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Watch A 50,000 Domino Circle Bomb Topple In The Blink Of An Eye

Most record-setting domino layouts are designed to topple one-by-one in a procession that can can take almost a quarter of an hour to complete — but not this one. Sixteen stress-enthusiasts from Germany’s Sinners Domino Entertainment created the world’s largest domino circle bomb with 54,321 pieces that succumbed to gravity in just a few seconds after a dropped ball triggered the formation’s demise.

The World's Largest Lollipop Weighs 3.5 Tonnes

See’s Candies celebrated National Lollipop Day (which is apparently a thing) in the US on July 20th by unveiling its record-breaking confection — a 3175-kilogram version of the company’s signature Gourmet Lollipop.

World's Smallest Stop-Motion Video Was Filmed With Nokia N8

Filmed using nothing but a Nokia N8 with attached CellScope microscope, what you’ll see here will blow your mind. The figurines were made using a 3D printer and had to be hand-painted using a microscope due to their small stature.

Texting World Record Shaves 10 Seconds Off Previous Swype Record

Crazy texting app Swype has broken its previous record for the world’s fastest texting, with a British woman texting the Guinness Book of World Record’s tricky phrase in just 25.94 seconds on a Samsung Galaxy S phone.

Imagine You And 10,000 Friends Beating The Human Domino World Record

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10,267 Chinese participants did just that, sitting in a field until it was their turn to topple onto the person behind them. They smashed the world record set in 2000 by a whole order of magnitude.

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