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What It's Like To Drive A Hot Wheels Car On A Twisting Daredevil Track

Video: Every time a kid sends a Hot Wheels car hurdling down a twisty track, in the back of their mind they’re imagining what it would be like to be at the wheel of that tiny vehicle. With a GoPro Hero4 Session strapped to the roof, this video, featuring eight different track sections cleverly edited together, is as close as you’ll ever get to experiencing what it’s like to actually drive a Hot Wheels.

Squirrel Steals GoPro, Records Harrowing Escape

Video: After a squirrel mistook it for a tasty nut, YouTuber Viva Frei wasn’t sure if he’d ever see his GoPro camera again. But he did it eventually get it back — and more. The GoPro was actually recording from the squirrel’s perspective as it raced through the branches of a tree, and the footage is amazing.

Dang, Look At This Huge Whale Shark

Video: To be fair, whale sharks don’t come in any size other than “huge”. That’s kind of their thing, being that they’re the largest fish species on Earth. How huge are they? How does approximately 12m long and 20,400kg strike you?

This GoPro Breakdancing Video Used 100 Cameras

Video: Remember the bullet time sequence from The Matrix? It used an array of cameras in series capturing video simultaneously, with a crack editor stitching them together in post-production to create three-dimensional freeze-framed moments. GoPro has taken that idea to its logical conclusion with a circular 100-GoPro rig recording an Oakland breakdancing crew in competition.

Watch: GoPro Live VR MotoGP Racing

Video: GoPro: A Day in the Life of a Moto Racing Family is both a look into the father-son relationship of the Mamola moto racing family and a glimpse into GoPro’s forthcoming Live VR technology.

GoPro's New Backpack Has Everything You Need For Winter Adventures

Say hello to the perfect GoPro-compatible bag to travel with. Seeker, a backpack designed specifically by GoPro is weather-resistant, made from lightweight material and its strategically placed, secure compartments make it easy to carry equipment while still staying immersed in the action.

Watch This Cheetah Run With A GoPro On Its Back

Can you imagine riding a cheetah? Besides the fact that it would probably hate you being there, it would also be pretty incredible. Just watch this video simulating what that would be like.

GoPro Is Now Red Bull's Action Camera Of Choice

GoPro and Red Bull have teamed up in a multi-year, multi-million dollar partnership that sees Red Bull buying a stake in the action camera company and GoPro becoming the exclusive point-of-view camera of choice for the energy drink company’s massive international media empire, which covers everything from eSports to extreme sports.

GoPro's New Mobile Apps Are Designed To Make Editing Easy

Watch: GoPro has a new mobile creative editing suite with the apps Quik and Splice.

Quik is hailed by GoPro as the fastest and easiest way to create awesome videos from your GoPro or smartphone footage, offering “automated simplicity”, while Splice focuses on desktop editing software power for mobile devices.

Here's The Footage A $5,000 GoPro Rig Can Shoot

GoPro finally has a replacement for all those homemade rigs — i.e. a bunch of GoPro cameras hacked together — designed for shooting 360 video: Its very own rig, which can be all yours for the low, low price of $US5,000 ($6,705).

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