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This Stretchable Battery Pack Wraps Around Anything And Charges Itself

There’s one big obstacle holding back flexible electronics and conformable wearables, and that’s stiff and bulky li-ion batteries. Now, a team of scientists has developed a stretchable mesh of power cells that sticks to surfaces like a plaster to skin — and it can even charge itself.

These Touchscreen Building Blocks Could Become Your Phone 

Google’s modular smartphone may have been severely delayed, but other people have been thinking about different smartphone forms too. Like this cube-based device, which uses separate modules to build up unusually shaped mobile devices.

The Roborace Cars Will Use Nvidia Computers To Make 24 Trillion AI Operations A Second

Last week, the autonomous racing series that is Roborace unveiled what its cars will look like. But now we also know what will control them: Nvidia’s liquid-cooled Drive PX 2 computers, which crunch through 24 trillion AI operations every single second.

Moore's Law Stutters As Intel Switches From 2-Step To 3-Step Chip Cycle

Intel has announced that it’s moving away from its current “tick-tock” chip production cycle and instead shifting to a three-step development process that will “lengthen the amount of time [available to] utilise… process technologies.”

Engineers Smash The Record For Fibre Optic Data Transmission

Think your fibre’s is fast? Think again: A team of engineers has smashed the world record for sending data down an optical fibre at room temperature, achieving speeds of up to 57 Gbps.

This $30 300GB Hard Drive Was Designed Especially For Raspberry Pi

Need some pocketable storage for your pint-sized computer? Western Digital’s new PiDrive is probably the answer, squeezing just over 300GB into its quarter-inch-thick frame — and it will only set you back $US30 ($40).

AMD's Graphics Card For VR Is Stupid Powerful And Horribly Expensive

The specs needed to just power a VR headset are painfully high, so it stands to reason that the hardware used by developers to make those games will need to be something special. That’s what AMD is trying to deliver with its new Radeon Pro Duo, unveiled at the Game Developer’s Conference today.

New SD Cards Will Support 360, 3D And 8K Video At Up To 90MBps

It will soon be time to toss out your dusty old memory cards. The SD Association has announced that the next generation of cards will support 360 degree, 3D and 8K video, all at write speeds of up to an amazing 90MB per second.

Oppo Claims It Can Fully Charge A Phone In Just 15 Minutes

Fast-charging systems are making huge jumps in speed and Oppo seems to have reached a massive milestone: It claims it can fully charge an empty smartphone battery in a mere 15 minutes.

This Flexible Prototype Is A Glimpse At Your Future Phone

The sci-fi dream of flexible electronics is on its way — it’s just taking a while to arrive. But this new prototype flexible smartphone, that responds to the way it’s bent and twisted, at least hints at how your future phone may behave.

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