Shooting Down A Tiny Drone Is Nearly Impossible, Even With Machine Guns

Turns out those drone hunting permits that the US state of Colorado wisely declined to issue earlier this year man not have done much good anyway. As this video shows, hitting a drone on the wing is really, really hard. Even if you bring fully automatic weapons to the party.

Join The Debate: 3D-Printed Guns Or Government Regulation?

Here’s the question: in a world where the design of a 3D printed gun is freely available on the internet, can we — or should we — regulate open source design? Or are limits impossible in a world of anonymous file sharing? Does any attempt at control go against the whole spirit of open source, decentralised innovation?

This Smart Attachment Makes Judge Dredd's Lawgiver Gun A Reality

In the 2000 AD comics, anyone who had the balls to disarm the brutal Judge Dredd and attempt to use his Lawgiver pistol against him would be left flailing, with the weapon smart enough to know when it wasn’t being wielded by the lawman. It’s a concept that’s now set to become a reality thanks to the Sentinl Identilock.

Will This Watch-Controlled Smart Pistol Really Make Owning A Gun Safer?

Last week, a gun shop in California introduced a new addition to its stock: A .22-calibre pistol that only works when the user is wearing the accompanying RFID-enabled watch. It’s being heralded as the “iPhone of guns“.

Watch An Automatic Rifle Fire Endlessly In Super-Slow Motion

Guns are terrifying, especially ones like this fully-automatic assault rifle. But in slow-motion, something weird happens: it’s almost beautiful to look at, like this one from The Slow-Mo Guys.

Inside IRL Shooter: Australia's Real-Life Zombie Hunting Game

We’ve already taken a good look at the folks at IRL Shooter and what they’re doing to bring zombie apocalypse games to real life, but we’ve never managed to get a hands-on go with their equipment. The folks over at SBS2′s The Feed did, however, and it looks amazing.

This Simple Invention Seals Gunshot Wounds In 15 Seconds Flat

To stop bleeding, apply pressure — with tiny sponges. A group of veterans, scientists, and engineers in Oregon have a developed a device that uses small medical sponges to stop bleeding from gunshot wounds in just 15 seconds.

Can You Safely Catch A Bullet Fired By A Gun?

Catching a bullet as it flies through the air is a tired, old illusion — but can it actually be done in real life? Surprisingly, yes — at least theoretically.

All The Crazy Stuff People Tried To Bring On Aeroplanes Last Year

The US Transportation Security Administration screened 638,705,790 passengers in 2013. As as we learned last year, if you look deeply within the possessions of that many people, you’re gonna find some weird stuff. Lots of weird stuff. Here’s a rundown of the craziest objects TSA found in 2013.

This Is Not A Lost Space Marines' Prop From An Aliens Movie

It’s a new gun industry invention: a 50-round five-magazine part for the AR-15 semi-auomatic air cooled rifle. I can’t understand how can this be legal in NY or anywhere else*. Just look at the description from The Truth About Guns — you can’t miss it: