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GoPros Make Road Biking Look Way More Intense

Video: Road biking is a sport normally associated with skinny Europeans and creative cheating. But beyond the packaged hour-long TV highlights, it’s also an incredibly gritty and dedicated sport.

Drummer Backflips From One Drum Set To Another Mid-Solo

Video: What’s more nerve-racking for a drummer: the prospect of falling onto a bunch of metal spears, or ruining a very expensive drum set?

GoPro Tears Up Sydney Motorsport Park With Crazy Motorbike Stunts

Video: Matt Mingay is one of Australia’s most talented stunt riders — he does a bunch of cool tricks on his heavily customised Harley, and he’s a dab hand at a bit of precision drifting too. With a couple of dozen GoPro Hero 4 cameras recording at 2.7K, Mingay and his team went and had a look at Sydney Motorsport Park to see what they could do.

Dropping A GoPro In A Lava Lamp Is Like Peering Inside A Beating Human Heart

Video: As relaxing as a lava lamp is to watch from the outside, from the inside it’s a whole other level of mesmerising. You’d assume that dropping a GoPro in a working lava lamp would be like diving into an active volcano, but the footage is more akin to peering inside a beating human heart as blood cells swirl all around you.

POV Solo Climb Of The World's Tallest Residential Building Is Guaranteed To Get Your Palms Sweating

Video: The Marina 101 is a residential skyscraper in Dubai which is, as the name suggests, 101 storeys tall. James Kingston decided to (illegally) ascend the building and walk out onto a crane which he repeatedly and alarmingly describes as “greasy”. Personally, I’m feeling sick to my stomach just watching it. But Kingston is a thrill seeker so he’s obviously having the time of his life.

An Amazing Rig Of 53 GoPro Cameras Filmed A '4D' Video Of This Dude's Head

Meet Tim. Tim’s head was filmed in with 53 GoPro cameras. You can zoom in and out on every last pore on Tim’s head. Tim’s head is a marvel of 3D filmmaking.

Peru Straps GoPros To Hungry Vultures To Sniff Out Its Trash Problem

Vultures make me think of that dopey guy from Loony Tunes or crooked-bill predators circling a poor desert rat on the brink of death. But in Peru, the carcass-eating birds will soon be outfitted with cameras so they can help map Lima’s awful trash problem.

GoPro Will Kill Off The Hero+ And Hero, But The Hero 4 Remains

GoPro’s revenue and stock prices are going off a cliff right now thanks to quarterly results that are in the tank. Company financials are not usually interesting in the slightest, but when it might spell the end days of a vastly popular camera company, it’s worth paying attention.

Seeing A First Person View Of Hockey Tricks Is So Damn Cool

Video: I don’t really realise the skill of professional athletes until I see them up close. The speed in which they do things, the control they have over their bodies, the hand eye coordination. It’s all ridiculously superhuman. Just check out this video of hockey players running through exercises and tricks. You get to see some of them in the first person view and it’s incredible.

Hands On With Periscope's New GoPro Live-Streaming

DIY broadcasters of Periscope, rejoice! You are no longer limited to the crappy, low-resolution, front-facing camera on your phone. Following an update to the Periscope app today, you can now use a wide-angled, high-resolution GoPro Hero camera to broadcast live to the world.

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