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A Creepily Fun Photo Tour Of Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights

There aren’t many places you can experience Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, The Exorcist, The Purge, American Horror Story and The Walking Dead all in one place, and survive the experience. In fact, there’s just one: Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

My Failed Quest To Find An American-Made Trump Mask

I know it’s hard to believe, but Halloween is just around the corner. And while it isn’t such a big deal in Australia, in the US we’ll probably see plenty of Harambes and Pepes this Hallow’s Eve, and plenty more Trumps and Hillarys. But if you’re a Trump supporter and want to dress up as the Great Fascist Tangerine himself, you’re going to run into one problem: Every Trump mask seems to be made in China or Mexico.

Disney Does Brownface In Moana Costume Misfire

Disney’s latest film Moana is a celebration of Polynesian culture that, by all appearances, is aiming to be mindful and diverse. Sadly, it doesn’t look like the Halloween costume department got the memo.

Nerdy Porch Light Covers Let Everyone Know Your Home Is A Safe Place For Geeks

They’re supposed to be an alternative to pumpkins and skeletons for decorating your home come Halloween, but these porch light covers, featuring Iron Man, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper masks, can just be left up all year round as a way to let the neighbourhood know your house is a safe place for nerdy types.

Your Favourite Pop Culture Characters Just Got A Brand New Look

The essence of a character’s appearance is their profile. Head, face, shoulders — all the parts that get sculpted in a bust — should work together to be instantly recognisable. Artist Tom Whalen has now brought the majesty of the pop culture bust into two dimensions with these super cool art prints.

Watch How Photoshop Magically Transforms Halloween Costumes Into The Real X-Men

Video: Everyone should celebrate Halloween with graphic designers or expert Photoshoppers because they can turn silly group pictures on Halloween into a truly epic photo that looks more like a movie poster than something you’d be embarrassed to have on Facebook. Designers at Clearlink dressed up under an X-Men theme and then Photoshopped a group photo to epic proportions.

Feeling Like A Corpse? Drink A Corpse Reviver

Made famous by Harry Craddock, who helmed the American Bar at the legendary Savoy Hotel in London during the 1930s, the Corpse Reviver was conceived as a hangover cure — now the name makes sense! The recipe blends bracing citrus flavours with ingredients which are almost all entirely alcoholic. That’s my kind of breakfast cocktail.

Your Car Will Never Be As Amazing As This Mad Max Power Wheels

Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith once again prove that being a geek is infinitely better when you’re a parent, because you get to build phenomenal costumes like this Mad Max Power Wheels.

Hanging Stormtrooper Skeletons Are The Perfect Halloween Decor

Nothing ruins the Halloween holidays like the stress of trying to decide how to properly decorate your home. ThinkGeek has made it easy this year, though, with these cheap, festive, and well-timed Stormtrooper hanging skeletons.

Does This AT-AT Costume Mean You Love Or Hate Your Dog?

In a little over a month Halloween will be upon us, and there’s no reason your pets can’t participate in the fun. However, you’re going to need an extra patient dog if you expect them to wear this humiliating AT-AT costume without instantly trying to shred it to pieces.

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