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Lost Luggage? If You Had A Trakdot In Your Bag You Would Know Where It Is

Losing your luggage sucks, but the worst part about it, is being told that your airline doesn’t know where it is. Trakdot is a little battery-powered gadget that you can throw in your bag. When you land, just check your phone and you’ll know whether your bag landed with you.

Alleged iPad 3 Development Photos Confirm Key Details

BGR is claiming that one of its sources has access to an iPad 3 prototype which, at this stage of development, it may be true. According to them, these debug screenshots confirm some of the speculation about the next Apple tablet:

Bulky Case Piggybacks A Dual-SIM Handset On Your iPhone

As an alternative to carrying multiple phones while travelling, or swapping SIM cards to avoid roaming charges, you might want to consider this unorthodox solution: the iPPeel iPhone 4 case, which has a dual-SIM GSM handset on the back.

TechCrunch Evidence Hints At GSM/CDMA iPhone 5

Around the block we go again with another rumour that suggests the iPhone 5 may be a dual-mode device with support for both CDMA and GSM networks.

Could The Next iPhone Really Be A Third Smaller Than iPhone 4?

According to Bloomberg, the next iPhone is going to be two-thirds the size of the already (very) petite iPhone 4. That’s crazy small. But will it happen?

There's A Dual Mode Chip Inside The Verizon iPhone

As they’re wont to do, iFixit has torn apart the new Verizon iPhone, discovering little of note except for the Qualcomm MDM6600 chip inside. That chipset supports both GSM and CDMA transmission (and it’s the one that you’ll find inside a Droid Pro world phone.) So why isn’t Verizon’s a dual mode Super-iPhone?

Breaking GSM Security With A $15 Phone

Whatever assurances have been given about the security of GSM mobile phone calls, forget about them now.

Giz Explains: The Difference Between GSM And CDMA

America is divided! One faction is powerful and entrenched. The other is respected by the rest of the world but can’t seem to seize power here. I’m talking, obviously, about our mobile phones.

This $US1500 System Can Intercept Your Mobile Phone Calls

A security researcher has put together a $US1500 system that pretends to be a mobile phone tower and tricks your phone into routing everything through it – even encrypted calls. Here’s how it works.

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