You Can Fire This Rifle Without Looking Thanks To Android-Powered Goggles

Guns are terrifying, so making them even more so with the help of smart targeting technology and allowing people to fire them straight without even looking is totally something we should be working on, right? That’s the news out of TrackingPoint this morning: you can now fire a smart sniper rifle while facing the other way, and actually hit your target.

Conductive Foam Darts Turn Your iPad Into A Shooting Gallery

Even with incredibly-realistic first-person shooter video games that make you feel as if you’re in an actual war, toy guns that shoot innocuous foam arrows still remain popular. There’s just something about nailing a target with an actual projectile that’s incredibly satisfying, and that’s why Snipe — a tablet game that interacts with special foam darts — seems like so much fun.

Meet Zero Latency: The Future Of Immersive Gaming, Built In Australia

They’re coming. Hoardes of them. You can hear them everywhere: behind you, in front and off to the sides. The undead. They want your flesh. A quick check of your pistol reveals that you don’t have enough for the job ahead, and your back is up against the wall. Time to fight. All of a sudden, your eyes refocus as the Oculus Rift unit is lifted from in front of your eyes, and you realise that you’re safe in a warehouse. But the fear was real. This is Zero Latency: Australia’s newest large-scale VR gaming project.

Australian Police Will Soon Be Able To Track Illegal Guns All Over The Country

CrimTrac, the information-sharing service for Australia’s law enforcement and national security agencies, has developed a nationwide tracking and identification program for the bullets and cartridges used in violent crime around the country. The Australian Ballistics Information Network will let police stockpile and share data on guns used in crime, possibly linking to an international database in the future.

How To Calculate Pi With A Shotgun

We all know pi, at least the first three digits of it. If for some reason you forgot them though, there’s good news. All you need to get that knowledge back is some aluminium foil, ingenuity, and a shotgun.

Monster Machines: The Carl-Gustaf Looks Like A Bazooka But Shoots Like A Rifle

Sometimes, small arms fire just doesn’t cut it. So when special forces teams around the world need more long-range, tank-stopping punch than a conventional bazooka or panzerschreck can deliver, they give Carl a call.

This Full-Auto Dart Blaster Is A Science-Fuelled Dream Gun

Nerf better be watching its back. Because after testing out Mattel’s new BOOMco line of dart blasters, we are happy to report the secret formula backing its new Smart Stick darts works like magic — and makes for one hell of a good time.

Pentagon Can't Keep Track Of Ammo So It's Destroying $1B In Bullets

Outdated technology and government wastefulness seem to go hand in hand, but this time the two are combining for a startlingly huge money sink: the Pentagon is planning on destroying $US1.2 billion in excess bullets and missiles, some of which could still be used by troops. And it’s all because the military has no way of tracking its stockpiled ammo.

Shooting Down A Tiny Drone Is Nearly Impossible, Even With Machine Guns

Turns out those drone hunting permits that the US state of Colorado wisely declined to issue earlier this year man not have done much good anyway. As this video shows, hitting a drone on the wing is really, really hard. Even if you bring fully automatic weapons to the party.

Join The Debate: 3D-Printed Guns Or Government Regulation?

Here’s the question: in a world where the design of a 3D printed gun is freely available on the internet, can we — or should we — regulate open source design? Or are limits impossible in a world of anonymous file sharing? Does any attempt at control go against the whole spirit of open source, decentralised innovation?

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