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How Maths Geeks Almost Doxxed Banksy

Describing graffiti as a “minor terrorism-related act”, researchers in the UK have used a technique developed for crime-fighting to tag the identity of Banksy, a highly prolific but secretive street artist. The system could thwart more serious crimes, but its use in outing an anonymous artist shows the potential for abuse.

Computer-Controlled Spray Paint Lets You Print Graffiti 

Have you always wanted to leave your mark on a wall but were too self-conscious of your non-existent graffiti skills? The SprayPrinter is a clip-on accessory that turns cans of spray paint into handheld dot matrix printers that can perfectly reproduce almost any design.

Painting A Rooftop With Calligraphy Graffiti Looks Like So Much Fun

If you watch calligraphy artist Pokras Lampas up close, it looks like he’s just randomly sweeping his broom whichever way he likes it as he dances around the rooftop. But when the drone flies up and takes the overhead aerial view, we get to see the whole design of his rooftop calligraphy and it’s pretty bad arse.

Sydney Trains Can Now Sniff Out Graffiti

In an effort to curb vandalism, a trial in Sydney has turned trains into electronic bloodhounds. Dubbed mousetrap, the technology can detect the vapours from spray cans and alert the police.

The Secret Colour-Coded Language Of Graffiti Abatement

More than anything else in our cities, graffiti and its removal creates a dynamic, ongoing visual conversation that plays out across pretty much every urban surface. Over at Medium’s Re:Form, Ian Besler investigates the process with Los Angeles’s graffiti abatement program, which removed one square mile of graffiti from LA’s streets in 2014.

Cool Graffitis Bring Old Buildings To Life 

Graffiti artist Nikita Nomerz travels around Russia with a cool project called The Living Wall, where he brings old architectonical structures to life by painting playful human faces, eyes and hands on them.

Chalk Markers Let Kids Tag The World Without Breaking The Law

If you’re a well-known street artist who wants your legacy to live on through your kids, you’re going to want to get them comfortable with graffiti at a young age. Except that handing a three-year-old a can of spray paint or a thick indelible marker is a terrible idea. They need to hone their skills with something considerably less permanent — like this marker-shaped piece of chalk for making graffiti that’s only temporary.

This Nifty Tool Turns Google Street View Into A Graffiti Time Machine

Graffiti may be ephemeral, but then there’s Google Street View with its all-seeing camera. Inspired by Google’s recent to move to let users go back in time in Street View, Brian Foo at the New York Public Library Labs thought he could make us look at street graffiti from a new perspective — through time.

The Coolest Paintings From Google's Project To Immortalise Street Art

Street art is mutable by definition. But Google Street View, the archiver of all worldly street-borne phenomena from gentrification to wildlife, wants to change that with its Google Street Art Project — an archival website of the world’s street art from Buenos Ares to Atlanta.

The Science Of Removing Graffiti From A Priceless Work Of Art

In late 2012, a vandal approached a painting by Mark Rothko hanging in London’s Tate Modern, and scrawled it with graffiti. It took the Tate over nine months of work to successfully restore the painting before it went back on display last week. This video shows the amazing science and craft that went into the job.

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