Someone Built AdBlock For The Real World 

AdBlock’s been around the internet for ages, but it only extends to the edges of your browser window. What if a device existed that could block logos and brand names from the world around you?

Turns Out Apple Pay Can't Solve Credit Card Fraud

Among other things, Apple’s Second Coming of the Mobile Payment Solution was meant to fix our broke-arse credit card security system. Only, according to (unconfirmed) reports, it’s doing exactly the opposite.

Report: The US Didn't Hack Back North Korea

The Associated Press is reporting that the US didn’t hack back North Korea after the Sony Pictures debacle. Two senior US officials say that the country wasn’t responsible for North Korea going dark.

A Working NES Inside An Ecto-1 Is Everything Great About The '80s

Got half a grand burning a hole in your pocket, a soft spot for classic gaming, and a love of Ray Parker Jr? Then eBay seller ultimatecustoms1982 has a convenient way to scratch all three of those itches at once with this custom-made original NES console shoe-horned inside of a die-cast replica of the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1.

Security Expert IDs Two Idiots Claiming To Be Lizard Squad Hackers

Security buff Brian Krebs thinks he knows the names of two of the people behind last week’s massive PSN and Xbox Live outages. Or at least, he thinks he knows the names of two people who went on TV and the radio claiming to be been behind it.

Sony Pictures Will Screen The Interview on Christmas Day

Multiple theatres are now announcing that Sony Pictures has authorised screenings of The Interview on Christmas Day in the US. There are also reports that the company will also announce corresponding video on demand release. They’re not such cowards after all!

North Korea Threatens To Target The White House Following Sony Hacks

North Korea isn’t happy with the US. After the FBI pointed the finger firmly at North Korea and Barack Obama got on board, the country has warned that it will strike the White House and “the whole US mainland, that cesspool of terrorism”.

South Korea Carrying Out Security Drills Following Power Station Hack

South Korea’s nuclear power plant operator is conducting a two-day drill to test its resilience to digital attacks, following a series of posts on Twitter from a hacker claiming to have compromised power station computer networks.

ICANN Has Been Hacked

ICANN — the organisation that looks after the names and domains of the internet — has suffered a serious phishing attack that has compromised its data. The attacks were initiated in November 2014 and used emails that appeared to originate from ICANN servers to dupe employees.