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Stinkhole Becomes Super-Pool With A Splash Of Pink In Paris

Public pools in disrepair are sad to see and even grosser to go into. Atlas Sports Center was one such rundown, 1970s-era relic in Paris — a grubby stinkhole that had seen better days — but local firm Yoonseux Architectes transformed it into an ultra-modern spot to strip down and do a few laps (if you’re not doing intervals, because that definitely doesn’t look like 25 yards).

Fitmodo: Get Out Of The Gym Once In A While

I’m just going to come out and say it: screw the gym. Screw it right in the face. There is a better way to get the body you want, one that’s actually fun and that uses your brain’s reward system. Really.

Each December Everybody Searches For The Same Thing: Gyms

Every December, the same New Year Resolution: We – the (flabby) people of the world – decide that we will start going to the gym on January. For real. It’s not only a popular culture factoid. Here’s the Google data that proves it.

A Solar-Powered Gym So Cool It Might Convince You To Exercise

This French gym is so bizarre-looking, it might compel you to do a few laps out of curiosity. But it’s also highly functional – enormous windows provide lighting during the day, with a solar panels juicing bulbs at night.

Gyms Don't Like iPod Nano's Video Recording Inside Locker Rooms

Gyms already forbid people from use camera-equipped gadgets, like smartphones and Flip digital cameras inside locker rooms, since nobody wants their hairy junk posted onto the internet. But now you can add iPod Nanos to the list of no-no items.

Cheapo Version of Wii Fit Offers 100 Million Workouts

Jump into your glittery spandex pants and crown you head with that leopard headband, because you are going to need them to follow the 100 million—yes, million—three-minute workouts of the Minutes Gym Digital Video Trainer.

Why You Don't Need Fancy Fitness Gadgets and Gym Memberships

January is a time for New Year’s resolutions, a time when we tearfully grab a hunk of belly flab and decide to buy fitness gadgets and gym memberships. Don’t waste your money.

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