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Hackers Snag $2.8 Million From ATMs Without Using Credit Card

Earlier this week, Taiwanese hackers tricked ATMs into unloading piles of cash — $TW70 million ($2.8 million), in fact — without using a credit card. Instead of using a stolen credit card like most ATM thieves, these masked robbers used a computer program and walked away with piles of cash in a backpack.

The FBI Says Its Malware Isn't Malware Because The FBI Is Good

The FBI is facing accusations that malware it deployed while running Operation Playpen, a sting that infiltrated and maintained a dark web child pornography website for two weeks and eventually led to more than 100 arrests, was illegal. But the agency swears that using malware was good because, well, the FBI had good intentions.

Mr Robot Decoded: Can Hackers Change The World?

Today Presto will begin streaming Mr. Robot_ dec0d3d.doc (Decoded). In preparation for the launch of Mr. Robot season two, a full-length special episode explores the revolutionary show’s authenticity and social impact.

Mr. Robot _dec0d3d.doc will recap the events of season one and preview the launch of Mr. Robot 2.0 which will have its Australian premiere on Presto on July 14. Express from the U.S.

Deals: Earn A Living By Beating Hackers At Their Own Game

Want a career that’ll always be in demand? Corporations pay network security professionals extremely well to protect their systems, clients, and profits from the threat of cybercriminals. Now anyone can learn these skills with the Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker Bundle, available to Gizmodo Australia readers at a fraction of the retail price.

Hackers Hacked The Pentagon And Found Quite A Few Bugs

When the Pentagon announced the “Hack the Pentagon” event back in March, many wondered what kinds of vulnerabilities hackers would find when checking government websites for bugs. Now we know.

Typo Bank Attacks Linked With 2014 Sony Pictures Hack

Security researchers have identified “strong links” between recent Swift bank attacks, one of which was foiled by a typo, and the Sony Pictures hacks of 2014.

Russian Hackers Have 270 Million Email Logins, Including Gmail And Yahoo Accounts

A report from Reuters suggests that over 270 million hacked email credentials — including those from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo — are circulating among Russian digital crime rings.

Report: The FBI Paid Some Dodgy Hackers A One-Time Fee For A Zero-Day To Unlock The San Bernardino Phone

I was kind of tired of the FBI vs. Apple story, but now it has a secret collective of morally ambiguous hackers, and I’m into it again.

Why Hackers With Sketchy Pasts Should Avoid 'Hack The Pentagon'

The US Department of Defence launched a new program last week, “Hack the Pentagon”, to reward hackers for pointing out security flaws in some of its public-facing websites. It’s a bug bounty, the same kind of program that most big tech firms use to encourage hackers to help instead of harm. The program budget is $US150,000 ($195,387), so rewards will be small, especially compared to private bounties.

Hackers Broke Into A Security Company And Stole The KKK's Data

Staminus Communications, a hosting provider that specialises in DDoS protection, was the target of a massive hack that exposed sensitive customer data, including credit card information. One of the company’s clients is the Ku Klux Klan, so there’s that.

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