Intrepid Hackers Use Chinese Take-Away Menu To Access Major Oil Company

With big companies taking every precaution against malware they can possibly think of, it’s getting increasingly difficult for hackers to wedge their way in. So instead of going after the highly secure company employee accounts themselves, hackers are going after what those employees hold most dear — Chinese food.

Hackers Have Figured Out How To Steal Millions From ATMs

US regulators have alerted banks of a very dangerous new skill ATM hackers have picked up. They can trick ATMs into spitting out unlimited amounts of cash, regardless of the customer’s balance. Not only that, but also schedule the illicit withdrawals for holidays and weekends, when the ATMs are extra flush.

Hackers Can Force ATMs To Spit Out Money With A Text Message

It’s getting remarkably easy to hack ATMs these days, and security researchers say that Microsoft’s ageing Windows XP is making the problem worse. This week, security analysts at Symantec blogged about a new technique popping up in Mexico that uses text messages to give hackers access. It’s as wild as it sounds.

Blackmail DDOS Attack Takes Out Major Online Chat Service

The popular group chat system Campfire is currently being nailed with a DDoS attack. Turns out some blackmailing hackers are trying to extort money from the provider. They’re refusing to negotiate.

How Much Microsoft Charges The FBI For User Data

It’s no mystery that US government agencies compel tech companies to give them (totally legal) access to user data. It’s also pretty well known that the tech companies charge the US government for the trouble. We’ve just never really known how much — until now.

Scary New Drone Can Hack Your Phone From The Air

Imagine you’re walking around, enjoying the early spring sunshine, and looking for a Wi-Fi network. You hear a whirring sound above you, look up, and there’s a drone, just chilling. Did that drone just take your picture? Nah. It just stole all the precious passwords from your smartphone.

Beware Of This Dangerously Convincing Google Docs Phishing Scam

A very tricky phishing scam that takes advantage of Google Docs is making its way around the web. And since it uses a google.com URL and even makes use of Google’s SSL encryption, it’s almost impossible to tell that it’s a hack. Your best safeguard, as always, is a little bit of common sense.

Why You Sound Dumb When You Use The Word 'Cyber'

Now that the internet is something that everyone uses, some of its more complex facets have to be simplified so they can be communicated effectively to ordinary people. The internet is a “series of tubes” where “spams and scams come through the portal” thanks to a veritable army of “cybercriminals” and whatnot. I’m all for simplifying the internet, but let’s stop using the cyber prefix for everything. It makes you sound like the worst kind of idiot.

The Internet Of Sound

Ever wondered what it would sound like if computers could talk to each other? Yes, we have an internet that links all the machines in a vast and glorious global network. But what if they really talked? What if computers could communicate using sounds that humans can’t hear?

The 6 Biggest Bitcoin Heists In History

Ever since a single Bitcoin became worth a small fortune, there have been people trying to steal them. Sure, there have some small-time thieves who have stolen a few hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin here and there. But there have also been heists. Massive, highly orchestrated attacks that lead to millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency changing hands. And they just keep happening.