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The Best Exclusives Of The Year

These are the stories you couldn’t find anywhere else. From Apple’s security slips to Facebook’s prolific profile breach, check out Gizmodo’s best Exclusives from 2010.

Steve Wozniak On Apple Security, Employee Termination And Gray Powell

During last week’s iPhone leak saga, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, reached out to us with a story: The morning of the iPad launch, an engineer showed him an iPad for two minutes. For this he was fired.

Woz Has A Message For Gray Powell

His message: Jokes! Woz is one of about three people on the face of the planet who can wear this shirt without looking like a terrible arsehole. Update: Steve Woz responds.

Lufthansa Has Some Pretty Clever Marketing Guys

As spotted on Lufthansa USA’s Twitter profile. Incredibly clever, and I really hope Gray gets in contact with them. Because I reckon the guy could probably use a bit of a holiday after this week

It's Not About The iPhone

A month ago, the world saw Apple as equal parts North Pole and KGB – unpredictably innovative and notoriously secretive, they were a force wielded by nothing less than magic. Then, an elf got loose.

Keep Your Head Up, Gray Powell

Hey man, I know things seem really tough right now. We had mixed feelings about writing the story of how you lost the prototype, but the story is fascinating. And tragic, which makes it human. And our sin is that we cannot resist a good story. Especially one that is human, and not merely about a gadget – that’s something that rarely comes out of Apple anymore. But hopefully you take these hard times and turn things around. We all make mistakes. Yours was just public. Tomorrow’s another day. We will all be cheering for you.

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