A Removable Action Camera

Back in early 2014, Nerf introduced its first blaster with an integrated video camera — the N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12 Blaster — for recording your attacks on unsuspecting victims. Two years later we now have a follow-up with the N-Strike Modulus Battlescout ICS-10 that finally makes the camera removable.

Nerf's Fall Lineup Includes A Fully Automatic Version Of Its 113km/h Rival Blaster

Announced just before the New York Toy Fair last year, Nerf’s Rival blasters, which launched tiny foam balls at speeds of up to 113km per hour, were the biggest innovation in foam warfare seen in years. And this year Nerf is expanding the Rival line in the best way possible.

Yes, Princess Leia Will Get Her Own Star Wars: Rebels Figure

Given the recent hubbub about Rey toys, or the even earlier concerns about a lack of toys based on the female heroes in Star Wars Rebels, it’s no surprise that Hasbro wants to join the fray. After her appearance in the episode of the show that aired last night in the US, the company has revealed that Princess Leia is heading to the Rebels toyline.

The Next Wave Of Star Wars Toys Is All About Rey

The way toy manufacturing works, it’s likely Hasbro had always intended that the first post-release Force Awakens toys would include more merchandise that highlights Rey. But after facing mass backlash at her perceived absence, you can be sure as hell they’re going to let you know she’s included.

Badass Toy Hacker Converts Hasbro's New TIE Fighter Into A Flying Drone

We’ve all had flying toys that don’t actually fly. From little tin planes to hulking Millennium Falcon replicas, it’s fun to imagine if the toy worked like the real thing. Well, one anonymous quadcopter enthusiast didn’t imagine with his new Hasbro First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. He made it fly.

How To Upgrade Nerf's 112km/h Blaster With A Massive 108-Shot Clip

When it comes to Nerf warfare, accuracy always takes a backseat to firepower. Your ability to nail a target with a single shot means nothing when they can return fire with a massive onslaught of foam ammunition. And that’s exactly why this Nerf Rival Zeus upgrade is so utterly brilliant.

Hasbro Now Has A Toy Line For Seniors Starting With A Lifelike Robotic Cat

After already conquering demographics including kids, teenagers, and those technically considred adults, Hasbro is reaching out to that last frontier of consumers: seniors, with a new toy line featuring lifelike robotic companion pets that only need affection, not feeding or bathroom breaks.

Hasbro's New Sentinel Prime Toy Turns Into A Goddamn Space Train

Sentinel Prime, the Autobot head honcho before Optimus, usually transforms into a big ol’ Cybertronian truck when in vehicle mode: but not the new Sentinel. He turns into two vehicles: one of which is a big, weapon-packed space train to the cosmos.

The Next Generation Of Transformers Toys Harkens Back To The Classics -- With Transforming Heads

Play features were all the rage with the Transformers toys when they first released — anything and everything to gets kids begging to buy the new mini-Transformer that transforms into something for an even bigger Transformer. Now one of those beloved action features is making a comeback in the next wave of Transfomers!

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