How A Lotto Worker Tried To Rig A Jackpot With Self-Destructing Software

An ex-Lotto employee who tried to get rich by installing secret software onto the computer that picks Lotto winners has been convicted of fraud for trying to rig a $US14.3 million jackpot.

Hackers Have The Power To Remotely Hijack Half A Million Chrysler Cars

An ongoing investigation into the security of Chrysler vehicles bears some pretty startling conclusions. In a couple of weeks, security researchers will reveal the details of a zero-day exploit that affects some 471,000 cars. Put bluntly: Hackers can take complete control of the cars from thousands of kilometres away.

'Hornet's Nest Of Criminal Hackers' Destroyed By Feds 

It was the best place to find out the worst crimes you could commit online. Cybercrime forum Darkode has been shut down after “Operation Shrouded Horizon”, an international law enforcement raid that led to 70 arrests.

OPM Director Steps Down After Admitting 22 Million Hacked On Her Watch 

After confirming that over 22 million people had their personal information stolen in the largest government digital data breach, Office of Personnel Management director Katherine Archuleta has resigned.

Hack Exposes What An Utter Piece Of Shit This Spyware Company Is

Spyware maker Hacking Team just asked its customers to stop using is software in the wake of a large data breach. Good! Because Hacking Team is a corrupt trashcan company that provides weapons to criminals.

Hackers Ground Planes After Hijacking An Airline's Flight Plan System

A cyber attack on Polish airline LOT left 10 flights cancelled this Sunday, stranding around 1400 people at Warsaw’s Chopin airport. The attack hit the airline’s ground computer system, which is used to make flight plans.

Hey Android Users: You Should Avoid These Insecure Apps

Here’s some bad news for Android users. Security researchers have discovered 100+ more apps that fail to encrypt your login data properly, making it frightfully easy for hackers to steal your password. What’s worse: the vast majority of the app makers aren’t doing anything about it.

How Do You Keep Your Stuff Safe Online?

Hacks are writ large in the headlines, most recently the news that millions of U.S. government files with personal employee info were stolen, and LastPass’s embarrassing breach. So how do you secure yourself in the wilds of the internet?

AP: Hackers Stole Documents About Spies Taking Drugs And Going Bankrupt

This is a bad week to be a federal employee, and it just got worse. The AP is reporting a second brutal cyberattack on the US federal government, carried out by the same hackers who reportedly accessed the records of every single federal employee. This second hack focused on grabbing extremely personal dossiers from intelligence and military personnel.

Hackers Could Cause Fatal Overdoses By Hijacking Hospital Drug Pumps

Not that anyone needed another reason to fear hospitals, but here’s a good one: Security researcher Brian Rios has discovered vulnerabilities in popular hospital drug pumps that allow hackers to remotely change drug dosages.