Jaw-Dropping Proof That NASA Rocket Scientists Carve The Best Pumpkins

The internet’s chock full of wonderful ways to carve a Halloween pumpkin every year, but few can hold a glowing candle to what the scientists, engineers, and researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab come up with. Every year the lab holds a pumpkin-carving competition and the results, and the carving techniques, are exactly what you’d expect from the geniuses who landed the rovers on Mars.

Hail Satan: A Map Of All The Places In The US Named After The Devil Himself

Hell exists, and it’s right here on earth. Or at least, it does in name. Designer Jonathan Hull has made a map of all the places with names derived from the devil.

A Haunted House Filled With DIY Tricks From Disney's Haunted Mansion

Haunted houses have gone over the top in the quest for guts, gristle and gore. But the Alvarado Caverns and Mystery Theatre in Los Angeles offers a clever, DIY twist on scare tactics. Its fascinating — yet still freaky — lo-fi haunting techniques are cribbed from one of the country’s original spooky addresses: Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.

The NASA Engineer Who Made iPads The Future Of Halloween

ago, NASA engineer Mark Rober blew YouTube’s mind with a video of his Halloween costume: a hole in his chest. Or at least it looked like a hole in his chest. In fact, it was an optical illusion made possible by two iPads, a little duct tape and a lot of ingenuity. Well, you won’t believe what he’s been up to since then.

8 Unfortunate Vintage Candy Wrappers

According to a recent article on Smithsonian.com, the notion that poison candy is routinely distributed to unsuspecting children on Halloween is a myth perpetrated by advice columnists Dear Abby and Ann Landers in the 1980s and ’90s. But historically, candy meant for young consumers has sported poisonous-sounding, WTF wrappers and packages that most self-respecting 2013 parents would be dismayed to see dumped out of their children’s trick-or-treat bags.

Where Monsters Come From, Or Bad Paleontology

Ancient myths of dragons, titans and giants — inhuman creatures battling it out on an alien earth before mankind — are easy enough to find. Seemingly every culture has them. What’s perhaps more surprising is that many of these tales of deformed and monstrous beings, whether terrifying dragons or beneficent heroes armed for battle, often resulted from a misunderstanding of the fossil record.

Has Anyone Ever Actually Poisoned Or Put Razors In Halloween Treats?

Remember your mum sorting through your Halloween candy as a kid, looking for signs of ‘tainted’ candy laced with poison, needles or razor blades? It turns out, unless she was just using it as an excuse to steal the good candy before you got it, she was wasting her time.

5 Creepy, Scary, Awesome Things You Never Knew About Blood

The internet has been beating us over the head with the fact it’s Halloween, and that means lots of fake blood. But the real stuff coursing through your veins can be scary all on its own. Here are some of the weirdest and wildest things going on in the world of blood.

Cramming For Anatomy Is Easier When Your Book Turns Into A Skeleton

Because unfortunately movie versions of medical textbooks are all too rare, if you’re cramming for an upcoming exam on the human skeletal system and the last thing you want to do is spend the night reading, this wonderful $US32 tome can be turned into an almost six-foot tall paper skeleton. Nothing beats hands-on experience as a learning tool, right?

Giz Explains: Why We're Afraid Of The Dark (And Why It's Good That We Are)

Most kids go through a stage in which they’re afraid of the dark. Any creaking floorboard, rustling shutter, or random bump in the night fill them with terror. Good! Here’s why, and why we should maybe never grow out of it.

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