Where's Malcolm Turnbull? Visiting Tesla In California

It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for Prime Minister Tony Abbott the last few days, what with the whole knighting a Prince thing, and that situation has been made worse by the seemingly open revolt of various Liberal Party MPs and government backbenchers. One voice has been conspicuously absent, though — Malcolm Turnbull, who is making geeks across the country jealous with a visit to the Tesla factory in Fremont, California.

Gerry Harvey Wants Tax-Dodging Multinationals To Pay More

Multinational corporations including tech giants like Google and Apple make money in Australia, but it’s entirely possible and perhaps likely that they’re not paying an equitable amount of tax on that revenue. The namesake of one of Australia’s most iconic retailers continues to clamour for multinationals to pay an amount of tax he feels reflects their local operations.

Last Year, Apple Paid $80 Million In Tax On $6 Billion Revenue In Australia

Apple made a tremendous amount of money last quarter worldwide — $18 billion, give or take a little bit. That figure could well be the largest ever quarterly company profit anywhere in the world. But last year, from the $6 billion that changed hands in Australia, only $80 million made its way to the Australian government as tax.

Yes, Australia's Cyber Army Is Hacking Terrorists

We already knew that Australia had a cyber army capable of running “computer network operations” — as broad a term as that is — but now we know that the Australian Signals Directorate’s hacker team is actively being used to fight other countries, online, in the dark corridors of the internet.

Why Is It Called Area 51?

Despite the CIA’s release of previously classified documents in 2013 that acknowledged the existence of Area 51 as a top-secret US government research facility, many questions about the site remain unanswered. One of the most innocuous, but nonetheless puzzling, is its choice of name. Although theories abound, one plausible explanation is that the moniker derives from its designation as a nuclear weapons testing site.

The US Chief Technologist Uses A 2013 Dell And A BlackBerry

Megan Smith left Google last year to join the Obama administration as the US chief technology officer. This woman knows her stuff: she was drafted in to help transform the digital face of government. Problem is, she has to do it with federal-approved hardware.

FCC Launches Slick New Public Comment Site, 8 Months Too Late

Last year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) famously botched the record-breaking public comment period on net neutrality thanks to its crapy technology. Now, the agency has launched a slick new system to ensure that doesn’t happen again. Too bad they’re about eight months late to the launch.

Australia Finally Has A Science Minister (Again)

It has been a pretty dark time for Australian science, but after a horror year of cuts, low morale and no representation, we’re finally getting a Science Minister installed in the Abbott Government.

The Tiny Model Town Where The Military Trains For Cyber Warfare

In an undisclosed location in New Jersey, there’s a tiny little town that’s used as a training grounds to prepare the military for cyber warfare. No, tinier than that. Think more like model train sized. It’s called CyberCity, and WNYC’s New Tech City recently paid a visit.