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Election Explainer: Why Are There 150 Lower House MPs And 76 Senators?

When Australians go to the polls on July 2, they will elect 150 members of the House of Representatives. But, in 1998, there were 148 lower house MPs. So why does this number fluctuate? And what are the lowest and highest possible numbers?

Politicians Are Making Memes, And All Hope Is Lost

“Every election throws up something new, and this one has thrown up something called a dank meme.” With those words, we — for once, unified as a country — should decide to just shut the whole thing down. No more election, no more badly Photoshopped pictures of frogs on unicycles, no more internet.

Labor Questions The Extent Of Government's Knowledge, Involvement In NBN Raids

Who would have thought building a nation-wide, high speed broadband network would be so tumultuous? OK, OK, given the ludicrous state of Australian politics, we probably all could have guessed that. No surprise then that for drama lovers, this week’s instalment has delivered in spades, with the Australian Federal Police conducting raids on the offices/homes of Stephen Conroy and Jason Clare. Now the focus is on who knew about the raids… or more accurately, who didn’t.

The NBN’s Police Witch Hunt Highlights The Need To Scrap Australia’s Draconian Leaking Laws

Opinion: Two years. That’s the amount of jail time facing the person or people who leaked in February damaging documents demonstrating Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s National Broadband Network was facing mounting delays and rising costs.

What happened Thursday night, when Labor staffers and former Labor communications minister Stephen Conroy’s Melbourne office was raided over the leak, was a disgrace. But not for the reasons you might think.

AFP Says Its NBN Raids Weren't Politically Motivated

Australian Federal Police commissioner Andrew Colvin has just spoken to media on the topic of the police group’s overnight raids on Labor Senator Stephen Conroy’s offices, saying that the raids — conducted during the start of a highly charged election period and ongoing battle over the NBN between Labor and Liberal parties — were not influenced by the incumbent government.

Australian Federal Police Raid Labor Offices Over NBN Leaks

The Australian Federal Police has confirmed that it executed search warrants last night on the offices of Labor senator and former communications minister Stephen Conroy, as well as the home of Andy Byrne, a Labor staffer for opposition communications spokesman Jason Clare.

The raids are part of an investigation concerning “allegations of the unauthorised disclosure of Commonwealth information” which contained documents showing the overblown state of the budget and lagging schedule for the NBN, and were prompted after a referral from the National Broadband Network Company on 9 December 2015, since which time there has been an “ongoing investigation”.

Burger Fans Furious With NSW Food Authority 'Well Done' Advice

Neil Perry at Burger Project. Photo: Simon Thomsen

Sydney’s burger wars have flared on a new front after the NSW Food Authority threatened chefs with $1540 fines for not cooking hamburgers properly.

The NBN Is Down To Its Final Year Of Public Funding

The government-owned company responsible for building the National Broadband Network receives its final piece of the initial allocation of its $29.5 billion in public funding in this year’s Budget, but any further cost over-runs might require more money from the taxpayer purse if private investment cannot be found.

Budget 2016: All The Tech And Innovation News You Need To Know

The 2016 Australian Budget is here. Here’s everything that it contains that matters for tech-heads — all the innovation, NBN, and online info in this year’s government statement of dollars and cents.

Australia's Budget Expected To Create Over 3,600 Hi-Tech Jobs In Defence

“Big improvements in the nation’s defence capability also support innovation and skills development in advanced technologies,” Scott Morrison said in his 2016-17 budget speech this evening. The 2016 Defence White Paper has revealed an additional $29.9 billion budgeted for Defence, and brings investment in capability to an “unprecedented” $195 billion over the decade to 2025-26.

On the shopping list? 12 new “regionally-superior” submarines, nine future frigates and 12 offshore patrol vessels are expected to “drive jobs and growth in the new economy we are building”.

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