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You Can Now 3D-Print Your Own TSA Master Keys

TSA-recognised locks provide little more than a false sense of security. That’s not news. It is news, however, that some hacker type has uploaded the CAD files of the agency’s master keys to Github, so that anybody can 3D-print them at home. Let the stealing begin!

Hackers Used iOS Malware To Steal The Biggest Number Of Apple Accounts Ever

Think twice before jailbreaking your iPhone. A recent rash of malware has helped hackers steal over 250,000 Apple accounts, the largest theft of its kind. The malware only affects jailbroken devices, but if you get pwned hackers can not only peek your password but also make App Store purchases without your permission.

9 Reasons Why Ashley Madison's CEO Just Resigned

It’s kind of cute that Avid Life Media still thinks they have a company in light of current events. Regardless, Noel Biderman will not be running it. Here are nine reasons why — although it’s really just one reason. (It’s the hack.)

US Courts Will Let The FTC Punish Companies For Bad Cybersecurity

Last week, hackers released a lot of data stolen from Ashley Madison and scared the shit out of internet users everywhere. Now, with an uncanny sense of timing, an appeals court says the Federal Trade Commission has the power to regulate companies’ cyber security. That’s good news for you!

It Looks Like Ashley Madison Execs Hacked A Competing Dating Site In 2012

Karma’s a bitch. Hackers recently leaked the inbox of Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman (pictured above). Turns out Noel and his cronies have done some hacking of their own. The emails reveal that the company’s CTO hacked into a competing dating site back in November 2012. Biderman even asked him to steal emails.

The Ashley Madison Hackers Break Their Silence

The hackers who stole countless gigabytes of Ashley Madison user data finally spoke up. In an interview with Motherboard, the Impact Team said that “Nobody was watching” when they broke into Ashley Madison’s servers repeatedly over the past few years. “[We] got in and found nothing to bypass,” said one of the hackers.

Ashley Madison Is Sending Out Bogus DMCA Takedown Notices

Copyright law is complicated, but one thing is clear: The Digital Millennium Copyright Law was not designed to enable censorship. Unfortunately, the owners of Ashley Madison are using — and abusing — DMCA takedown notices to do just that in order to keep its hacked data off the web.

Your Car Can Be Hacked. So What Are Auto-Makers Doing About It?

When I watched some security researchers hack into several cars without even touching them, my head exploded a little bit.

That Massive IRS Hack Was Way More Massive Than We Thought

Remember that awful news of Russian hackers stealing the personal information of 100,000 American taxpayers? Turns out the Internal Revenue Service lowballed the number. The agency now says that over 600,000 people were targeted with 300,000 unlucky persons losing their data privacy completely.

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