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A New Light-Based Transistor Could Completely Change The Way Chips Work

Transistors are everywhere — in your computer, car, phone and refrigerator — but they’re not shrinking fast enough to satisfy our hunger for ever-faster devices. A new kind of light-based transistor might just fix that.

Samsung Will Help Qualcomm Produce Its Next-Gen Snapdragon 820 Chip

When it’s not churning out smartphones and giant tablets and uh, giant container ships, the company also does healthy business manufacturing microprocessors. It does such a good job, in fact, that chip-making rival Qualcomm will be using Samsung’s foundaries for its next big thing.

Microscopic 3D-Printed Gold Walls Could Make More Sensitive Touchscreens

Touchscreens use a mesh of almost-transparent electronics to detect where they’re being touched. Now, a new microscopic 3D printing technique could provide greater transparency and higher sensitivity than the existing state-of-the-art technology.

Amazon Now Sells Its Very Own ARM Chips

If you thought Amazon’s own-branded products were a little strange – baby wipes, anyone? – then things just got a little more serious. The retailer announced this week that it’s starting to sell its own ARM-based silicon chips.

Huawei's Researchers Can Charge A 3000mAh Battery To 48 Per Cent In 5 Minutes

Battery life is one of the biggest headaches in tech — but while capacity remains a problem, manufacturers are at least making big improvements to charge times. Like Huawei, whose new experimental set-up can take a dead battery to 48 per cent change in about five minutes.

Sony Plans To Take Over Toshiba's Image Sensor Division

Sony has confirmed that it’s currently in negotiations to agree the terms with which it will take over Toshiba’s CMOS image sensor business. The move will see Sony boost its already impressive image sensor division.

Watch The First Film From InVisage's Quantum Dot Smartphone Camera

Five long years ago, a company called InVisage showed off a new kind of smartphone camera sensor called QuantumFilm, which used quantum dots for improved sensitivity. Now, you can finally see a short film shot using the technology.

IBM Is Shrinking Transistors With Rows Of Tiny Carbon Nanotubes

In the semiconductor industry, size matters — and people are worried that it won’t be able make transistors any smaller. But a team of IBM scientists has now published research showing how carbon nanotubes could help.

Disappearing Graphene Circuits Could Make Temporary Electrical Devices

Imagine electrical circuits that you could print off and use for a few hours before they melted away and stop functioning or changed their function. A spy’s best friend, they could become reality thanks to a new kind of electric circuitry printed on graphene.

A New Light-Based Memory Chip Could Change The Fundamentals Of Computing

Electrons are quick, but they’re not quick enough — in fact they’re holding back the speed of modern computing. Now, a team has developed the world’s first ever light-based memory chip that can store data permanently, and it could help usher in a new era of computing

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