Is Moore's Law Dying?

Moore’s Law — the observation that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years — had held true for 40 years. But can engineers keep up that rate of progress?

10-Gigabit Wi-Fi Is Promised By 2015

Think your 802.11ac Wi-Fi is fast? Think again: Quantenna Communications has announced that it’s working on a chipset due 2015 that will supports speeds of up to a staggering 10Gbps.

Gear Fit Teardown: A Tiny Little Marvel

Whatever you can say about the Gear Fit, or wearables in general, it’s an attractive little piece of hardware. As this teardown from iFixit shows, that beauty’s not just skin deep.

Intel Is Experimenting With Fully Immersed Cooling For Computers

Forget your water-cooled gaming rig: Intel is experimenting with a cooling system which fully immerses the entirety of a computer’s electronics in liquid to increase efficiency.

AMD's New Radeon Is A Preposterous Powerhouse You'll Wish You Needed

If you buy video cards, chances are you have a lust for power. No respectable PC builder doesn’t at least covet insane high-end cards, even without ever really considering them. Well, here’s a new sucker to salivate at, the 11.5 teraflop, water-cooled AMD Radeon R9 295X2. The new coolest card you have no reason to own.

Qualcomm's 2015 Snapdragon Chips Promise Lightning-Fast Phones

Qualcomm has just revealed the specifications for its 2015 mobile chips. If you thought this year’s offering sounded good, you are in for a massive treat when you read about these newer slabs of silicon.

Nvidia Has A New US$3,000 GPU

Nvidia is only just starting to put out cards that run on its new Maxwell architiecture, but its eyes are already on the future. Today at its annual GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia announced its next, far-future architecture: Pascal.

150 Megapixel Image Sensor Won't Power Your Nikon, Might Save Your Life

Two Chinese companies, TowerJazz and Gpixel, have teamed up to develop the GMAX3005, a new massively high-resolution 150 megapixel CMOS image sensor. The goal is to use it for medical and industrial applications, so don’t expect it to see it in your next DSLR.

A Tiny HD DLP Chip Could Finally Put A Projector In Your Phone

Concerns over battery life aside, the real reason your smartphone doesn’t have a built-in projector yet is because it would add too much thickness to the device. And because shaving millimetres helps add to a smartphone’s appeal, Texas Instruments might have finally found a way to convince handset makers to include a minuscule projector with its new 0.3-inch HD DLP Pico chipset.

Intel's New Atom Chips Are Just Waiting For Phones To Catch Up

Today at Mobile World Congress, Intel launched its latest dual-core 64-bit mobile processor, Merrifield, and spilled some of the beans on its upcoming follow-up, the quad-cored Moorefield. Now they’re just looking for some devices to jump into.