Australian Government Warns That Android Smartphones Aren't Wiping Themselves Correctly

Here’s a heads up for anyone running older Android devices: the Aussie Government is warning local users that devices aren’t being wiped properly in an apparent security flaw.

Why Apple Won't End Up Paying More Tax In Australia

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s budget promise last week to “stop multinationals using complex schemes to escape paying tax” suggested a comprehensive regime to address tax avoidance by companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, as well as BHP and Rio Tinto.

All these five companies appeared before the recent Senate Committee hearings on corporate tax avoidance. However, a close look at the draft legislation suggests that the proposal is far from comprehensive.

Budget 2015: All The Tech News That Matters

We’ve rounded up and analysed all the key technology news from the 2015 Budget, from the Netflix tax to why it’s now easier for your boss to buy you a laptop. Here’s everything you need to know.

We're Getting A Big Red Button To Report ISIS Propaganda Online

As part of the Australian bid to combat IS and other terrorist groups around the world, new funding is being assigned to stop kids being radicalised online. Part of the funds will also be going to a new online reporting tool to help citizens say something when they see something online.

Australian Government Confirms Netflix Tax

On the eve of the 2015 Federal Budget, Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has confirmed that Australia will get a new “Netflix Tax” on digital services.

The FBI's Secret Air Force Is Watching Us

This might come as a shock: The FBI has a secret air force of sorts that’s recently been buzzing over Baltimore. Or maybe it’s not a shock at all. The FBI’s been using aircraft for decades. These new planes, however, use surveillance equipment designed for warfare and capable of tracking innocent citizens. That’s bad.

Government Reportedly Drops Plans For So-Called 'Netflix Tax'

The war over charging the GST on overseas purchases under $1000 seems to have reached a cease-fire stage once again, with the Government reportedly dropping plans for its “Netflix Tax” ahead of next week’s Federal Budget.

US Homeland Security Secretary Begs Silicon Valley To Stop The Encryption

Today at massive security tech conference RSA in San Francisco, US Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson told a packed audience that DHS would be forging alliances with Silicon Valley. He described plans to build an office here, in order to work directly with tech companies on key issues for the DHS.