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Samsung Galaxy S5 Australian Hands-On And Video

It has been five years since Samsung executives first held aloft a device they thought would change the way people used phones. In those five years since, their prophecy has come true, and hundreds of millions of devices have been sold worldwide bearing the “Galaxy” moniker simultaneously making Samsung one of the most popular smartphone manufacturer in the world. Now we have the Galaxy S5 in our gadget-loving hands, and it’s the manufacturer’s best work yet.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Hands-On: A Familiar Waterproof Monolith

The tablet market is busier than it’s ever been, but Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z, with its waterproofing, minimalist design and super-slim frame, always felt like a unique prospect. While the impact of the Xperia Z2 Tablet is lessened by familiarity with its excellent predecessor, it’s still looking like a very impressive slate.

Nokia XL Hands-On: Get Forked

So Nokia has an Android phone. No, no, calm down. It isn’t all that. At all. We’ve been hands on with the Nokia XL, and we were left scratching our heads as to why it exists.

Emotiv Headset Hands-On: Australian Mind-Reading Headset From The Future

It isn’t very often that we test-drive a gadget that genuinely has the power to save lives, but this one is something special. It’s called the Emotiv: an Australian-made headset that reads your brainwaves and lets you control everything from virtual cubes to real-life drones.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Australian Hands-On: Don't Call It Entry-Level

Don’t call Olympus’ new entry-level OM-D camera an entry-level OM-D camera. That’s what we mustn’t say. I don’t care what the camera maker calls it: at the end of the day it’s a fantastic new OM-D.

InMotion SCV Hands-On: A Cheaper, Lighter Segway That's A Lot Of Fun

If you’ve ever been to a touristy locale, you’ve likely seen flocks of tourists riding Segways — the electric, two-wheeled, lean-steered, (dorky) personal transporters. There are two major problems with them though: they’re very expensive, and they’re very heavy. But a small company called Inmotion may have just solved those problems. I got to zip around the sidewalk outside this year’s CES on one of InMotion’s SCVs, and I had way more fun than I should have.

Kogan Agora Mini 3G Hands-On: Your Mum’s New Tablet

We’ve all been there. Your parents will ask you that question you always dread getting at parties and out at the pub: “which tablet should I buy?”. Honestly, this new Kogan tablet should be high on your recommendation list.

LG G-Flex Australian Hands-On: Curve Ball

No. Just stop it. Please. Oh God no. He won’t stop. This guy I’m with keeps pushing down on the LG G-Flex to make it completely straight. No you’ll break it! Is it meant to be this good?

Samsung NotePRO Hands-On: Tablets Just Got Handier

Samsung doesn’t do anything small or by half, which is why this year at CES it released a 12.2-inch super-tablet with impressive specs. We’ve been playing with it on the show floor, and it’s indeed a big deal.

Hands On: I Just Fell In Love With LG's Flexible 4K OLED TVs

The other night we saw a bunch of Samsung’s curved 4K TVs, including a gigantic one that could flex between flat and curved. They looked pretty good. LG’s curved 4K OLED TVs absolutely blow them out of the water.