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New Legal Case Supports 3D-Printed Gun Blueprints Under Free Speech

It’s three years since the files to 3D-print a gun were published online by Cody Wilson. Soon after he received a letter from the US State Department demanding the files be removed from the internet — and now he’s fighting that under the argument of free speech.

A Bass Pro Shop In A Pyramid Is Surely A Sign That The World Is Ending

How does a city reuse a former basketball arena when the team moves to new digs across town? And what if, hypothetically, that arena is shaped like a pyramid? If you’re Memphis, you fill it with a 50,000 square metre Bass Pro Shop, then sit back and wait for the apocalypse to arrive.

Combat Tech Is Turning Baltimore Into A Paramilitary Zone

In response to rioting and violent protests in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Grey, the US National Guard was deployed for riot control in Maryland for the first time since the 1960s race riots. Some 500 troops patrol the city, clad in body armour, with automatic rifles strapped across their chests.

What It Feels Like To Shoot With The US Military's Experimental Smart Scope

You’ve probably never fired an M4 carbine. Until a couple weeks ago, I hadn’t either. But at a recent DARPA demo day, I loaded a magazine (also a first for me), snuggled up to the deadly assault rifle, and looked through one of the most technologically advanced smart scopes ever built. Then I pulled the trigger.

I Can Hear The Sound Of Artillery Firing In This Photo Of A Howitzer

I’m not a gun nut, but I love badass machines and this photo of US Marines firing a howling M777 Howitzer is mechanical awesomeness dripping with badassery. I can almost hear the thumping blast of the Howitzer firing from just looking at the picture. It’s, yep, pretty badass.

You Don't Know Turkey About Wild Turkeys

Did you know that turkeys kill rattlesnakes? Excuse me for a little bit of a Ben Franklin moment, but I’m going to tell you about one of the most interesting wild animals that’s native to North America and what it’s like tracking them in the wild.

It's Way Too Easy To Build Your Own Gun From Ebay 

You can find just about anything you want on eBay, from duct tape to Kim Kardashian’s old clothes. It’s a magical place! It’s also an online retailer violating its own rules, and helping buyers sidestep California law, because you can easily buy and sell assault weapons parts on the website.

A Dart Blaster Is The Best Way To Put Glowing Star Stickers On A Ceiling

Do you remember falling asleep in your bedroom while staring up at the night sky? Who cares if your parents didn’t know the first thing about astronomy when they put all those glowing stickers up there? It was still awesome. But that’s a job that even kids can do now, without a ladder, thanks to this blaster that fires sticker-tipped darts.

A Silencer Cut In Half Is Pretty Cool Indeed

Briefly: Since I was a kid and I saw James Bond screwing a silencer into his gun I kept wondering two things: What a silencer’s inside looks like, and how can it mute the sound of a gun firing so efficiently. Well, the picture above answers the first question and this animated infographic by SilencerCo, the second.

What I Learned At The Biggest Gun Show In Vegas

The annual Las Vegas Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade show is the biggest gun show in America, attracting 33,000 people each year. And Sarah Palin. I was about the only visitor not wearing a pistol, but I did manage to find some neat new stuff.

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