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Traffic Surged To A Child Porn Ring After The FBI Took Over

Way back in February 2015, the FBI infiltrated Playpen, a child pornography ring on the dark web. After taking control of the site, the FBI could have shut it down. But it didn’t.

Hackers Can Now Steal Data By Listening To The Sound Of A Computer's Hard Drive

Do you think your data is safe because your computer isn’t connected to the internet or a network? Wrong. As security researchers recently demonstrated, the sounds of your computer’s hard drive can be used to transmit data from an air-gapped and seemingly well-protected machine.

The DNC Hack Was Much Bigger Than We Thought

The recent hack that targeted US Democratic officials and led to the resignation of Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was much bigger than initially suspected, according to a new report from the New York Times.

FBI Took Months To Tell The DNC About The Russians

We all have secrets, but sometimes it’s important to share no matter what. According to a report from Reuters, however, it appears that even though the FBI suspected the Russian government was behind the attacks last spring, it took months for agents to let the DNC know.

The White House Finally Has A Plan For Dealing With Hacker Disasters

The White House just released new guidelines that detail how the US federal government will respond to large scale hacks, including details on how it gauges the significance of particular hacks. The new plan specifically deals with major cyber breaches “affecting the homeland, US capabilities, or US interests”. It makes you wonder: What took them so long?

Hackers Snag $2.8 Million From ATMs Without Using Credit Card

Earlier this week, Taiwanese hackers tricked ATMs into unloading piles of cash — $TW70 million ($2.8 million), in fact — without using a credit card. Instead of using a stolen credit card like most ATM thieves, these masked robbers used a computer program and walked away with piles of cash in a backpack.

The FBI Says Its Malware Isn't Malware Because The FBI Is Good

The FBI is facing accusations that malware it deployed while running Operation Playpen, a sting that infiltrated and maintained a dark web child pornography website for two weeks and eventually led to more than 100 arrests, was illegal. But the agency swears that using malware was good because, well, the FBI had good intentions.

Mr Robot Decoded: Can Hackers Change The World?

Today Presto will begin streaming Mr. Robot_ dec0d3d.doc (Decoded). In preparation for the launch of Mr. Robot season two, a full-length special episode explores the revolutionary show’s authenticity and social impact.

Mr. Robot _dec0d3d.doc will recap the events of season one and preview the launch of Mr. Robot 2.0 which will have its Australian premiere on Presto on July 14. Express from the U.S.

Deals: Earn A Living By Beating Hackers At Their Own Game

Want a career that’ll always be in demand? Corporations pay network security professionals extremely well to protect their systems, clients, and profits from the threat of cybercriminals. Now anyone can learn these skills with the Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker Bundle, available to Gizmodo Australia readers at a fraction of the retail price.

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