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Peru Straps GoPros To Hungry Vultures To Sniff Out Its Trash Problem

Vultures make me think of that dopey guy from Loony Tunes or crooked-bill predators circling a poor desert rat on the brink of death. But in Peru, the carcass-eating birds will soon be outfitted with cameras so they can help map Lima’s awful trash problem.

GoPro Will Kill Off The Hero+ And Hero, But The Hero 4 Remains

GoPro’s revenue and stock prices are going off a cliff right now thanks to quarterly results that are in the tank. Company financials are not usually interesting in the slightest, but when it might spell the end days of a vastly popular camera company, it’s worth paying attention.

Seeing A First Person View Of Hockey Tricks Is So Damn Cool

Video: I don’t really realise the skill of professional athletes until I see them up close. The speed in which they do things, the control they have over their bodies, the hand eye coordination. It’s all ridiculously superhuman. Just check out this video of hockey players running through exercises and tricks. You get to see some of them in the first person view and it’s incredible.

Hands On With Periscope's New GoPro Live-Streaming

DIY broadcasters of Periscope, rejoice! You are no longer limited to the crappy, low-resolution, front-facing camera on your phone. Following an update to the Periscope app today, you can now use a wide-angled, high-resolution GoPro Hero camera to broadcast live to the world.

You Can Now Periscope From Your GoPro

GoPro doesn’t want you to smash your phone. That’s what it says is the main reason behind the latest software update to its Hero 4 action cameras, working in partnership with Periscope, which let you use the camera itself as your digital eyes and ears — at least if you have an iPhone.

What It's Like To Be Inside A Washing Machine

Video: Surprise! It’s dizzying as hell. That’s obviously to be expected since a washing machine spins and spins and spins but if you kind of squint just a little bit and flex your imagination a lot of bit, you can pretend that the washing machine is actually a portal opening capsule that’s revving itself up. It starts slowly, you can still make out the people outside the machine but when it kicks into higher gear, they disappear into a different dimension.

GoPro Sales Drop, Staff Are Laid Off

With slumping sales, GoPro has just laid off 7 per cent of its staff and shares are down by 24 per cent. Is the action cam genre too niche to keep the company alive?

Here Are The Best GoPro Videos Of 2015

Video: GoPro cameras are used to document everything these days — from crazy action sports to awesome first person views to time lapses to travelling the world — that it’s really no surprise that a compilation video of all the best GoPro videos that were shot in 2015 is going to be so awesome to watch. Here’s what GoPro considers as to be the year in review for 2015. It’s great.

Safely Experience Being Shot Out Of A Cannon With A GoPro Cannonball

Daredevil isn’t exactly a popular career choice, but the folks from Eclectical Engineering came up with a novel way to experience what it’s like to be shot out of a cannon, without risking your life or requiring you to join a travelling circus.

GoPro's New Drone Is Called Karma

Video: In a video published on YouTube, GoPro has revealed that its forthcoming drone will be called Karma. Check it out…

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