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Intel Ships 3.2GHz Hexacore i7-970 Desktop CPU

Intel’s 32nm Gulftown architecture has produced its latest gem: the 3.2GHz hexacore i7-970 processor that’ll set you back $US900. In addition to being super speedy – especially with TurboBoost, which lets you rev up to 3.46GHz – you get 12MB of on-chip cache and a triple-channel DDR3 memory controller. Fun times, and something I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see end up in the Mac Pro someday. [NewEgg Electronista]

Intel's 6-Core Gulftown Gets Tested, Blows Us Away

Six cores. That’s how many are in Intel’s ridiculous new Core i7-980x. MaximumPC takes us deep inside the world’s fastest CPU, with full, mind-searing benchmarks.

Intel And AMD Six-Core Processor Roadmaps Leaked

According to DigiTimes, we’ll be seeing both AMD Thuban and Intel Gulftown six-core desktop processors hitting in just a few short months.

Leaked Intel Roadmap Reveals Budget Desktop Offerings, Possible Mac Pro Chip

For those of you who get hot and bothered by leaked Intel product roadmaps, please sit down. We have one here for desktops that runs the gamut from budget Core i3 and a low-power i5 marked with an “S.”

The Next Mac Pro Sounds Like A 12-Core Hellbeast

In short, the next Mac Pro might be using Intel’s six-core Gulftown (Core i9) processor, possibly in a 12-core configuration, but’ll have a custom motherboard that’ll support 8GB and 16GB RAM modules (for up to 128GB), along with 10Gbps Ethernet.

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