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Amazon Wallet: Gift Card Central For The Everything Store

There’s a new contender in the digital wallet arena: Amazon has launched Amazon Wallet in the US, the e-commerce company’s would-be answer to PayPal and Google Wallet.

Apple: No NFC For You, Maybe In One Year!

When is an NFC antenna not an NFC antenna? When it’s reportedly attached to an iPhone 5. Contrary to recent speculation, Apple’s newest handset will not feature an NFC payment system.

Google Cancelling Its Prepaid Card Service Is Bad News For Aussies

Google has today announced that it will soon kill off the prepaid card meant for use with its Google Wallet service. Every Google Wallet user with a Google prepaid card will have their balances refunded, but the worst blow is set to be dealt to Australians who hacked the service onto their Android phones here.

Google Wallet Can Now Buy Virtual Goods

Leading up to day one of I/O, there were rumours Google would launch a big update to Google Wallet that would rely less heavily on NFC. And it’s done that, sort of, with the company quietly announcing that it will begin to accept cash-free payments for items bought within video games.

What The Hell Happened To Google Wallet's Cash-Free Future?

Almost a year ago, Google held a press conference to announce Google Wallet, an ambitious, multi-faceted plan for a cash-free future in which mobile phones would replace hard currency.

Google Plugs One Of Wallet's Security Holes

Google Wallet’s no-hacking-required hack from last week has reportedly been resolved. Now the only person you can blame for being broke is yourself.

Reports Say Google Wallet Has Been Hacked Again

That’s twice. In two days. Yesterday, security firm Zvelo discovered a potential exploit against rooted phones. Today, tech blog TheSmartphoneChamp discovered how to accomplish the same feat on non-rooted phones. This is not good.

Google Wallet's PIN System Has Been Cracked But Don't Panic Just Yet

The security PIN system that Google Wallet users have to enter to verify transactions has been compromised. Thankfully, the chances of your wallet being used against you is relatively low — assuming you haven’t rooted your phone, that is.

Google Checkout Is No More, Long Live Google Wallet

As NFC technology and mobile purchasing move into the mainstream, Google’s separate online payment systems, Checkout and Wallet, have become redundant. One of them has got to go.

Nexus S Owners, Hack Your Way Into Google Wallet

With a little help from xda-developers, Ausdroid has managed to get Google Wallet working on a Nexus S. Sure, you can only spend $US10, but it’s your first chance to try the service out before it arrives locally… which I’ll readily admit could be never. So perhaps your only chance.