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iPad Test Notes: Your Video

So you’ve got an iPad with an “HD” 1024×768-pixel screen and a boatload of video files on your computer. You’re ready to get some serious video watching done. I can make that happen.

Handbrake DVD Ripper Just Went 64-Bit

Handbrake just updated to 0.9.4 which uses x264 libraries to encode faster and smaller file sizes. On my iMac Core i7 a DVD ripped 25% faster.

HandBrake DVD Ripper Now Converts Any Video File

HandBrake has always been the go-to app for ripping your DVDs into MPEG video files for playing back on an iPod or archiving on your network, and now in the 0.9.3 release, the multiplatform app will take any video file as an input source, not just DVDs. That means if you have a tricky video file you need to transcode to play on your PMP, game console or anywhere else, HandBrake has got you covered now.

The new version of HandBrake is out, complete ...

The new version of HandBrake is out, complete with a new User Interface and a variety of presets for devices, including the iPhone. [HandBrake]

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