Hilarious Short Film Rips Action Movie Heroes Apart

Video: Californian director Justin Lutsky makes fun of movie’s action heroes in this hilarious short film that is almost like a check list of all the clichés in the genre.

How To Find The Perfect Sleeping Bag

The foundation for comfort outdoors, a sleeping bag is probably the most essential item of camping gear. But, they now come in a lot of styles. Mummy, rectangle, quilt, synthetic, down and backed or backless. Which is right for you?

36 Hours Of Glaciers And Steam In Iceland

I just visited Iceland for the first time! But, due to airport chaos, I was only there for exactly 36 hours. Here’s what I learned from my short trip, camping out on ice and dunking myself in the country’s steaming hot springs.

So You Want To Be An Adventure Photographer: Everything You Need To Know

So you like photography and go on some pretty cool adventures too? Then adventure photography might be for you. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started.

How To Find The Perfect Hiking Boot

The most important item in your outdoor wardrobe, hiking boots grant you the ability to traverse challenging terrain, work to keep your entire body comfortable and supported while carrying heavy loads and help regulate temperature and dryness. They’re also a difficult purchase to get right, particularly if you’re buying online. Here’s how to do that.

Where To Hide In Case Of Nuclear Attack

This image — found by Erika Engelhaupt — shows the best places to hide in case of a nuclear blast, part of a recent US government guide about what to do in case of a nuclear detonation. It’s scary to see that the US is still actively considering this risk.

Five Security Holes You Should Fix Right Now

We are all vulnerable to security problems from time to time — from hacked routers to data-leaking apps and everything in between. Fortunately, protecting yourself is as easy as taking a look at the default settings on your computer. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

Find Out If You Can See Wednesday's Upcoming Solar Eclipse

From 5:30am (AEST, add 1-hour forward for daylight time) on Wednesday, the Moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun, causing a solar eclipse. Not everyone will be able to see the phenomenon, so it’s best we tell you where you can find it.

How To Legally Use Your Phone While Driving

As of 12:01am last night, if you were caught even stroking your phone from the comfort of your driver’s seat in New South Wales, you’d pick up a fine of $298 from the boys and girls in blue. Here’s a quick guide on your rights and responsibilities while driving so you can stay safe, connected and $300 better off.

Australian International Motor Show: A Complete Geek's Guide To The Best Tech On Offer

Off to the Australian International Motor Show? Good idea. There’s a bunch of tech there you simply have to see. make sure you don’t miss anything with this comprehensive guide to the best tech on the show floor. From simulators to smart-keys, booth babes to battery-powered vehicles, this is what you have to see when you visit the show.