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The Next Big War Will Be Digital -- And We're Not Ready For It

In the 21st century the familiar form of warfare in which physical damage is meted out against the opponent’s military forces and infrastructure has become only one form of attack. Instead, states are increasingly launching non-lethal attacks against an enemy’s information systems — this is the rise of information warfare.

FBI Links A Single Hacker To The Theft Of 1.2 Billion Stolen Log-Ins 

The FBI has managed to link the theft of a frankly staggering 1.2 billion log-in credentials to a single hacker, after finding a Russian email address within reams of data obtained by security researchers.

Three Men Charged With Widespread Hacking, Including Huge JP Morgan Hit

Last year it came to light that roughly half of the households in America had their JPMorgan Chase accounts compromised. Now, over a year later, three men have been charged with widespread hacks that include the sustained financial attack.

Comcast Blames Customers After Apparent Hack

Comcast, American multinational company and owner of NBC, is one of the most hated companies in America. What’s worse is that it can’t stop doing infuriating things. This week in Reasons Comcast Sucks, an apparent hack led about 200,000 customers accounts showing up for sale online.

'Teen' Hackers Strike Again, Leak Info Of US Government Employees

The same “stoner teens” who hacked CIA director John Brennan’s AOL account are back. Today, “Crackas With Attitude” posted the contact information of US government employees online — and they claim to have accessed far more than that.

Newly Discovered Exploit Makes Every iPhone Remotely Hackable

The government would love to get its hands on a foolproof way to break into the new highly encrypted iPhone. And it looks like some clever hackers just gave it to them.

Hacker Hero Quits Seattle Police Department After Just Six Months

Well, that didn’t take long. Back in April, we learned that the Seattle Police Department had hired hacker and transparency activist Tim Clemans to help move the department into the future. Clemans is already out following a conflict with a police captain.

Huge Hack Hits 4 Million British Broadband Customers

British broadband provider TalkTalk has admitted that all of its 4 million customers’ names, addresses, dates of birth, email addresses, phone numbers and bank details may have stolen by hackers.

Hackers Can Wirelessly Upload Malware To A Fitbit In 10 Seconds

Wearables are like hacker candy. They represent a new category of technology that’s capable of storing data — including malware — that people don’t expect to get pwned. But that’s exactly what just happened: Hackers figured out how to remotely upload malware to a Fitbit. It only takes ten seconds.

WikiLeaks Drops CIA Director John Brennan's Personal Emails

Who was it that said that all future wars will be won by email? Maybe the same person who sent the CIA director’s AOL emails to WikiLeaks.

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