Three Isn't A Crowd When Everyone's In Conjoined Hammocks

Two’s company, three’s a crowd, but that principle does not apply when you’re talking about hammocks. Trinity Hammocks triple hammock structures give you three times the relaxation.

Can This Off-Centre Hammock Really Be As Comfy As A Bed?

No one’s ever called the hammock industry out on false advertising, but the image of someone comfortable napping in a net suspended between two trees is a lie. Finding your way in and out of a sagging hammock is an ordeal equal to mounting Everest, and once you’re in, you’re swallowed up by netting that’s slowly leaving its imprint on your bare skin. So if the bizarrely shaped Sky Bed sleeping hammock delivers on its promises, it could revolutionise how we all spend long weekends.

Koala 45 Bed: With A Giant Hammock Bed, Why Would You Ever Get Up?

Hammocks can be one of the most comfortable places on Earth to rest your head. But climbing in and out of them can be a challenge — a challenge that’s made dead easy with this incredibly comfortable-looking Koala 45 bed.

6-Person Hammock Should Be Legally Required In Every Backyard

I dare you to come up with a good reason why at least one in every six people shouldn’t have this hammock. No answer yet? I’m still waiting. Give up? Exactly. There is no good reason why every human on this planet shouldn’t have a rightful spot on a six-person hammock.

Adorable Under-Chair Cat Hammock Keeps Fluffy Off The Furniture

If you have pets you’ve already accepted the fact that your home will be perpetually covered in a layer of fur. Visitors, though? Probably not as keen. So this tiny hammock lets your cat still use your furniture without leaving it covered in hair.

Only The One Percent Can Burn Their Money On This Hoity Toity Hammock

There’s nothing quite like languishing in a hammock, drifting off to sleep with a glass of iced tea in your hand. Close your eyes for a second and picture the lovely La Seóra Hammock on the terrace of your luxury villa in St. Tropez, right next to the infinity pool. As you gaze out over the bright blue ocean, you ring the bell and your maid appears with a tray of foie gras and fresh ice cubes for your Baccarat goblet.

Sleeping Bag Hammock Lets You Relax Under Any Weather Conditions

Hammocks aren’t designed with cold weather camping in mind. Even sleeping bags are helpless against the slightest chill. Grand Trunk’s hammock compatible sleeping bag solves this by turning your hammock into a toasty insulated cocoon.

A Hammock Boat! Sure, Why Not

Sorry. One-of-a-kind. Make your own. Like a Sasquatch in the Himalayas, this was allegedly seen at the University of California at Davis. Little else is known. [Flickr via Reddit via neatorama]

A Tent For Your Hammock. Oh Hell Yes.

I will brazenly declare my love for hammocks right now. In a perfect world, that’s all I’d sleep in when I camp, but they have problems, namely bugs and rain. This tent for hammock just answered my prayers.

Hammock That Stays Flat So You Can Actually Sleep In It

Is there anything that says ‘I’m in paradise’ more than sleeping on a hammock? But there’s no back support! That’s why Exped invented a Hammock with a flat back. Sleeping on a hammock never felt this good.