PSA: Only Download E-Tax From The ATO Website

It’s a new financial year as of today, and that means anyone in Australia who worked in the last twelve months can submit a tax return. In this wonderful country of ours, you’re able to prepare and submit a tax return yourself — but don’t get tricked into downloading dodgy software along the way.

Government Taskforce To Review Ridesharing And Taxi Industries

With the rapid growth of transport services such as Uber, it’s no surprise that the current rules need an overhaul. It’s not just ridesharing either – existing taxi regulations will be examined to ensure a more even playing field. But who will come out on top?

Mobile Black Spots Get A $385m Fix From Government, Telstra And Vodafone

Federal, state and local governments are spending up along with Telstra and Vodafone to boost those carriers’ coverage in mobile phone blackspots around Australia. $385 million has been pledged over the next three years to fix poor mobile network reception in outer metro, regional and remote areas of the country, with the first improvements made before the end of this year.

NSW Should Embrace Uber, Not Fight It Says State Opposition Leader

Luke Foley is the Leader of the NSW Opposition, and he thinks it’s time for the State’s Government to surrender its war on Uber and embrace the so-called Sharing Economy.

Why Australia's Site Blocking Law Sucks

Site blocking legislation designed to crack down on Aussie pirates passed through the Senate last night without a hitch. That’s a problem, because the whole idea of blocking sites to stop piracy is a shitty one from the word go. Here’s why.

European Police Are Going On The Hunt For ISIS Social Media Accounts

Europol has put together a new task force to shut down social media accounts associated with ISIS, the BBC reports. It’s a tough task — in fact, shutting ISIS’ social media presence down completely may be next to impossible.

Pirate Bay Co-Founder: Australia's Site Blocking Laws Won't Stop Piracy

Peter Sunde is the co-founder of The Pirate Bay, which means he knows a thing or two about piracy. So when he says that Australia’s site blocking proposal designed to cut down on online piracy won’t work, it’s worth listening to.

How Do The Online Services You Use Deal With Government Data Requests?

This is important! The EFF’s annual report card is out on how tech companies respond to government requests for your private data. Some companies take a firm position against government spying while others are basically government patsies. Where do the services you use stand?

The Government Wants You To Whinge To It About TPG Buying iiNet

You don’t have to look too deep in our comments section to realise that a lot of you disagree with iiNet’s sale to TPG. Looks like the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reads internet hate, and is now asking you to send your rage its way in a new public consultation process.

Australian Community TV's Last Stand

A new campaign is underway this week to persuade the federal government to reverse its decision to push community television stations off the allocated broadcast spectrum at the end of this year in favour of online-only programming.