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Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Cars For Being Easily Hackable  

If you own a newer Jeep Grand Cherokee, you will want to check this out: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling 1.4 million cars due to a security flaw that leaves the vehicles vulnerable to complete takeovers from hackers.

How The US Army Screwed Over Targets Of Biggest Government Hack Ever

Here’s proof that the government blind-bumbles its way through tech problems like some hydra-headed bureaucratic Mr Magoo: The US Army thought a legitimate email of warning from another agency was also from hackers — and ended up leaving people affected by the hack in the dark because of its mistake.

Hacking Team's Lame Excuse For Selling Digital Weapons To Sudan

Hacking Team, the company now equally known for selling intrusive spyware to governments and getting royally hacked, has words for people who disagree with its habit of peddling powerful cyberweapons to regimes with terrible human rights records: What’s a “repressive” regime, anyway?

This High-Speed CD Cannon Is A Killer Way To Destroy Old CDs

Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day. Give a person a workshop full of tools and they will build an utterly amazing cannon that launches CDs and DVDs like a machine gun. If there’s a better way to destroy a stack of misburned CDs, the internet hasn’t seen it yet.

Here's An Apple Watch Running A Version Of Mac OS Over 20 Years Old

When it comes to hacks, the question is most often “can I or can’t I” instead of “why?” Because if you try to find a practical reason for why someone would get the 24-year-old Mac OS 7.5.5 — aka System 7 — running on an Apple Watch, you’re going to come up empty.

Hey Android Users: You Should Avoid These Insecure Apps

Here’s some bad news for Android users. Security researchers have discovered 100+ more apps that fail to encrypt your login data properly, making it frightfully easy for hackers to steal your password. What’s worse: the vast majority of the app makers aren’t doing anything about it.

How Do You Keep Your Stuff Safe Online?

Hacks are writ large in the headlines, most recently the news that millions of U.S. government files with personal employee info were stolen, and LastPass’s embarrassing breach. So how do you secure yourself in the wilds of the internet?

MLB Teams Are Hacking Each Other's Dumb Passwords Now, Apparently

The FBI’s Houston office is conducting an investigation into an alleged cyberattack against the Houston Astros by the St Louis Cardinals, according to a New York Times report today. It’s the first time a pro sports team has hacked a rival (or the first time they have gotten caught), and involves — surprise! — a terrible, awful, embarrassing password mistake.

Awesome Dad Upgrades Power Wheels With High-Speed Brushless Motors

Fisher-Price’s Power Wheels toys promise kids all the thrills of driving, without the need for a licence. But in reality the battery-powered vehicles are usually disappointingly slow, unless your dad is Richard Whelan, who upgraded his daughter’s tiny pink Mini Cooper Power Wheels with brushless electric motors giving it a lot more get up and go.

You Can Hack A Children's Toy To Open Random Garage Doors

Do you value what’s in your garage? Then you’d better make sure your garage door opener uses a secure wireless system, because it is frightfully easy to hack the more basic ones. Security researcher Samy Kamkar just proved as much when he turned an old Mattel toy into a scary universal garage door opener.

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