Cool Trick Billiards Shots Are Even Cooler From The Cue's Perspective

Video: Do not ever challenge Ziemowit Janaszek to a game of pool. This man can handle his cue and balls alright, and the trick shots he pulls off are all kinds of incredible. Even better? He strapped a GoPro to his rod for an entirely new perspective.

You Wouldn't Believe These Trick Golf Shots Without Slow-Mo Video Proof

George and Wesley Bryan turn the stodgy old game of golf into an extreme sport with their wacky trick shots. They’re so well-timed and precisely coordinated, you’d probably lose track of that little white ball with your naked eye. Thank goodness for GoPro and slow-mo footage.

World's Most Badass GoPro Doesn't Even Blink At Up-Close Rocket Testing

Video: When it comes to punishing GoPros, Copenhagen Suborbitals definitely takes the cake: The experimental rocket-building start-up mounted an action cam right in the line of (literal) fire during a rocket test. Astoundingly, the thing survived. It’s been to hell and back, and it has the video to prove it.

Camera Mounted Inside Fireworks Captures Head-Spinning Video

Matt Roach thought it would be a great idea to mount a camera inside a girandola — a spinning fireworks wheel — launched at the 2014 Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention in Mason City, Iowa, and sent us the video. And a great idea it is, indeed.

GoPro Finally Has A Dedicated Dog Mount

GoPros and dogs have always been a wonderful combination, but now the company has decided it’s smart business too. The company has just launched the Fetch mount, which allows you to comfortably fasten two cameras to your canine pal.

Someone Boiled Their GoPro To Film An Egg Being Poached

People use GoPros to film all sorts of stuff, from swimming manta rays to swimming races off Alcatraz. You could watch footage of people doing extreme water-based activities captured via GoPro every day for the rest of your life, and there would still be so much GoPro footage of people doing extreme water-based activities left unviewed in the world.

Swimming Manta Rays Look Like Sci-Fi Underwater Space Ships

Manta rays are just amazingly cool. This GoPro footage of a school of giant oceanic manta rays off the coast of Maui proves that in mesmerising detail.

GoPro Footage Shows How Land Diving Is Way Scarier Than Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping seems like a much safer alternative when you’re comparing it to the ancient tradition of land diving (or nagol). National Geographic shows how villagers in the South Pacific jump off a rickety 100-foot tower toward the ground with only vines attached to their ankles. Crazy.

Swimming From Alcatraz To Shore With A GoPro On My Head

On July 20, I rode in a cab from my apartment to San Francisco’s Aquatic Park; struggled into a wetsuit; took a ferry to Alcatraz; jumped off the boat into the Bay; and swam the 2.4km back to shore. I also wore a GoPro on my head for good measure. Here’s what it was like.

Tape A GoPro To A Car's Tyre, Watch The Video, Instantly Vomit

GoPro’s miniature action cameras are pretty good at capturing fast motion, with great rolling shutter control and the ability to record at fast frame rates, but there are some things they just can’t deal with. One of those things is being taped to a car’s tyre and flung around at 70 kilometres per hour.

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