Blackhat Almost Gets Hacking Right

Blackhat is based on a good idea. Michael Mann, the director, sets out to demonstrate how actions derived from ones and zeroes in the virtual world can produce devastating consequences in the physical world, and to show his audience how hacking really works. And he gets so close you can practically taste the Tor relays.

Someone Claiming To Be ISIS Hacked CENTCOM, Leaks Docs Online

US Central Command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts just lit up in a bad way. It looks like somebody who’s claiming to be an ISIS affiliate called “CyberCaliphate” managed to gain access to the account and is currently tweeting images of documents, allegedly internal CENTCOM documents.

Obama Wants Stricter Data Privacy Laws (That Still Aren't So Strict)

US President Obama will announce two new pieces of legislation today that are designed to protect consumers from the massive data breaches and students from greedy companies that want their data. Good idea! However, some think Obama’s plan doesn’t sound like it provides quite enough protection. But it’s still a good idea!

The FBI Thought This Guy's Joke Was A Legit Threat To CNN

Remember when the FBI issued a bulletin about the Sony hackers’ threatening a media outlet? Turns out the threat was actually a thinly veiled joke made by David Garrett, Jr., a homeland security blogger from Knoxville, Tennessee. The punchline: David got to spend his New Year’s Day being questioned by the Feds!

If Your iCloud Password Is On This List, Change It Before You Get Hacked

Somebody just uploaded a password-hacking tool called iDict to GitHub that promises to use good old fashioned brute force techniques to crack iCloud passwords. The tool also claims to be able to evade Apple’s rate-limiting and two-factor authentication security that’s supposed to prevent brute force attacks. But it’s not quite as bad as it sounds.

FBI: The Sony Hackers Also Targeted CNN (Probably)

According to an official FBI bulletin obtained by The Intercept, the same hackers who broke into Sony Pictures and stole a devastating amount of data made threats against an American “news media organisation” as well. (It’s probably CNN.) The bulletin also warns that the attacks “may extend to other such organisations in the near future.”

Hackers Are Attacking PSN And Xbox Because Christmas Spirit Is Dead

Since late last night, it looks like a bunch of hackers have been attacking the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live online gaming services. Merry Christmas 2014, everyone!

Sony Pictures Will Screen The Interview on Christmas Day

Multiple theatres are now announcing that Sony Pictures has authorised screenings of The Interview on Christmas Day in the US. There are also reports that the company will also announce corresponding video on demand release. They’re not such cowards after all!

North Korea Is Partially Back Online

Yesterday, North Korea’s internet went dark, with security researchers claiming that internet was down entirely across the entire country. Now, the country’s connection seems to be at least partially restored.

How To Explain The Sony Hack To Your Relatives

The holidays are a time for eggnog and presents and bizarre credulous rituals involving an old elf-man and his pack of flying caribou. It’s also a time to cuddle up by the hearth and begrudgingly explain the latest technology news to your relatives. This week’s edition: The Sony hack.