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Our Favourite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

This week there are a few apps to help you out with issues like not-so-unlimited data from your mobile provider, needing to pull together advanced digital sketches without the use of a laptop and making more storage space on your phone.

Clever Earbud Microphones Bring 3D Audio Recording To Your GoPro

GoPros have fundamentally altered the way we think about video — we’ve never been closer to the action. The audio for the extreme footage we’re capturing, however, has yet to catch up to the action footage. Roland’s new Wearpro Mic is a step towards making the videos sound as intense as they look.

GoPro's Drone Prototype Is Producing Incredible, Beautiful, Stable Footage

Earlier this year, GoPro decided it was going to make a drone of its own to compete with all the other camera-mounted flying machines already on the market. Today it released footage from its drone prototype, and the stabilised videos that comes out of it look absolutely incredible.

Watch A Base Jump From Start To Finish

I’m not scared of heights, but when this guy steps up to the absolute tallest point on this already-tall mountain, I feel anxious for him. Someone has to, since he clearly doesn’t for himself.

How GoPro Is Turning Its Athletes Into Storytellers

Sport photography isn’t shot from the sidelines anymore, it’s made by athletes as they do their thing. But before they can do that, they have to learn to shoot like a pro. We went inside the camp where they’re trained.

How To Shoot A GoPro With Your Teeth

Want to capture epic first-person action photos, but don’t have a hand free? Pro kayaker Rafa Ortiz has a trick for you. It will cost you a quarter.

The Hero+ Is GoPro's New Entry-Level Camera, Now With Wi-Fi

GoPro’s got itself quite a stable of little cameras these days. We already had (from high end to low end) the Hero4 Black, Hero4 Silver, Hero4 Session, Hero+LCD, and the straight up Hero. Now, squeezing in between those bottom two, comes the Hero+. It’s a $299.95 version of the Hero, but it has Wi-Fi and has significantly upgraded shooting modes.

Putting A GoPro On Your Motorcycle Helmet Is Illegal In Victoria And NSW

After being handed a $289 fine for attaching a GoPro to his motorcycle helmet, Victorian motorcyclist Max Lichtenbaum decided to challenge the decision — and lost. This decision effectively bans riders in Victoria from attaching cameras to their helmets by any means, with similar laws in NSW already being acted upon by police. So why is a little camera such a big deal?

What It's Like To Get Attacked By A Crocodile And Then See Inside Its Mouth

Man. These crocs come out of nowhere and attack with such a quickness that you don’t even know what’s happening until you’re already clamped down inside the terrifying and unrelenting jaws of the crocodile. National Geographic made some flotation devices that held cameras to capture exactly what it’s like to get attacked and be inside a crocodile’s mouth.

The Exo GP-1 Turns Your GoPro Hero Into A Mini Leica

So many people these days carry their GoPros around with them on holiday — walk around Sydney’s Circular Quay, near the Gizmodo office, and you’ll see them on selfie sticks, on little waterproof handles, and in holidaymakers’ hands, using them as compact wide-angle cameras. But they’re a little small and unwieldy to snap photos with; the Exo GP-1 wants to change that with a custom housing that includes a shutter button, viewfinder and cold-shoe accessory mount.

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