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Barnes & Noble Might Be Ruining Comic Books For Everyone

Comic books on tablets are great. They’re one of the best parts of owning one, actually. But the backlash from DC making a bunch of its most popular graphic novels exclusive to Amazon could muck things up for everyone.

Osama Bin Laden Killing Is Being Turned Into A Graphic Novel

As if war dogs and night vision contact lenses weren’t enough, the killing of Osama bin Laden is going to be stylised in a wannabe Frank Miller-style art. It’ll focus on SEAL Team 6 and take some liberties with fiction.

An Early Peek At The Steve Jobs Comic Book

From the people that brought you the Mark Zuckerberg comic book comes the boringly named (yet still enticing!) Steve Jobs: The Co-Founder of Apple, a pulp biography in pictures. A few of which PC World has gotten an early look at.

Simon Pegg's Autobiography Turned Into Graphic Novel App

One of Gizmodo’s favourite actors now has his very own app. Proving what a nerdlinger he is, Simon Pegg’s graphic novel is available for iPhone, iPad and Android simultaneously in 68 eye-popping pages.

Johnny Cash Graphic Novel Goes HD For iPad App

Already available for iPhones, the Johnny Cash graphic novel biography I See A Darkness has arrived on the iPad for $6. If you already own his music, it will be used at relevant points in the story. [iTunes via Recombu]

The Latest Examples Of Apple's Editorial Censorship

In 1933, a judge ruled that James Joyce’s Ulysses wasn’t obscene. In 2010, Apple has demanded editorial changes to a Ulysses graphic novel. And to another based on The Importance of Being Earnest. Here are their – only slightly NSFW – reasons. UPDATED.

Comics Now Available For Your PSP

Earlier today, Sony launched its Comics store for the PSP.If you haven’t checked it out yet, do it now.

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