Spray-Painting Graffiti Drone Not Nearly As Effective As You'd Think

Robots may be taking our jobs throughout agriculture and industry, but the the duty of defacing architecture is likely to remain in the hands of humans for the immediate future if this semi-autonomous spray-paint drone is any evidence.

Watch Photographer Capture Accidental Art Of Graffiti

Street photography is tasked with capturing the fleeting beauty of the city. Photographer Mick Victor looks closer and finds vibrant abstraction in the graffiti-strewn walls of Los Angeles.

Tour A Secret Art Show Inside A Condemned NYC Apartment Building

Last week, as New York City suffered through blistering cold temperatures, 43 street artists were secretly painting three entire floors of a soon-to-be-demolished apartment building. We got to visit during an exclusive, two-hour show on Friday night.

This Innocuous Briefcase Lets You Stealthily Graffiti City Streets

Nothing builds up your street cred like some strategically placed graffiti. The problem is, unless you’re out tagging in the middle of the night, you’re at risk of getting caught in the act. And for an artist like Bob Partington, who works in the medium of spray paint and public property, that’s a problem — so he created this incognito graffiti briefcase that lets him leave tags without anyone realising it.

7 Street Art Stencils That Interact With Their Surroundings

Paris-based street artist ABOVE is known for weaving stencil paintings into the surrounding streetscape to create images that border on optical illusions. Travelling the world to make art that comments on social and political issues, ABOVE keeps an eye out for situations where real world and painted image can interact, with results that are playful, head-scratching and haunting.

Watch These Graffiti Masters Turn A Boeing 737 Into Airborne Art

Any Boeing 737 is a marvel of industrial achievement, but this one in particular is also a work of art. UK creative group HangFire recently completely transformed one of the giant flying machines with some amazing graffiti.

Bebo To Relaunch, Promises Fewer Male Genitalia Pics

Remember Bebo? It must have been one of the first social networks you joined, right? All that information up there for you to share with your friends. Like many social networks, it was murdered at the hands of Facebook, but that won’t stop the original founder from buying it back and relaunching it, this time, without the male genitalia drawings that made the Whiteboard feature so infamous.

Street Artist Replaces Erased Work With Stencil Of Guy Who Erased It

The work of a street artist is perhaps by definition impermanent; you create, it’s found out, it’s erased, you move on. Or, if you’re a young man who goes by the name of DS, you spot the guy who’s erasing your work, photograph him and come back later to immortalise him as a stencil in the exact same place.

Feast Your Eyes On Six Time-Lapse Videos Of Street Artists At Work

Graffiti is cool, and it knows it. From the early days of TAKI 183 writing his name on the subway wall to the latest innovative techniques ranging from the eerie look of drip ink to the fleeting glow of digital ink, this art form for the masses has always been surrounded by that hip aura, in part, because it tends to be made in secret.

Water-Activated LED Wall: Sounds Dangerous, Looks Beautiful

Water and electricity: historically, not a great combo! But Antonin Fourneau, a French artist and engineer, combines both to remarkable ends in his installation, Water Light Graffiti, which landed in New York this week.