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JB Hi-Fi Goes Grey Market

The bricks and mortar retailer has quietly launched an online-only direct sales model, selling DSLR cameras and accessories at first.

Updated: Kogan Jumps Back Into The Smartphone Game

Remember when Kogan was going to launch the Agora phone, and then didn’t? It’s still dead. But, as Demarket notes, he’s extended his brand name grey market imports business to include smartphones, including the iPhone 4, Galaxy S II and HTC EVO 3D.

Kogan's Brand Name Gambit

There’s few folks in Australian tech retailing more controversial than Ruslan Kogan. His latest challenge? Rather than selling Kogan-branded gear, he’s selling gear from Canon, Apple and Samsung. Even the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which not even Samsung’s selling here yet.

Mods Vs Lockers: Region Coding And The Legal Dilemma

The price and release date of the Nintendo 3DS has been unveiled, and while plenty were surprised by the $349.95 price point, some would still prefer to import at the lower US price, but for one issue – region locking. We decided to take a deeper look into the legalities of region locking – and where the Australian law stands on the issue.

$US800 Gets You a Never-Locked Overseas iPhone From seems to be buying iPhones from foreign countries where it hasn’t been locked down to a specific carrier, then selling them in the US for $US800.

Sick of Waiting For Rock Band? Why Not Import It?

Our good friends at Kotaku AU have offered their readers some insightful advice on beating the “You’re not American or Japanese so you have to wait for everything cool” blues. In particular, importing Rock Band, the game that lets even your grandmother think that she can rock out all night, before finding some groupies for some post-show celebrations.

The guide is very basic, and won’t point you exactly where to go for your purchases, it does break down what you’ll need, when you can get it and what systems it will work for. If you can’t wait for that feeling of euphoria you get after belting out a drum solo on easy medium hard, this should be your first point of research.

[Kotoku AU]

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