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How Does 45 Layers Of Bulletproof Glass Stand Up Against A Firing RPG?

Can 45 layers of bulletproof glass — 45 layers that combine to make a 40 centimetre thick bullet stopping wall, mind you — survive against a RPG-7 rocket launcher? The idea is to find out if it’s possible to use bulletproof glass to armour a tank against anti-tank weapons such as a RPG.

BOOMco's Action Grip Targets Let You Shoot Something Other Than Co-Workers

They haven’t officially been announced by Mattel just yet, but a promotional video on YouTube reveals a new addition to the BOOMco dart blaster line in the form of springy targets that can be clamped to moving or stationary objects. If you listen closely, you can hear your co-workers cheering.

The Best Thing About Nerf's Modular Dart Gun Is Buying Spare Parts

This is ridiculous. Nobody needs this much Nerf gun. But the nice thing about Nerf’s new Modulus blaster is that you get to pick just how much Nerf gun you want.

The Golden Glittery Fireworks Of A Grenade Launcher Captured In A Photo

Image Cache: It looks more like a flamethrower or a firework shooter or a glitter dust bomb gun but it’s actually a firing M32 grenade launcher. It’s a picture of Marines training Malaysian Armed Forces during a non-lethal weapons seminar. What perfect timing it must’ve been to capture this shot.

This Clip-on Handgun Attachment Makes Bullets Non-Lethal

A California company called Alternative Ballistics has developed an easy-to-install accessory for hand guns that promises to make bullets non-lethal allowing law enforcement to incapacitate a suspect without causing life-threatening injuries.

Please Stop Naming Your Children After Guns

The debate over gun control in America has popped up a lot in the past few years in the US, but I never thought it would eventually have this impact. Parents are naming their children after guns. And they’re doing it so frequently that the name Gunner (with the help of Gunnar) even made the Top 200 list for boys.

Three Spinning Chambers Puts A 30 Dart Barrage In BOOMco's New Triple Tornado 

Hasbro’s been hogging the toy blaster spotlight lately with its new Rival line, but Mattel’s got some fun additions to its BOOMco line enroute too, including the Triple Tornado (originally called the Spinsanity 3X at Toy Fair 2015) featuring three spinning chambers that hold a total of 30 darts.

Some People In Idaho Made Special Ammunition To Shoot Down Drones

Have you ever wanted to shoot a drone out of the sky but just didn’t have the right kind of bullets? You’re in luck, you violent-minded human, you. Snake River Shooting Products just started shipping its Drone Munition. “PREPARE FOR THE DRONE APOCALYPSE!”

Seeing A Gun Fire At 73,000 FPS Is Absolutely Definitely The Most Incredible Thing

Wow. Ten thousand wows couldn’t even begin to explain how much amazement and pure jaw dropping wonder that I’m feeling after seeing a gun fire off a shot at 73,000 frames per second. We’ve seen bullets and other guns get shot in slow motion before but not anything like this, the visible force and pressure and explosion and dance of fire and ghost of a bullet trail and mini mushroom cloud that we get to see is just simply incredible. The detail, man.

Seeing A M1128 Stryker Fire Its Cannon Makes My Spine Freeze

It’s not even the blast from the cannon of the M1128 Stryker that scares me the most (though it is a very impressive blast). It’s the fact that right after the 105mm cannon goes boom, the world around it looks post-apocalyptic. The ground shakes so hard from the gun that it looks like lost souls are being released from hell.

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